Nathaniel West, late of King William Co., deceased, owned a plantation called "the Home House" of 1,000 acres, and another tract which was entailed (i.e, to limit the inheritance of property to a specified line of heirs so that it cannot be inherited by anyone else), in the same county called "Apperchanking's Old Field" containing 615 acres. In his will signed 22 Jul 1727, Nathaniel devised to his brother Thomas West, the Home House tract, and to his other brother Francis West the Apperchanking's Old Field, on condition that Thomas  should not sue Francis for the Apperchanking's Old Field tract "as heir at law to his father Thomas West, to whom it was devised, intail by John West, the grandfather of said Nathaniel West. Francis, "being very young when he took possession thereof, and then under the tuition of his brother Thomas West, did, without consulting the will of his said grandfather, or being advised thereof, build and make great improvements" on Apperchanking. Thomas  took possession of the Home House tract, and was heir to very valuable tract of land called "West Point" and intending to move there immediately after the death of Judith Butts, who was the tenant for life thereof, suffered the houses at Home plantation to decay and become ruinous." Shortly before Thomas's death, he sued for and regained Apperchanking from Francis. Thomas appointed Martha West his executrix, but required her to go to the Assembly to vest the Apperchanking's Old Field tract in fee simple (i.e, estate of land, in which the owner has unconditional rights of disposition) in brother Francis West "Pursuant to the intentions of the said Nathaniel."  If that failed, the Home Plantation should descend to Francis. Burgesses agreed to vest the Apperchanking's Old Field in Francis West and his heirs, in fee simple. The Home House tract was then entailed to Thomas  West's heir at law.

Francis West married  Susannah Littlepage abt. 1730 in Virgina. She died sometime before 1733. He then married  Mrs. Jane (Cole) Claiborne-Bingham, widow of Nathaniel Claiborne and Stephen Bingham. He held the rank of Col. in the military. Francis West of King William County was Sheriff in 1741 and member of the House of Burgesses 1748-58.