The Family of Edmund Price and Delilah Turbeville.

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Title: The Family of Edmund Price and Delilah Turbeville.
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BOOK: Michael Price (2011), Journey to Cape Fear, Southport Historical Society, Southport, NC., p.197. "Craven County was created by the Carolina Proprietors in 1664 as an original county. At first it consisted of everything south of Cape Fear, North Carolina, but starting in 1682 other counties began to be carved out of its territory.[1] See the 1760 South Carolina map. "From 1664 to 1768 this original Craven County was never surveyed or properly laid out. Its boundaries were ambiguous and changed over time. Its county government never became functional. Most records were kept at the parish level; none were kept at the county level. There was no county seat. There were no political connotations to the county's existence. In this case the term "county" had no meaning other than to describe an approximate geographical area. It was a county in name only."

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Edmund Price
253 Marion, SC
1 1838
185 68 Marion, SC
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