"Mourning Smith Bryan was born in the Georgetown District about 1758. She was the daughter of John Smith IV born about 1710 in Chowan County, NC. John Smith IV died in 1802. He had settled on Buck Swamp before the Revolutionary War. He was married three times. First to Abigail Commander, second to Jane Ford, and third to Mourning Bryan's mother Mary Johns.

John Smith III was born in York County, Virginia in 1683. He died in Chowan County, NC. He married in 1709, Ann Jasper who was born about 1690 and died after 1732. Ann was the daughter of Richard Jasper. John Smith III and Ann Jasper were the parents of John Smith IV.
John Smith II and his wife, Elizabeth ____, were the parents of John Smith III. The above John Smith was born in the Isel of Wight, Virginia in 1640 and died there after 1683. John Smith II and wife Elizabeth were married 1680.  The parents of John Smith I were William Smith and Ann. John Smith I was born in England in 1614, died in Isle of Wight, VA after 1694. He married Ann Jones, born about 1620, and died after 1694. Ann was the daughter of Anthony Jones who in his will of 1694 left 2,000 acres of land in Chowan Co, NC to his grandsons John II and Thomas Smith. William Smith born in England about 1590 died in Isle of Wight, VA before Sept 1645, came to VA about 1621. He was a cousin of Langrave Thomas Smith of SC, and also of the Smiths who settled in Boston. William Smith married Ann ____ born about 1595 in England. William and Ann married in England in 1609. She later married second, Anthony Jones and married third Nathaniel Bacon, Sr.

[The above information was found in book SEVENTH CENTURY ISLE OF WIGHT, VIRGINIA by Boddie, pages 253, 254, 535, 614m 573, 602, 516, 573, 517.
Another book NORTH CAROLINA HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER, Vol 2, No 1, p 151. Will of John Smith IV in Marion County, SC. Will by Richard Jasper and of Anthony Jones, Chowan

Ref: Marion Co. Probate, pg8, #27.

Aaron Martin et ux et al vs. Mourning Bryant and others. Bill for Relief and Injunction. Filed 5 Jan 1834 (or 1838). Aaron Martin and Elizabeth his wife, William Bryant, Willis Finklea and Mary his wife, David *Perritt and Sally his wife, Needham Perritt and Citsy his wife, Henry Gasque and Milly his wife, Jonathan Harrell and Mourning his wife and Solomon Huggins and Smithy his
wife, that Jesse Bryant of Marion Dist. died 1822 testate, that he appointed Aaron Martin of Marion Dist. and Jesse Bryant, one of the defendants, exors thereof. Among other things testator bequeathed as follows, " I give to my beloved wife Mourning Bryant all the remaining part of my estate real and personal her lifetime and at her death my whole estate to be divided amongst my surviving children, vis: Elizabeth Martin, William Bryant, James Bryant, Jesse Bryant, Mary Finklea, Sally *Perrett, Mourning Harrell, Citsy Perrett,
Milly Gasque and Smithy Bryant." The widow Mourning Bryant took possession of the whole of his personal estate except a negro girl named Iris (?) bequeathed to his daughter Smithy. She (Mourning) has wasted and mismanaged the estate.

Notes for
Jesse Bryan, Sr:
He lived on a plantation located on Catfish Creek between the little Pee Dee and the Big Pee Dee Rivers. It was all beautiful, level swamp land. He owned several slaves. Jesse made his will in 1818 and died Nov. 7, 1822. His will was not probated until 1828.

The parents of Jesse Bryan are not known at this time. The following men are listed in the 1810 census of Marion County, SC and lived near Jesse: Sylas Bryan, Joel Bryan, and Lemuel Bryan. They are the right ages to be his brothers but this has not been established.

The will of John Smith IV, the father-in-law of Jesse Bryan(t), mentions an "Arce (?) Bryant living on a tract of 104 acres of land belonging to Smith located on Catfish Creek. This land was bequeathed to his daughter, Ann Berry, along with with one negro woman named Dinah and various other possessions. It is not known if this Arce Bryan(t) is related to Jesse.

Some records show his name as "Jesse Bryant" or Jesse Bryant, Jr. According to information from Virginia Rogers Smith, Bowman, SC, (provided by Linda D. Smith, 1000 Cold Branch Drive, Columbia, SC 29223) Jesse served in the Revolutionary War.

