John Sherman, b. Dedham, Essex, England, Dec. 26, 1613, son of Edmund and Grace (Makin) Sherman; matriculated sizar at St. Catherine's Hall, Camb., Easter, 1631; declined to subscribe for his degreee; came to N.E., 1634; sett. New Haven, Ct., 1634-1644; sett. Branford, Ct., 1645; Ord. Watertown, 1647; sett. Watertown, 1647-1685; Mass. Convention Sermon, 1682; Fellow, H.C., where he gave lectures for 30 years; his sermons were distinguished for beauty of style and language; he was a recognized authority in astronomy; by two wives he was the father of twenty-six children; Overseer, H.C., 1678-1685; d. Watertown, Aug. 8, 1685, a. 72. (F.L. Weis, The Colonial Clergy and the Colonial Churches in New England, 1936.)