John was born in 1707. John Hardee ... He passed away in 1784. He was the founder of Pitt County, North Carolina. He named the county after his best friend in England who was Lord Pitt. Colonel John H Hardee was one of the most prominent Hardy or Hardee of Colonial and Revolutionary days. He was born 1707 and died 4 December 1784. In 1728 he married Susana Tyson, a daughter of Samuel and Margrita Tyson. He was Colonel of Colonial Militia, a Captain before his company was divided in 1775 and was among the first rank and file of the founders of Pitt County, North Carolina. The old home site is near Greenville, North Carolina, where his grave may still be seen. The old home before its destruction a few years ago was known as the "Old Court House" because the first courts that were held in Pitt County were held in his house until the court house could be built. The first court house, prison, pillory and stocks were built on his lands. The freeholders met at his house to elect vestrymen of the newly erected parish to be known as St. Michaels, Parish. After serving several terms as chairman of the Committee of Public Safety, he was chairman of the first meeting of freeholders to meet in opposition to the British Crown. He was Justice of the Peace, a member of the River and Roads Committee and a member of the Assembly. He was very closely associated with General John Simpson of Revolutionary fame, who married his daughter, Elizabeth Hardee. When his company was divided in 1775 and chose officers for the two companies he became a Colonel(Kings Sketches of Pitt County). There is little of direct military importance connected with his leadership of troops in the revolution as he was 68 years old in 1775, and died before the surrender of Lord Cornwallis. However, the part he played seemed to be more of a political than of a direct military nature, as his name is found subscribed to various documents and pleas for help and supplies both to the Governors of North Carolina and Virginia. It is not clear from Colonial records just where the spelling of the name was changed from Hardy to Hardee. Only a small percent of the family have changed to the "dee" and all of those with whom the writer has come in contact are descendants of Colonel John Hardee of Pitt County, North Carolina. John Hardy and his wife Charity lived in Chowan on what is believed from his son's will to have been the Manor Plantation. They had only the five children mentioned in their right of Importation. This fact is born out by the will of his son John Hardy II, abstracts of which are quoted, as it is believed to be one of the most eloquent of Colonial Testaments.