Edmund Price

9 Dec 1805 Edmund Price, P.G. certified Benjamin Lewis' Citation for letters of Adm. of Ezekiel Adams' Estate; Marion County, SC.

21 Jan 1806 Edmund Price was a purchaser from the Estate of Benjamin Lewis, Marion County, SC; Probate Records Roll #15, 1809.

Edmund Price was in Marion County, South Carolina for the 1800 U.S. Census.

Edmund andDelilah Price were witnesses for Joseph Page's Will, Proven 2 March 1818. 4 April 1818 the appraisers for The Estate swore to its accuracy before E. Price, J.P. Marion County, SC; Roll #630.

1840 US Census, living with Thomas Nelson Price (son of Edmund and Delilah) in Richland County, SC is a man 60-70 yrs and a woman 60-70 yrs old (Edmund and Delilah).

1850 Census living with William J Price, age 22 in Richland, SC is Delilah Price age 77.

1860 Census living with Benjamin Braswell (married to Elizabeth Price, daughter of Edmund & Delilah) in Richfield, SC is Delilah Price, age 88.

Delilah Turbeville

26 July 1833 William Turbeville, Jr. took out an Administration Bond for the Estate of William Turbeville. The Bondsmen for $1,000 were William Turbeville, James Lane and Willis Finklea.

15 August 1833 the Purchasers were Mary Turbeville and Charles Taylor; Sales Book B, pages 105 & 6, Account Current 1833. Widow 1/3 and 8 children. Advancement in life time to heirs viz: William, Absalom, John, Price and Finklea. Recorded in Return Book #2, page 201. Wm. Turbeville inventory of advancements to heirs in the lifetime of the intestate. Book C, page 130. . . . List of goods for each.

2 September 1833 Mary Turbeville, Willis Finklea, Dewit, Jesse and Richard Turbeville and Edmund Price. Also: John and Absalom Turbeville. Heirs at law of Wm. Turbeville decd. Recorded in Marion County, SC Roll #752.  

[From the above it appears that Edmund Price was an attorney or judicial official in Marion County, SC].




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