She was born about 1610. Valentine Prentice married Alice B_____[remainder of surname illegible on original record] in Chelmsford, Essex, on 29 June 1626, and this is probably the marriage of the immigrant couple. She arrived aboard the Lyon with her husband Valentine and their son John. She was admitted to Roxbury church immediately after her husband, as member #53: "Allice Prentise the wife of Valentine Prentise."

Alice and Valentine had two children:

1. John Prentice who married 1st Hester Nichols, 2nd Esther Nichols and 3rd Rebecca Parker.

2. Child Prentice, that died at sea in 1631.

After Valentine's death, she was married John Watson who had also arrived on the Lyon and was a member of the Roxbury church. JOHN WATSON and Alice Prentiss married at Roxbury 3 April 1634.

They had five children (all born Roxbury):

3. John Watson, who married Mary Eccles

4. Joshua Watson, who died age 11 "of the belly ache"

5. Dorcas Watson, married 1st Medfield ?; married 2st Timothy Dwight; married 3nd John Adams

6. Caleb Watson, married Mary Hide

7. Mary Watson, married Thomas Stedman of Cambridge Village