WILLIAM ROSCOW OF BLUNT POINT, VIRGINIA, was born in 1664, the youngest son of JAMES and ANNE ROSCOW of Chorley. William immigrated to Virginia and became the owner of Blunt Point Plantation in Warwick County (now Newport News), Virginia. He married Mary Wilson (1675-1741), and died in 1700 at Blunt Point, as his tombstone marker shows. They had four sons and one daughter. Although they had many descendants, William's direct paternal line of Roscow-surname descendants did not continue into the 1800's so far as we know. He may have been related to the Roscoes of Northampton Co., VA, about 25-30 miles away across the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.
    William's older son James Roscow (c. 1692 - c. 1722) married Jane (Jennie) Wilson, and had no known children. James served as Receiver General of the Virginia colony in 1616 and as a member of the House of Burgesses in 1720. William's younger son William (c. 1696 - c. 1752) was also a Burgess. He married Lucy Bassett, and they had two sons and four daughters. Neither son is recorded as having a wife or children. William Jr.'s son James was the last Roscow owner of Blunt Point, which he advertized for sale in the early 1770's with the intent to return to England.