Elinor Tooke, 16121655 (aged 43 years)

Birth 1612
Birth of a sonThomas Carter
1648 (aged 36 years)

Millennium File - Ancestry.com Name: Thomas Carter Gender: Male Birth Date: 1648 Birth Place: VA Death Date: 1710 Death Place: Isle of Wight, VA Mother: Eleanor Spouse: Magdalene Moore Children: Moore Carter

Citation details: Birth year: 1648; Birth city: Isle Wight; Birth state: VA

Family Data Collection - Individual Records - Ancestry.com Name: Thomas Carter Spouse: Magdalen Moore Parents: Thomas Carter Elianor, Tooke Birth Place: Isle Wight, VA Birth Date: 1648 Marriage Place: Isle Wight, VA Marriage Date: 11 Aug 1673 Death Place: Nanticoke, Isle Wight, VA Death Date: 1710


Family Data Collection - Births - Ancestry.com Name: Thomas Carter Father: Thomas Carter Mother: Elianor Tooke Birth Date: 1648 City: Isle Wight State: VA Country: USA

MarriageThomas CarterView this family
1652 (aged 40 years)
Death 1655 (aged 43 years)