Sarah Todd born 1849 was the child of Benjamin Franklin Todd who was born 1854 in Horry county s.c. died Jan 30, 1932 he was the son of Henry todd who was born 1832 in horry county s.c. and whose father was Richard Todd who was born in 1802 and died febraury of 1880 he was married to elizabeth jordan she was born 1804.
richard was born to henry todd in 1771 and died in 1869
Henry todd's father was William John Todd Sr. born 1745 in Scotland and died 1820 in Horry County s.c.
he was in the revoulationary war and held prisoner at the old exchange building in charleston, s.c.
william John todd sr. 's father was Timoth Todd sr.
born 18 October in Scotland died 1791 in south carolina
he was married to Margaret Bald born 1723 in scotland

todd family before coming over to south carolina on the ship pearl.