Solen Lorenzo Gore, born 1-8-1839, died 9-3-1920, son of Colonel John D. Gore and his 2nd wife, Susannah Gore, married 8-14-1865 Miss Harriett Wayne Bryan, born 10-15-1846, died 2-21-1936, daughter of William D. Bryan and Amanda Ellen Bellamy.  They were blessed with nine children.

"Solen Lorenzo Gore, fought in the War Between the States.  While in service wh his friend, William Joseph Lay, the met  young man from Maryland who had left home and his people because of his devoted respect for the cause of the South.  This young man was John Albert Elderdice, the son o a Methodist Minister, who fought against his own brothers in this conflict.  After the war was over, Solen Gore and WIlliam Joseph Lay persuaded this young rebel to settle in their neighborhood.  He began as a teacher in the home of John Homer "Squire" Gore, a brother of Solen's.  While there, boarding with the Jenrette Family, he married and purchased land on which to rear his family.  Solen Gore remained friends with John Albert Elderdice until his death.  I amtold that while on his death bed, Solen Gore visiting Mr.Elderdice gave him a five dollar bill.  When asked what it was for, Solen explained, "I borrowed this from you while we were in the war and I'm repaying it now." - B. Otis Prince, 1962. The Gore Book, p54