William Thomas Carter
ON THE WALL:Panel 12E Line 50This page Copyright© 1997-2018 www.VirtualWall.org Ltd.PERSONAL DATA:  Home of Record:Longs, SC  Date of birth:12/04/1941MILITARY DATA:  Service Branch:United States Navy  Grade at loss:O2  Rank:Lieutenant (junior grade)Promotion Note:None  ID No:686989  MOS:1315: Unrestricted Line Officer (Pilot)  Length Service:02  Unit:VS-21, CVSG-53, USS KEARSARGE, TF 77, 7TH FLEETCASUALTY DATA:  Start Tour:Not Recorded  Incident Date:11/10/1966  Casualty Date:11/10/1966  Status Date:Not Applicable  Status Change:Not Applicable  Age at Loss:24  Location:Gulf of Tonkin, North Vietnam  Remains:Body not recovered  Repatriated:Not Applicable  Identified:Not Applicable  Casualty Type:Non-hostile, died of other causes  Casualty Reason:Fixed Wing - Crew  Casualty Detail:Air loss or crash at sea  URL: www.VirtualWall.org/dc/CarterWT01a.htm  Data accessed:11/15/2018