(1613-1685)                     (1620-1710)

John was born 26 Dec 1613 in Dedham, Essex, England, the son of Edmund Sherman and Joan Makin. He married Mary in 1645 after he immigrated to the Colonies. Mary was born about 1620 in Watertown, Massachusetts, the daughter of John Launce and Isabella Darcy.

John studied at Trinity College in Cambridge, receiving his A.B. in 1629 and his A.M. in 1633. No doubt he was actively engaged in preaching in England. Persecuted as a Puritan, John fled with other Shermans and sailed from England in the ”Elizabeth”, arrived in America in 1635 and went to Watertown. He soon moved to New Haven Colony where he was a magistrate several years. He returned to Watertown between 1644 and 1648 and became its third minister a few years before Rev. Mr. Knowles returned to England.

He became a great preacher and controversial figure of New England. He became a freeman in Watertown in 1669, remained in there until his death as their minister. The following is the epitaph honoring him:

“Sacred to the memory of John Sherman a man distinguished for his piety, character and truth; a profound theologian; as a preacher a veritable Chrysostom; unsurpassed in his knowledge of the liberal arts, particularly mathematics; a faithful pastor of the Church of Watertown in New England; an Overseer and Fellow of Harvard College.  After a life of faithful service to Christ in the Church for upwards of 45 years, in the fullness of time he passed  away and received from Christ the palm of victory. In the 72d year of his age, August 8, 1685”. Rev. JOHN SHERMAN, A. B., Trinity Coll. Camb., 1629, A. M., 1633.

Mary is a direct descendant from King Edward I of England, through her mother’s line.

Her mother’s will mentions her as follows in: The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1896:

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See liniage from Edward I of England in: The Magna Charta sureties, 1215: the barons named in the Magna Charta, 1215 ...

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