Petitions for land from South Carolina Council Journals, p. 185[Meeting of Thursday A. M. 15 February 1735]pages 263-264: The Petition of Joseph Prince humbly setting forth That the Petitioner hath settled himself about Eight years on some land that had been surveyed 35 years ago, on Wackomaw Neck, but not any Plat returned into the office of the same. That the Petitioner has four negroes for whom he never had any Grant of Land, prays to lay out to the Petitioner 200 acres of Land at Waccomaw Neck as aforesaid (altho the same may have formerly been surveyed) and that he may obtain a Grant for the same. Cha's Town, the 7th day of Feb'y 1753. Joseph Prince. The prayer thereof was granted provided the said Land has not been run out by any other warrant within these two years.