John's wife's name was Sarah. From the Rootsweb file of Patricia Banks, she adds that Sarah's full name was Sarah Burrey Shelton. David Hunter Brown and other in Ancestry Trees say her name was Mary Sarah Berry (father Joseph Barry, mother Catherine Bunbury).


 From Ancestry Tree of David Brown:

John Prince
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John Prince, and his wife Sarah ?, witnessed the Will of William Brooke in 1687.  John Prince, witnessed a deed in Henrico
County, Virginia, in 1689, but was evidently living in Surry County, Virginia.

On the 28th of February, 1690, as John Prince, Planter of Surry County, Virginia, he gave power of attorney to his wife Sarah,
in as much as he was about to leave this country.  His father died about 1680, for the last record we find of Edward Prince
was that he was a witness to a deed in Surry County, January 25, 1675, for Robert Ruffin and Elizabeth his wife to Thomas Giles.
It is probable that John returned to England to settle the estate there of his father in Bristol.  The records there were
not checked for this period of time.