From: Cambridge University Alumni 1621-1900

Matric. sizar from ST CATHARINE'S, Easter, 1631. Of Essex. S. of Edmund. B. at Dedham, Essex, Dec. 26, 1613. Declined to subscribe for his degree. Went to New England, c. 1635. Preacher at Watertown, Mass., where he succeeded the Rev. George Phillips as pastor in 1647. Overseer of Harvard College, 1647-85. Fellow of Harvard, 1678-85. Gave fortnightly lectures at Watertown to the students of the College who walked over from Cambridge to attend them. One of the joint moderators of a general reforming synod held at Boston, 1679. A distinguished student of astronomy; compiled several almanacs. Died Aug. 8, 1685. (Felt, 463; J. G. Bartlett.)