W. W. Sellers in "A History of Marion County", 1902, has the following:

The Bryant family is an old family. Jesse Bryant is said to have been the first of that name in the county; he came from England, as it is said; he married a Miss Turbeville, supposed to have been the sister of Rev. William Turbeville, who, according to Bishop Gregg (pp. 70 and 71), came over about 1735, and settled at Sandy Bluff, on the Great Pee Dee, with the colony then and there settled, as their minister. "Several brothers came with him, of whom sone descendants are now to be found in Marion." It may be presumed that sisters came too, and that one of them married old Jesse Bryant. Old Jesse had sons, William, Stephen and Jesse. Of these, William married Rebecca Miller; he lived and died some twenty-five or thirty years ago, on the road just above Ebenezer Church at the age of eighty-nine. Whether William, Stephen, or Jesse was the oldest, is not known. Jesse Bryant, son of the first Jesse, went West.
Old Billy Bryant raised a large family, four sons and several daughters. Of the sons, John M. Bryant was the oldest; he died some years ago at the age of eighty-three; he married a Miss Drew, below Marion, and raised a large family--sons. Eli, Solomon, David, Pinckney and Hugh Bryant; and daughters, Mrs. David Johnson, Mrs. Hardy Johnson and Mrs. Addison Lane. Eli Bryant went West. Solomon Bryant married a daughter of Rev. David Edwards, first, and then a Miss McDonald. I do not know who David married; he has a son, named Curtis Bryant. Pinckney Bryant married, had a large family and is dead; I don't know who his wife was. Hugh Bryant married a daughter of the late Rev. David Edwards, and has a family; these are now our fellow-citizens, and are contributing their share towards populating and improving the conditions of the county. John M. Bryant was a solid, number one man, honest, truthful and reliable. Stephen Bryant was the father or grand-father of F. D. Bryant, Esq, of the Marion Bar. One of the daughters of the first Jesse was the wife of the late Charles Taylor. One of the sons of old William Bryant, named William, was a Baptist preacher; he went to Horry, and became the head of a family there. Also, did Stephen, the father of F. D. Bryant. The writer is not reasonably certain that this account of the Bryant family is correct in every particular--it is, however, in accord with the information obtained.


The name Bryant was sometimes spelled Bryan. It was spelled Bryan when Jesse Bryan signed his will. His son Jesse signed his named spelled Bryan and so did his grandson Giles Bryan.

Will of Jesse Bryant, p 213, Marion Co SC Wills. Mentions 11 children and his wife Morning. He made his will in 1818 and died 7 Nov 1822; however the will was not probated until 1828. Jesse Bryant married Mourning Smith and according to his will the following are their children: Elizabeth, born in 1772, married Aaron Martin; William, born 1774, married Rebecca Miller; James Jesse, Jr., married Elizabeth Johnson; Mary married John Finklea; Sallie married David Perritt, (a soldier of War of 1812); Mourning married Jonathan Harrell; Citsy married Needham Perritt; Milly married Henry Gasque; and an unmarried daughter who later married Solomon Huggins. Jesse was born about 1750 and wife Mourning Smith married about 1770. She was the daughter of John Smith IV and Mary Johns. John Smith furnished supplies to soldiers in the Revolutionary War and therefore can be used as a Revolutionary
ancestor on joining the Daughters of the American Revolution. (This info was furnished and written by Ruby Bryan of Opp, AL.

Will of Jesse Bryant
(Copied from 3 Rivers Chronicle, Volume XX, Number 2EE, Summer, 1999)

In the name of God, Amen. I Jesse Bryant of Marion District in the State of South Carolina being very weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, Thanks be to God therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last Will and testament that is to say my principally and first of all I give and recommend my sole into hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body Irecommend to the Earth to be buried in decent christian burial at thediscretion of my Executors Nothing doubting but at the general resurrection Ishall receive the same again by the Mighty power of God and as touching suchworldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life Igive demise and depose of the same in the following manner & form.
First I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Smithy one negro Girl named Jin. and the plantation where I now reside on Catfish Creek. Also I give to my well beloved wife Mourning Briant all the remainder part of my Estate real and personal her lifetime and at her death my whole estate to be equally divided among my surviving children vis Elizabeth Martin, Wm Briant, Jas Briant, Jesse Briant, Mary Finklea, Sally Perritt, Mourning Harrell, Citsy Perritt, Milly Gasque, Smithy Briant to be equally divided among them share and share alike. I likewise constitute make and ordain my son Jim Briant and my soninlaw Aaron Martin sole Executors of this my last will and testament In witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 24th day of February 1818 and in the forty 2nd year of American Independence Signed Sealed published pronounced and declared by the said Jefse Briant to be and contain his last will and testament in the presents of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names.

Jesse Bryant (Seal)

James Crawford
Levi Hays
Willis Finklea

Recorded in Will Book 1, Roll No. 33, page 204
Original Will missing
Recorded June 15, 1829
Thomas Harllee Ordinary

From Dianne Moore, June, 1998

In the Marion Co., SC, deed and equity books, there is record of Aaron and Elizabeth contesting the will and division of the estate of Elizabeth's father, Jesse Bryant. It appears that Mourning, Jesse's wife and Elizabeth's mother, sold property to her son, William, which was bounded on the west side by Aaron Martin's property. The children of Jesse and Mourning (with their spouses) contested the sale and the division of estate. Commissioners were appointed by the court to divide the estate and the heirs agreed to abide by the decision of the Commissioners.

