Florence Morning News-6 Feb 1948
Clemson Student Kills His Wife And Her Friend CONWAY, Feb 5
A Clemson college freshman shot and killed his estranged wife and a man with whom she was talking at her home here tonight, Horry County Sheriff C E Sasser reported. Sasser said the student, R B Todd, 24, signed a statement admitting the fatal shooting of his wife Reba, 21, and Orrie Davis, 21, as they stood talking on the porch of his wife's home shortly before midnight. The sheriff said Todd was being held in jail here under a charge of murder. The sheriff said the Todds had been married about three and half years and that they had separated shortly before last Christmas.

Florence Morning News-12 Jun 1948
Todd Sentenced To Life Term CONWAY, June 11
A 24 year old Clemson College student today was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his 21 year old estranged wife. Reginald Bryce Todd was taken to the State Penitentiary in Columbia but will be returned here next October to be tried on a charge of slaying Orie Davis, 21, a Conway cafeteria employee. Judge L D Lide formally pronounced sentence today, after a jury the previous night had convicted Todd of murder, but had recommended mercy. Mrs. Mary Reba Todd was shot to death the night of Feb 5, as she and Davis emerged from a boarding house where they had been visiting. Davis retreated into the home but was shot down in a hallway. When officers arrived, Todd handed over a pistol and surrendered. Todd had come home on a brief leave of absence from Clemson College. Sheriff C R Sasser said the Todds had been married about 3 years and had been separated a few months when the killings occurred. They have a two year old son.