Daniel Horry (c.1660-c.1696) was probably born on the Isle de Re off the coast of

France. He served on a privateer "Royal Jamaica" (Hirsch, 14) {Loyal of Jamaica}
commissioned by King William against the French. Rumor said they were pirates.
The origin of the vessel was questionable. Was it a lawfully captured French ship or
a stolen British vessel, renamed and refitted? (Jordan, 42) For whatever reason,
Daniel had to post bond before he was allowed to enter the colony in April, 1692.
He was possibly the brother of Elias Horry, member of the State Assembly (1739)
although they did not arive in the colony at the same time. If so, Daniel's parents
were Jean and Madelaine (DuFrene {DuFrue}) Horrey of France. The Horry family
settled with numerous other French Protestants in St. James, Santee. Daniel died in
St. George Parish. They had three daughters

Daniel married (8/23/1692) Elizabeth Garnier daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth
(Fanton) Garnier of the Isle de Rey, France. Elizabeth's siblings included Etienne,
Marguerite, Anne, Rachel and Sarah. Elizabeth's grandparents were Daniel and Marie
(Chevalier) Garnier. Marie (b. c. 1620) was the daughter of Pierre and Madelaine
(Garillion) Chevalier. Pierre was born in St. Lo, Manche, Normandy, France. His
parents were Roland and Ester (Dallain) Chevalier. Madelaine's parents were Israel
(b. c. 1590) and Sausanne (Saunier) (b. c. 1592) Garillain from Grenoble, Isere,

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