“In the Name of God, Amen.  I, William Gore, Senior, of Hory District and State of South Carolina being of sound and parfect mind and memory blessed be God for it, do this 30th day of May in the year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred and twenty five, make and publish this my last will and testament.  In manner as follows. I resign my body to the dust from whence it came and my sole to God who gave it to me. First: I lend unto my beloved wife, Mary, during her natural life as much of the plantation where I now live, as much as my executors hereafter be named shall think, necessary for her support.  Also as many of the negros as they shall deep proper for her comfortable support.  Also as much of my stock of cattel, sheep, and hogs, household goods, furniture, plantation tools and so forth, together with a good riding horse, all which shall be during her, my said wife Mary natural life an no longer and then to be equily devided between my lawfull heirs share and share about. Secondly: I gave unto my sun John Gore, one hundred acres of land that he has now in possession, also two hundred and fifty acres lying on the Beaver Dam Swamp , also three hundred and forty acres of the lower part of the Daniel Gore land. Third: I give and bequeathe unto my sun William Gore, the land that he now has in possession also from popular branch to Cypress Branch and up the said Cypress branch to the main rode leding from Mossey to George Reaves Ferry, also on hundred acres lying above said Road being all that tract. Fourth: I lend unto my son Jonathan Isaac Gore, the balance of my plantation where on I now live after my executors has laid off my Wife her part and after her deth the said land which my executors has lade off for my wife Mary, said land shall begin at the lower line on Captain Randalls corner thence running up little River such a distance and out to the back line as shall make three hundred and eighty acres out of a tract of Seven Hundred acres which said tract for three hundred and eighty acres shall in clued my building and at least fore acres around the house.  Shold the dividing line not allow it, said dividing shall be as nearly parallel with the east line of the said tract as possible and the balance of the said tract of seven hundred acres shall be to my dauter Mary Meeks as hereafter will be mentioned. Fifth: I lend to my daughter Rebecca Frink, two hundred and fifty acres of land lying in the Seven Creeks known by the naime of the Rich Island, also three hundred acres taken off the upper part of the Daniel Gore tract of land lying on Gum Swamp, in Columbus County, during her natural life, then after her desease I give and bequeath the said unto the heirs of her body to be equally devided between them.   Sixth: I lend unto my dauter, Mary Meeks during her natural life three hundred and twenty acres of land whereon she now is beomg the balance of the tract that I gave to my sun Jonathon Gore and provided his part dose not include the building he shall extend to take them and she shall be allowed as many acres out of his part, ameediantly below it, also two hundred acres more out of a tract lying on Seven Creeks, the balance of the tract wich is fifty two acres to Jonathon Isaac Gore and shall be taken off adjoing the one hundred acre that he now lives on, one hundred acres more to Jonathan I Gore bying on Seven Creeks where on he now lives.  If there is any of my Bigilow land left on unsold at my deseas to be equally devided between Mary Meek and J.I. Gore Seventh: I lend unto my dauter Kitsey Thomas during her natural life five hundred acres of land where on she now lives including Mullet Creek land bought from Major Day, also two hundred acres of my Bigilow Land including where she formerly lived, and after her death the land shall be devided between her hiers shear and shear about. Eight: I lend unto my daughter Anner Clarady during her natural life a tract of land in her possession containing on hundred and fifty acres more or less and also one other tract of five hundred acres lying on Wacamaw whare one she now lives and after her deseas to return to the hiers of her body shear and shear about. Ninth: It is hearby declared to be my will that at my deseas my executors shall devide all the remainder and residue of my negros, stock, of all kinds houshold furniture, plantation tools, redy munney, debts that are due me and all other my personal property not alredy divided between my suns and dauters having an equil shear onldy my sun Jonathon I Gore, and my dauters Rebecah Frink, Mary Meek, Kitsey Thomas, Anner Clarady are only lent during their natural life and then to return in manner abofe mentioned also what negros, stock and property my wife Mary may have at her deseas shall also be equally devided between my suns and dauters in the maner and form before dyrected. Tenth:  Also if my land lying in Columbus shold be onsold at my deseas to be devided equally between my sun John Gore and William Gore. 

Eleventh:  If thare shold be any debts due at my deseas each one of my hiers shall pay an equal shear.

Twelveth: I also ordain my sun John Gore and William Gore executors to my last will and testament.  I also appoint them trustees for the heirs of Jonathon Isaac Gore, and Rebecah Frink, Mary Meek, Kitsey Thomas, Anner Clarady to procure the property left to them by me givin that they are not defrauded out of ther right in witness whare of I have hear unto set my hand and seal the Day and Date above mentioned.
 Witnessed:  William Vaught, Thomas Brantley, Jr.  Joseph Vaught Signed: William Gore