Where and When did "Olyphic" come about? 

"Pappy" J. Marvin Gore was one of the original members of the "Olyphic" Community.

As told by Mr. Fred Lay, Jr...

"Olyphic, Where did the name come from?  The postal sent two names not used anywhere in the country.  Vance Gore (an older brother of J. Marvin Gore) and John H. Lay selected the one they liked best and it was "Olyphic".

The Olyphic post office was formed September 19, 1923 with Vance Gore as postmaster with the office in his home.  People in the community walked to the post office to get their mail.

 Harvey L. Smith was appointed postmaster May 15, 1931.  He was appointed real postmaster August 31, 1931 and served until the post office closed.  The postmaster was notified on March 10, 1949 the post office would be discontinued- effective March 31, 1949.

26 years of service to the Olyphic community.  The Rt. 3, Tabor City was formed and seved the Olyphic community."



The Olyphic Community was changed from Rt.3 to Seven Creeks Highway, March 13, 1995 in compliance with the 911 emergency system.

Olyphic Baptist Church- Physical address:

19062 Seven Creeks Hwy

Tabor City, NC 28463