Senator Thomas Frink was the son of Jabesh Frink and Ruth Brewton 
Pinckney. He was a member of the Senate at intervals from Columbus 
County NC beginning in 1809 to 1834. He served on the Commission to 
divide Columbus from Bladen and Brunswick counties. He was a man of 
education, wealth and integrity. He married Rebecca Gore June 30, 
1792. Rebecca was born Feb. 26, 1775 to William Gore,Esq. and Mary 
Simmons. They had two children namely: William, b.April 15, 1793 m. 
Anna Reaves and Mary Ann, b. in 1798 and who m. Wlliam James Hickman. 
This material was obtained from "The Southern Frinks" by B. Otis 
Prince, 1964. This as obtained from the Columbus County NC Library and 
records filed at the Nat'l Society Colonial Dames XVII Century in 
Washington, DC. These sources were not found in bound book form.