Nathan Everette Hardwick (1851-1937) and wife Rebecca Reaves Hardwick (1861-1941)

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Title: Nathan Everette Hardwick (1851-1937) and wife Rebecca Reaves Hardwick (1861-1941)
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"Nathan E. Hardwick was prominent when what is now Main Street and Highway 9 Business was a trail leading to the Waccamaw River. His home was located two miles east of Loris at what is today known as Hardwick's Crossroads. The home was always open to travelers seeking accommodation while on their way to or from the river or beach in their covered wagons. In 1884 Mr. Hardwick was a Federal Election Commissioner for Loris. In 1900 he was a state and county election manager serving together with Y.P. McQueen and H.H. Burroughs. Mr. Hardwick helped to establish the first tobacco warehouse in Loris in 1903 and was a stockholder. In 1906 he helped to establish the second warehouse. In 1922 he helped to establish Peoples Hardware and Funeral Home. At one time he had a turpentine business. He was best known, however, as a surveyor. A great number of maps recorded in Loris carry the signature N.E. Hardwick, Surveyor." -from Loris Centennial 1887-1987 Souvenir Book;

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Nathan Everette Hardwick Sr
March 3, 1851
170 SC
0 July 11, 1937
83 86 Horry, SC
Caroline Rebecca Reaves
April 3, 1861
160 Horry, SC
0 April 5, 1941
80 80 Loris, Horry, SC
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