from "Quaker Roots-L"...

1. Thomas1 Cox was born 1638 in Cheltenham, Glouchester, England,
and died Jan 15, 1711 in Coverleys Field Cemetery, London, England. He
married (1) Christian Matthews Apr 10, 1672 in Devonshire MH, London,
England. She was born 1649, and died Apr 30, 1679. He married (2) Ann
Hind May 09, 1682 in Devonshire MH, London, England. She was born 1644,
and died Aug 08, 1716.

Notes for Thomas Cox:
!Thomas Cox was committed to New Gate Prison in 1672 for nonpayment of
tithes to the Established Church. Thomas Cox was one of the proprietors of
Pennsylvania and New Jersey whose name is on many early colony
records. His son Thomas Cox inherited 800 acres of land in Philadelphia
Co, PA by his father's will probated in March of 1712, but "apparently
never left London".

!Will of "Thomas Cox citizen and vintner of London" dated 24 May 1709,
codicil added 13 Jan 1711, proved 14 March 1712 [O.S. or N.S. date?].
"Daughters-in-law" include: Mary, late wife of Daniel Test (80 pounds to
her 2 children paid to his son Thomas for their upbringing); Mary Frankling
(40 nobles) and her 6 children (Thomas, Jacob, Mary, Sarah, Anne &
Elizabeth Frankling (20 nobles apiece); Sara Plumstead & her daughter Mary
Plumstead (later mentions Mary Plumstead, wife of Clement Plumstead of
Pescod Street). To "cousins" - Richard Cooper, near Upton Gloucestershire;
Anne Weekes who dwelt in Trinity Lane; Hannah Print, daughter of Thomas
Clark late of Cheltenham in Co. of Gloucester. Friends - Hannah Marshall;
Thomas Pittsow (neighbor) of Whitechapel, hatter having a great family of
children; John Field of George Yard, Lumbard St; Anne Whitehead, wife of
George Whitehead; John Evertt of Chatteris in Co. of Cambridge; (others
named); Mary Edwards of Tredenton near Tewxbury in Gloucestershire; the
poor of Whitechapel. To my dear and loving wife Ann Cox, als Hind. To the
Vinters Company. To son Thomas Cox in trust for his 6 children - Grace,
Thomas, John, Anne, Russell, and Mary Cox, 800 acres in Philadelphia Co,
PA. To my cousin Mary Chandler now dwelling in PA, 120 acres of land and
30 pounds . To my son John Cox 400 acres in Co. of Gloucester, Province of
West NJ. My daughter Christian and son-in-law Lassells Metcalfe all my
shares in the Pennsylvania Land Company and in first old Pennsylvania
Company; and in trust for their 2 children 100 pounds which I disbursed
towards assisting William Penn to compose his matters with Philip
Forde. Executors - wife Anne Cox and brother-in-law John Antrim of
Martin's le Grand. Overseers - Jacob Frankling, Samuel Waldenfield, John
Field. Witnesses - John Craig next door to the George in Greek St, John
Saunders at the George in Greek St, Matthew Hopkinson scrivener in Greek
St. [will from "Gen. Gleanings in England", pp.1031-2]