Mulberry Island
Added by hargrode1 on 3 Aug 2008

Mulberry Island is a small peninsula located between the James & Warwick Rivers.  Its name is believed to be derived from the native Virginia Mulberry tree that once grew in abundance.

Here, the course of American history changed.  In June 1610 when the starving colonists abandoned Jamestown, it was at Mulberry Island that they encountered Lord DeLaWarr's longboats. Receiving news of the arrival of supplies & reinforcements, they turned back to Jamestown and the colony was saved.

Probably inhabited in the 1st decade of English colonization, the "island" suffered severe losses in the Indian massacre of 1622 & its few survivors were forced to return to Jamestown.  By 1624, however, there were 30 residents in the area.

Early experiments with silk culture were unsuccessful, but the land proved ideal from planting tobacco.  Early land grant records, housed in the Library of Virginia, 1st mention Murberry Island in 1614.  These documents give owners names, dates & locations, often naming neighbors & relatives. 

A few surnames of the earliest Mulberry Island families are; Pierce, Smith, Barham, Richardson, Bullock, Wood, Atkins, Gaither, Gill, Lathom, Nowell, Harwood, Read, Baker & Aston.