Thomas Royal 1648:
                                   Thomas Royal immigrated to Va. 14 May 1666. He arrived in Surry and Isle
    of Wight Co., VA.
    His will named wife Isabel and sons Thomas, George, Charles, John, and
    daughter Isabel Brown.  

His will:        

In the name of God Amen, I Thomas Ryall of the Upper Parish of the
    Isle Of Wight County in Virginia, being sick and weak in body but of
    sound and perfect memory thanks be to the Almighty God and rising
    to remembrance the immortality state of this life on earth and being
    desirous to settle things in order do make this my last will and testament
    in manner and form following: That is to say, first and principally I
    commend my soul to Almighty God my Creator and Redeemer. Assured
    by believing that I shall receive full pardon and remission of my sins and
    be saved by the precious death and merits of my blessed Savior and
    Redeemer Christ Jesus and my body to earth from whence it was taken,
    to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner as my executrix, hereafter
    named, shall think fit and convenient and as something so worldly as an
    estate, as the Lord in mercy is pleased to bestow on me. My Will and
    meaning is the same and shall be employed and bestowed hereafter by
    this my will as expressed and first I do revoke, forsake, renounce, and make
    void all wills formerly by me. I make and ordain and appoint this to be taken
    only for my last will and testament I give unto my son Thomas Ryall one
    shilling. I give unto my grandson Lawrence Brown one shilling. I give all the
    rest of my estate unto my well beloved wife Isabel Ryall during the time of
    her widowhood but if she should remarry, then my will is that all the estate
    be equally divided between her and my four children: George Ryall, Charles
    Ryall, John Ryall and Isabel Ryall, and I do acknowledge, conscience and do
    appoint my kind and loving wife Isabel Royall whole and sole executrix of
    this my last will and testament.
    Witness my hand and seal this 26th of May 1709. Signed Thomas "T" "R"
    Ryall (seal), signed, sealed and delivered in the year of 1709. Proven in open
    court held for the Isle of Wight County 1709. Probate granted for Executrix
    herein named. Attested to by Charles Chapman, Clerk of Court. Witnesses:
    John Carroll, Elizabeth E. Carroll and William Clark.