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by Robert Allison Ivey    1993

I have not listed the people involved with this book at this time. I have several copies of Ivey family information. It seems there are people that have come across wrong info. I am putting some of this in with some of the Ivey's and it is there to go over and search out avenues.......



The authors have spent many hours in research and traveled hundreds of miles in order to produce a more accurate history of the ADAM IVEY family. We have been unable to prove a family connection that would identify the parents or siblings of ADAM IVEY. We hope that future research will accomplish this.



Numerous errors have occured in past publications on this family.  W. Mac Jones has perpetuated the greatest error in listing GEORGE IVEY, son of GEORGE and HANNAH  [BLANCH?] IVEY, as husband of ELIZABETH IVEY, who was actually the wife of ADAM IVEY ofCharles City County [ now Prince George County] Virginia.

Boddie, in his "Historical Southern Families"  Volume 16, page 158 and following, establishes the fact that GEORGE IVEY. son of GEORGE and HANNAH IVEY, and his first wife ELIZABETH LANGLEY IVEY, had the following children: WILLIAM, JAMES, JOSEPH, and MARGARET IVEY. Using court records and other documents, Boddie has proven that the ELIZABETH IVEY  of Prince George County, Va. was not the wife of GEORGE IVEY of Norfolk, Va.

There were two  ELIZABETH IVEY'S living in this period and that is what caused the problem in linkage.

Publications that have contained this error are:

1.  "The Ivey Family"          By W. Mac Jones, published in Volume 17, 2nd series of the "William & Mary Quarterly,"     1927, pages 92 and following.


2.   "The Ivey Family in the U.S."    By George Fanks Ivey, Published in 1941 by Southern Publishing Company, Hickory, N.C.


3.     "The Ivey Family {1635-1984} in Virginia and Mississippi"                    

By Robert Adams Ivey, Almond Printing Company, Aberdeen, Mississippi Oct 1984.


4.     Other Ivey Family articles


Robert Adam Ivey {see above} has incorrectly identified the ADAM IVEY of Sussex County, Va. as the son of ADAM and ELIZABETH IVEY. The ADAM IVEY of Sussex Co. Va. was the son of HENRY IVEY, son of ADAM and ELIZABETH IVEY.

There are at least three different spellings of this family; IVEY, IVIE, IVY. The Author's of this  work chose to keep the family history uniform by using the IVEY spelling reguardless of the way the name was spelled in the original records. Several records were found to contain conflicting spellings in the same document. 


for now this is the end of this story.............will add corrections to my tree as they are