Brother of John.  Possibly had two more children: Richard b 1800 and James b
1800 both of Brunswick

listed in will of grandfather, Abraham Jerdon, in 1758

Lt. in Revolutionary War, served under Marion and Mahan (file AA-425 Rev. War Records. S.C. archives, Columbia, SC.)

Buried at Bellamy Burial Ground, Bellamy Plantation, Monticello, Fl

He was one of the early settlers of Florida, coming to East Florida in 1819. He was written of and spoken of as "Senior", and he spelled his name "Bellame,".

In his will he stated,
"Know all men by these presents that this is my last will and testament: In the first place I give my beloved wife Claremore Bellamy the use of all I possess real and personal as long as she does live of my property. I also put the care of my beloved wife in the care of my Son John Belleme - after her Death my will is that old  Bellar and Cojo and Joseph my three servants Shall be Freed by my Son John Belleme, after the Death of Claremore Belleme, my Son John Belleme Shall deliver all that I possess real and Personal to Abraham Belleme and William Belleme my grand Sons Abraham Belleme shall give his Father John Belleme One Dollar as his part of my Estate also deliver Elizabeth Hughs One Dollar as her part of my Estate also deliver William Belleme One Dollar as his part of my Estate. This is my desire what I have wrote -- Sined Sealed and delivered in the pr of


Wm B Little
Abraham Bessent    this 21st day August 1827
William Parker
     Abraham Belleme Senr

An early property owner of a site called Cowford along with his son John and several others. He surveyed the claims and began laying out streets. The three town commissioners, John Bellamy, Benjamin Chaires, and Francis Ross, named the newly surveyed town for Andrew Jackson, "the city of Jacksonville."