Hi, I'm Steve Todd from Horry County, SC.  Welcome to my family tree!  This is where I'll be sharing some of my findings regarding my family history.  A great place to start is the interactive tree.  Use your mouse to drag the tree around, and click on individuals to learn more about them.  You can also use the search box (upper right of every page) to find persons and places of interest to you.  Hint: From an individual's page, the Charts menu items are relative to that individual.

Note that I've focused (mostly) on my immediate ancestors (referred to as a pedigree tree).  But I'm always glad to add "cousins", "uncles", "aunts", etc.  Just let me know who you'd like to see added.  It is very helpful if you can provide exact birth name, and dates and places of birth and death.  Of course, if you find anything that is incorrect, please let me know and I'll fix it.  Also, if you have pictures of anyone in this tree, I'd love to have a copy.

Ancestry.com is a great research tool, but they provide no public (free) access to my tree.  So I wrote some code to regularly copy my data from Ancestry.com into my own site, running webtrees (open source software).  I am still working on customizing webtrees to my liking.  Here are some details about the export/import and my customizations.

Olga and Leila Todd
Birth: February 13, 1898 34 28Loris, Horry, SC
Death: Age at Death: 93May 13, 1991Loris, Horry, SC
My great-grandma Leila raised my dad, Mike, after his Mom was killed.
Birth: October 18, 1724 26 22Moffat, Dumfries-shire, Scotland
Death: 1792Craven, Horry, SC
My great x6 grandfather. Came to Horry from Scotland about 1747 (via Charleston), received a SC land grant in 1751. Operated a ferry on the Waccamaw 10 miles north of Conway. Some have his name as Thomas William Todd.
Todd Patriots of c.1878
Birth: December 25, 1745 21 27Moffatt Parish, Dumfries, Scotland
Death: Age at Death: 75September 1820Horry, SC
Thomas Charles' son and my great x5 grandfather. All 3 of my Todd grandparents are descended from him.
Birth: December 17, 1592 37 26Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
Death: Age: 36December 13, 1628Thompson Island, MA
My great x11 grandfather. Founder (1623) of the first European settlement in New Hampshire.
My great x9 grandfather. First of my Chestnuts to America, from Antrim, Ireland.
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Emily Callie Cox (1903–1990) Russel Cooper (1840–1922) Mack Allen Bookout (1909–1999) Avery Jason Carter Sr (1890–1968) Shirley Ann Chestnut Meyers Roberts (1936–2016) Tillman John Todd (1904–1942) John Frink (1639–1718) Mary Cox (1900–1962) Kelly Camac Todd (1892–1986) Daniel Mardonia Lamar Cox (1847–1895) Abraham Crittenden II (1609–1683) Jason Cornelius Hardee Capt (1919–1944) William Vines (1699–1790) Jimmy Brooks Gore (1934–2020) Leo George Dyda (1917–1993) James Leonard Jimmy Bone (1938–2021) Alice Orilla Anderson Chestnut Cartrette (1909–1988) James Jimpsey Todd (1804–1848) Joseph Cleveland Housand (1895–1965) James Howard Bellamy (1903–1973) Mack Norton Cox (1889–1961) Susan Sarah McDowell (1871–1960) George Hubbard Deacon (1601–1683) William Clarence Bill Cooley (1945–2005) Lavenia Vina Ann H. Edge (1865–1955) Hoyt Arthur Bryant (1924–2008) William Grier Bud Chestnut Rev (1856–1941) Iris Wilton Phillips (1915–1980) John Bunyan Gore (1834–1910) John Goal Hardee (1893–1970) Leila Hardee (1898–1991) Andrew Jackson Hardee Jr (1840–1908) Florine Cox (1925–1999) William Singleton (1742–1785) Franklin Asbury Prince (1845–1898) Mary Mollie Spivey (1885–1938) John Smith (1710–1802) Margaret Beaty Anderson (1800–1858) Willie Benton (1922–1980) John Wade Hardee (1818–1892) Heyward Thomas Todd (1922–1998) L D Todd (1926–1975) Reginald Bryce R. B. Todd (1923–2002) William Paine Jr (1565–1648) Charles Pinckney Colonel (1731–1782) Needham Bryan I (1690–1770) Lundy Monroe Chestnut (1914–2005) Jesse Samual Cox (1817–1907) Henry Tom Springs (1859–1914) Eunice Lina Vaught Hickman (1925–2020) Rufus Dudley Todd (1860–1934) James Curtiss Hardee Col (1918–1996) Gemma Gause Adams (1868–1931) Arthur Woodrow Todd Sr (1915–1976) Jasmine Todd Holt (1933–2014) Dennis Edward Todd Pvt (1838–1865) Nancy Tilton Carter (1878–1923) William James Kauric (1919–1987) Bowden Stevens Tyler (1922–1995) Cornelius Benjamin Todd (1862–1954) David Cox (1780–1845) Winston Leroy Roy Mishoe (1942–2017) Villon Todd Williamson Burroughs (1917–2007) John Walter Prince (1883–1942) Isaac Malcolm Martin (1916–1993) Huldah Thayer (1657–1731) Hilliard Hueston Todd (1932–2005) Edward Conner Gore (1802–1870) Tilley Simon Lee Pvt (1844–1915) ELLIS Barron I (1605–1676) Marvin Lee Gattis (1913–1942) Glenn Gordon Gee-Gee Bellamy Capt. (1917–1944) Joseph Bunyon Cox (1882–1952) John Marion Vaught Sr (1889–1977) Leo George Dyda (1917–1993) Abraham Bellamy (1752–1828) Mark Carter King (1954–2018) Adie Melvina Anderson (1885–1969) Lorenzo Dow Bellamy Sr (1836–1903) William James Bryant (1774–1858) Thomas C Thompson (1822–1873) James Thomas Jordan (1863–1908) Lula Mae Bellamy (1935–2007) John Frink (1639–1718) James Harvey Faircloth Jr (1934–1959) Thomas Carter (1648–1710) Ann Rebecca Annie Waller (1846–1917) Daniel Horry (1662–1696) Harmon Russell Todd (1865–1944) James Marshall Jack Prince (1918–1974) Bonnie Faye Carter (1934–1947) John Kilham (1627–1683) Ervin Van Buren Bryant (1884–1959) Edward Wood (1598–1642) John Masters III (1580–1639) Mertie Ann Gore (1903–1931)