transcript from Otis PrinceThe State of South CarolinaJoseph J. Princeand wife: RebeccavsSarah Prince, Clary Prince, Dorcus Prince, Elizabeth Prince, Samuel William Prince(by guardian John L. Prince), Wright Norris and wife Ann, Solomon Prince, Heirs of Nicholas Prince, son of James, who died intestate.You are hereby required to be and appear at the Court next of Ordinary, to be holden at Horry Court House on Saturday the 15th just, to shew cause if any you have why the Real Estate of Nicholas Prince, son of James situate in the said District on Cushion Swamp containing 1000 acres more or less being part of a tract of 2060 acres granted to Nicholas Prince son of James, 6 November, 1837, should not be sold and divided, alloting to Joseph J. Prince and his wife their share of the same according to Law. January 8, 1853We consent to the land being sold and divided:Sarah Prince, Clary Prince, Dorcus Prince, Joseph J. PrinceSoloman Prince.I consent as guardian for Elizabeth Prince and Samuel W. PrinceSigned: John L. PrinceI, Wright Norris, who married Ann Elizabeth Prince, Daughter of Nicholas Prince, son of James Prince, do consent.