Pension application of Samuel Hickman


Revolutionary Claims


For the purpose of obtaining the amount of pay accruing to me for the half year ending on the 2nd day of September 1828 under the act entitled an act for the relief of certain Surviving officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Revolution approved the 15th May 1828

I, Samuel Hickman in the County of Columbus in the State of North Carolina, do hereby declare that I was a private Soldier of the Army of the Revolution in the Continental line and I have been found entitled by the Secretary of the Treasury under that act to the pay of a private in the said [text missing]


Witness my hand this first day of November in the year 1828.

Samuel Hickman


State of North Carolina personally appeared Edward Connerand James Stanalandof said County who did severally make oath that Samuel Hickmon by whom the foregoing declaration was made and subscribed is well known to them to be the person therein described and that he is generally reputed and believed to have been a private Soldier in the Army of the revolution war in manner as therein stated and that the said declaration was made and subscribed by the said Samuel Hickman in their presence on the day and date above written witness my hand this first day of November 1828.

Now in person Samuel Hickman a resident of North Carolina in the county of Columbus aged Seventy One years, who being first duly sworn according to law doth make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress June 7th , 1832 That he enlisted in the Army of the United States in the year on thousand seven hundred seventy eight on the 21st day of July, he believes he was a resident of Kingston District South Carolina when he enlisted for three years with Lieut. Weakly [sic, John Weekly] and served in the 4th Reg. of the Continental line he believes, under the following officers he was marched to Cat Island Fort below George Town [sic, Georgetown] South Carolina and attached to Captain James Mitchell's Company from thence he was marched to Fort Johnston on James Island South Carolina and was attached to Captain Brook Roberts' Company from thence was marched by Lieutenant Capers to Purrysburg where he Joined General Linkhorn's [sic, Benjamin Lincoln's] Army and was attached to Captain James Mitchell, Ephram Mitchell, Roberts or Davises Company (but does not recollect which) of the 4th Regiment of Artillery Commanded by Colonel Roberts & Major Grempkey [sic, John Faucheraud Grimke] 3 from there to the two Sisters ferry on the Savener [sic, Savannah] River where we Joined General Rutherford [Griffith Rutherford] from thence to Mattises or Silver Bluff4 as well as he recollects in order to Joined General Ash [sic, John Ashe] on Brier Creek [sic, Briar Creek], but was not in time he was marched back to the two Sisters ferry to Purrysburg where he Joined General Mutre [sic, William Moultrie] from thence to Charleston from thence out to Bacon Bridge [sic, Bacon's Bridge] and Joined General Lincoln, then to Stono at which place Colonel Roberts was killed after this battle he was attached to Captain Harmon Davises Company and marched to Charleston from thence to Cat Island Fort from thence to Wilmington North Carolina then to Fayetteville and then to Hillsborough North Carolina where he Joined General Green's [sic, Nathanael Greene's] and was attached to the Maryland artillery commanded by Colonel Harison [sic, Harrison?] & Major Mazard5 from thence marched to Prince Edward County Virginia then to Roan [sic, Rowan] County North Carolina at which place he was discharged by Captain Harmon Davis in August or September 1781 which discharge he has lost.