At the conclusion of the Commissioners review, Elizabeth Martin was given an amount due from her husband, Aaron. When the property was sold, Aaron Martin was one of the purchasers. He received 1 tract of land for $175.00.

In the copy of Deed in Roll # 116, roll # 33, and roll # 904 1/2, :
"We, Elizabeth Martin, William Bryant, James Bryant, Jesse Bryant, David Perritt, Needham Perritt, Jonathan Harrell, Henry Gasque and Smith Huggins wife of Solomon Huggins, legatees under the will of the late Jesse Bryant decd. to whom certain property after death of Mourning Bryant was by the will of Jesse Adkinson, shall claim an equal share with the rest of the heirs viz. Hugh Adkinson, Jesse Adkinson, Ebenezer Adkins, Sarah Ann Godbold wife of Vincent and also the children of Mary Finklea to wit 4 in number. Witness our hands and etc."

"We the heirs and legatees of Jesse Bryant decd solemnly swear and affirm that we will stand to and abide by the award and arbitrament of the named commissioners on the settlement of the estate. Before me, Mr. I. Watson, being substituted in place of Col. Durant. Signed: Elizabeth martin, William Bryant, James Bryan, Jesse Adkinson, Solomon Huggins, Henry Gasque, David Perritt and Elly Finklea. Before Edwd. B. Wheeler, CCP, 12 Nov. 1845."

"Mourning Bryant in consideration of $310 paid by my son, William Bryant, planter, tract of land containing 310 acres more or less, it being land that M. Bryant bought at sheriff sale 6 Sept. 1830 bounded on south by Susan Tart; west by Aaron Martin; east by John Deer land; north by Willis Finklea, Sr. land. 24 Feby 1840. Signed: Mourning Bryant. Witnesses: Jesse Lee and B. Moody. Probated 18 March 1845.

We the commissioners, have --- that this deed is of no force and, therefore, null and void and, consequently, have brought the land which purpots so have conveyed into the division. Nov. 14, 1845. B.K. Henagen, A.L. Scarborough, R.H. Reaves, Isham Watson and E. Egett."

"Commissioners: Dr. Henagan, A.L. Scarborough, W.W. Durant, R.H. Reaves and E. Legett to divide estate 12 Nov. 1845. We Commissioners selected by the heirs of Jesse Bryant, Sr. and Mourning Bryan to divide the estate of Jesse Bryant and Mourning Bryant by leave respectifully to report follows: We find the estate above mentioned to be worth $6,665.45 as per exhibits A, B, C, D. Division among eleven legatees. Adjustments among heirs. 1. Wm. Bryan 2. James Bryan 3. Jesse Bryan 4. Elizabeth Martin amt due by A. Martin 5. heirs of Ann Adkinson 6. heirs of Mary Finklea 7. David Perritt 8. Needam Perritt 9. Jonathan Harrell 10. Henry Gasque and 11. Solumon Huggins.

Notes: Widows note, Willis Fincklea, Wm. Bryant, Aron Martin, Moody note, McDaniel and Jones."

"Sales recorded in Sales Book A, page 51. Purchasers: Mourning Bryant, Aaron Martin, Willis Fincklea, William Bryant and Randal McDaniel: (No date)"

"Sale of land of Jesse Breyan. 1 tract sold to widow where she lives $525.00. 1 tract to Willis Fincklea $275.00. 1 tract to Wm. Bryant $241.00. 1 tract to Aaron Martin $175.00 and 1 tract to Randall McDaniel $60.00. Sales Book A, page 50. Jesse Adkinson 13 Nov. 1845. Rec'd from Commissioners share of Ann Adkinson $601.00. Received $601.40 as share of Mary Fincklea signed Elly Finckle. Receipt of $601.40 as share of William Bryan 14 Nov. 1845. Rec'd from Commr. his share of estate of Jesse Bryan 14 Nov. 1845 signed James Bryan. Rec'd from Commissioners her share of Jesse Bryan Estate $601.40. Signed Elizabeth Martin. Witness by John Collins 14 Nov. 1845........"

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Marion cnty, SC Tax returns for 1786-Jesse Brian (land ) 50 acres (negroes) (0)


Marion District, SC Deed book F, page 271, 17 Jul 1813 Mary Johnson, Sherid Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, John Turbeville, William Turbeville, Unity Woods, Robert Moody, Jessey Bryan and Enos Tart to Samuel Johnson for $305, 172 a part of 200 a grant to Samuel Johnson, Sr., decd on 14 Sep 1789 and other grant to John Owens 1 Sep 1770 for 100a. Wit: Thomas moody, Roger Moody. Signed Mary (x) Johnson, Sherid (x) Johnson, Benjamin (B) Johnson, John (x) Turbeville, William (x) Turbeville, Unity (x) Woods, Jesse Bryan, Enos Tart.