A Compilation of the Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina, 1763-1773

The Petitioners severally produced Certificates as required by the Act of the General Assembly
 passed the 26th of July 1761 Certifying that they were respectively Protestants and of good behavior
 and therefore prayed to be allowed the Bounty given by the said Act which was accordingly allowed
them and the Public Treasurer was Ordered to pay the Bounty of four ponds sterling for each of them
to Herculus Angus Master of the ship they came over in towards payment of their passages and the
remaining Bounty of Twenty Shillings Sterling to themselves agreeable to the directions of said Act and
 the Secretary do prepare Warrants of Survey agreeable to the prayers of the of the Petitions.

     Read also the following Petitions on the Bounty

Nathan Jones 150 at or near the Long Canes (on the Bounty)
John Peter        100                               do                       do
Annes Jones    100                               do  and the Bounty allowed
by the Act of Assembly passed 25 July 1761
    Ordered that the Secretary do prepare Warrants of Survey and that the Public Treasurer do pay Bounty
agreeable to the Prayers of the petitioners.

Council Journal 33, page 306-311
Meeting the 12th of December 1767

     The Clerk reported to his Excellency that agreeable to his orders he had been on Board the ship Pearl
Walter Buckanan Master and had sworn the passengers lately arrived here from Scotland and Ireland
agreeable to a List he delivered to the Board.

The following Petitions from the following Persons were presented and read setting forth that they were
 Protestants and had lately arrived from Great Britain and Ireland on the encouragement of the Bounty
given by the Act of the General Assembly of this Province passed the 26th day of July 1761 and therefore
prayed the same and also Warrants for their Lands.
                                Acres                                                        Acres
Hugh McGibbon            100                         MARGARET DOUGAL   100      
George Smith              100                          David Hewson          100

                                                              Thomas Lowe           100                               

Mary Dirkie                100
Robert Reid               100                           Jane Manson            100

Hugh McDougall          100                          Ann Spradling           100

WILLIAM TODD *        100                          Barbara Sutherland    100
David Duncan                                           William Taylor            100
David Mitchell                                           David Prosser            100
James Smith                                             Edward Bowling         100
John Smith                                               Richard Lewis            100
Alexander Hendrick                                    Jane Jefferet             100
Patrick Smily                                            Jeremiah Simmons       100
Alexander Campbel                                    Elizabeth Chamson      100
John Arbuche                                           Ann Gilbert                100
John Stewart                                           Junian Gilbert             100
Robert Willson                                          Ann Barry                  100
William McKewn                                        Mary Murray               100
Margaret Shelburne                                   Catherine Cotteral       100 
HANNAH PRIDE                                          Mary Connolly            100
Margaret Summerville                                 Honor McGrath           100
Isabel Brown                                            Elizabeth Burke           100 
Jane Voice                                               Mary Dunn                100
Isabel Taylor                                            Catherine Power         100
Barbara Cooper                                        Thomas Cunningham    100


Copied from:  A Compilation of Original Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina, 1763-1773    Each person listed received 100 acres of land.