The muster of Capt. Wm. Pierce, June 23, 1624. He then resided in James city, Virginia. It was as follows:
Capt. Wm. Pierce came in "Sea Venture."
Mrs. Jane Pierce, his wife, in the "Blessings."

Thomas Smith, æ 17 years, in the "Abigaill."
Henry Bradford, æ. 35 years, in the "Abigaill."
Esther Ederife, a maid-servant, in the " Jonathan."
Angelo, a negro woman, in the "Treasurer."
The rest of Capt. William's servants, provisions, armes, munition, etc., are at Mulberry Island.

The muster of the inhabitants at Mulberry Island, Virginia, taken June 25, 1624:
The Muster Of Capt. Wm. Pierce's Servants.
Richard Attkins, æ. 24, came in "London Marchamst."
Abigail, his wife, came in " Abigaill."
Wm. Barker, æ. 20, came in "Abigaill."
Robert Ashton, æ. 29, came in the " Treasurer."
Hugh Wing, æ. 30, came in "George," 1620.
Robert Lathoun, æ. 20, came in "George," 1620.
Richard Aldon, æ. 19, came in "George," 1620.
Thomas Wood, æ. 30, came in " George," 1620.
Roger Ruce, came in "Charles."
Alexander Gill, æ. 20, came in "Bonny Bess."
Samuel Morris, æ. 20, came in "Abigaill."
Thomas Rose, æ. 35, came in "Jonathan."
Robert Hedges, æ. 40, came in the ___.
John Virgo, came in "Treasurer."
Susan, his wife, in the same ship.
John Gatter, came in "George," 1620.
William Richardson, came in "Edwine."
Richard Fine, came in "Neptune."
John Nowell, came in "Margaret and Jane."
Richard Downes, came in "Jonathan."
John Cranich, came in "Marygold."
Percevall Wood, came in "George."
Ann, his wife, came in "George."
William Raymont, came in "Neptune."
William Bullock, came in "Jonathan."
Anthony Baram, came in "Abigail."
Elizabeth, his wife, came in "William and Thomas."
Thomas Harwood, came in "Margaret and Jane," 1622.
Grace, his wife, came in "George."
Thomas Read, æ. 65 years