John LaRoche + Elizabeth Mary Horry Lewis Prince

No children
Birth: about 1692Isle De Re, Charente, France
Death: August 28, 1723St Thomas St Denis Parish, Berkeley, SC
Joseph Prince, The Beatys of Kingston, by Edward Stanley Barnhill, p21
Birth: 1690 28 15 Craven, SC
Death: December 3, 1759Craven, Marion, SC
Daniel Horry in Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina
Birth: 1662 15 22 Charenton, Cher, Centre, France
Death: Age: 331696St George Parish, Charleston, SC
The Beaty's of Kingston (Horry-Prince Page 17)
Birth: 1675 29 30 Ile De Re, Charente Maritim, Saintonge, France
Death: 1700Craven, SC

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