Henry Hollingsworth, born 7 April 1658. Died between 23 Feb. and 12 March 1721 m, At Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland. Aged about 63. Came first time to Delaware as an indentured servant to Robert Turner. on the ship "Lyon" of Liverpoole1683. Before the end of his service time of two years, he was back in Ireland, remaining there until his marriage. He then came to Delaware, he settled in Chester Co., Penn. I 1712 he was appointed County Surveyor of Cecil Co. 

      He married, 22 Aug. 1688 at a at the house of John Robson in Tamnaficarbet, Seagoe Parish, Co Armagh, Lydia Atkinson of Ballynacor, Daughter of Stephen and Isabel Atkinson, and sister to John Robsons wife, Sarah Atkinson 


There is a distinct touch of romance connected to Henry. Apparently he left his heart behind him when he left these shores as he had formed a deep attachment for a lovely Quakeress maiden also connected to Lurgan Meeting. Her name was Lydia Atkinson, daughter of Stephen and Isabel Atkinson of Ballencorr, Parish of Seagoe. Some accounts say Henry only remained about two years in America before returning to make Lydia his wife. It was a long hazardous journey by sailing ship but he must have felt it was worth all the risks involved. The wedding took place in the house of John Robson in Tamnaficarbet Seagoe Parish, on 22/8/1688. They both returned to America Soon afterwards