The Pinckneys came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066, from Picquigny (whence their name), in Picardy Province, France. From the time of the Norman Invasion to the 16th Century, the Pinckneys were well established in the North, South, East, West, and Middle England. In 1615, the St. Andrews Church Register, Bishop Auckland, Durham County, England, recorded the Marriage of Richard Pinckney and Grace Archer, the Grandparents of Thomas Pinckney (1666-1703), who settled in Charleston, in 1692.

 Along with the acquisition of wealth and property in Charleston, South Carolina, Thomas Pinckney, his Sons, and Grandsons were acutely aware of their responsibility to give of their services and resources toward founding a new nation and government. They served as framers of the United States Constitution and as Founding Fathers of our State and Nation's institutions of colleges, libraries, and museums in the Colonial Period. 

From Charleston, S.C., the Pinckney family purchased Plantations on the Ashepoo River in Colleton County and became rice Planters. They intermarried with the Lowcountry Families of Bellingers, Godfreys, Guys, Porchers, and Webbs. Letters to sons in college were prized and preserved, as such were those of Eustace Bellinger Pinckney and his brother Charles while attending St. John's College in Fordham, New York, in the 1850's. These letters, included in Back Over Home, provide insights into South Carolina plantation life of the Nineteenth Century. 

Entertaining stories about Pinckney Colony often related by cousins, friends, and also by her deceased husband, Jim B. Easterling, aroused in Mary Pinckney Powell an awareness of the stamina and character of her Pinckney relatives and background - their resilient, innovative, humorous, and spiritual nature, enabling them to survive with a distinct identity over the centuries. To preserve the memory of these folklike personalities and their way of life for future Pinckney generations, a book on Pinckney Colony was undertaken. Here are some excerpts from the Book, "BACK OVER HOME", which can be purchased from this website. 

Source: "Back Over Home:, By Mary Pinckney POWELL. Added By Patricia McMahan-Chambers.