This was copied from The Rambo Heritage by Simmeon Brooks Rambo.


Kinchen William Rambo, son of Jesse and Emily Bledsoe Rambo, was born on the Jacob J homestead, near Mountain Creek Baptist Church in Edgefield County, on 16 July 1835. He married Jane Dee Brooks, born 20 December 1835. He was a farmer and Postmaster of Rambo Post Office in Sand Ridge Section of Greenwood County, SC. The Kinchen William Rambos were active members of Mountain Creek Baptist Church and were the parents of 4 children. In addition, Kinchen and Jane raised six other children. On 19 January 1887, Mary Emma Rambo Lipford died leaving two small children, Lila was two and a half and Edward Kinchen was six months old; they became members of their grandparents household. Edward died 28 April 1887, two months after his mother's death; Lila lived in the home until Jane's death in 1902. On 12 October 1895 Jane's sister, Margaret Eugenia Brooks Schmidt, died leaving two young daughters, Louise and Irene Schmidt; they also made their home with Kinchen and Jane Rambo. Emily Ellenberg also made her home with the Kinchen Rambos from the time she was an infant until her marriage to James Brooks. James was a nephew of Jane Brooks Rambo. Kinchen William Rambo died 1 July 1896. Jane Dee Brooks Rambo died 12 May 1902; they were buried in Mountain Creek Churchyard. Shortly before his death Kinchen William Rambo deeded a tract of land in Sand Ridge community to his son, Benjamin Trapp Rambo.


> Greenwood Journal, July 2, 1896, p. 3

> "Mr. K. W. Rambo, a good citizen near Kirksey, died Tuesday of dropsy of the heart, and will be buried at Mountain Creek today. Rev. G. W. Bussey of Parksville will conduct the funeral."