Mary Sarah Berry, 16631720 (aged 57 years)

Birth 1663
MarriageJohn PrinceView this family
1679 (aged 16 years)

Birth of a sonEdward Prince
1680 (aged 17 years)
Citation details: Birth year: 1680; Birth city: Surry County; Birth state: VA

Family Data Collection - Individual Records - Name: Edward Prince Spouse: Rebecca Elizabeth Ivey Parents: John Prince Birth Place: Surry, VA Birth Date: 1680 Death Date: 1758


Family Data Collection - Births - Name: Edward Prince Father: John Prince Birth Date: 1680 City: Sussex State: VA Country: USA


U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 - Name: Edward Prince Birth Date: 1680 Death Date: 1755 SAR Membership: 55873 Role: Ancestor Application Date: 21 Dec 1939 Father: John Prince Mother: Sarah Prince Spouse: Rebecca Prince Children: Wiliam Prince


Birth date: 1680 Birth place: Death date: 1755 Death place:

Death of a husbandJohn Prince
1690 (aged 27 years)
Marriage of a childEdward PrinceView this family
1700 (aged 37 years)

Marriage of a childEdward PrinceRebecca Elizabeth IveyView this family
1704 (aged 41 years)
Death 1720 (aged 57 years)