The coming of William Hardee Sr. to Horry Co., SC has been difficult to trace, but a few things are clear, one that he came about 1805, and after the census of 1800.  He is listed in the 1810 Census.  In 1821 he applied for a Revolutionary War pension, the following is from "Abstracts of Revolutionary War Files, page 1514".

William, Nancy W9054, NC Line applied 4, April 1821 horry District SC, aged 65, soldier mentions Joseph Hardee, in 1821 had a wife aged 64, widow applied 6 Jan. 1844 Harry District SC aged 88 on 2 May 1843 soldier, & widow had married 2 April 1776 in Pitt Co., NC, and in 1805 moved to Horry District, SC, soldier died 18 August 1827, soldier brother Andrew was aged 67 in 1844 a resident of Horry District, SC, and stated his brother, and wife's oldest child was his age.