"Pappy" Gore Remembers When......

J. Marvin Gore, Sr., better known as "Pappy", celebrated his 85th birthday, January 22 1972.  His tender compassion and his genuine interest in each citizen has earned for him the title- "Pappy of the Olyphic Community".

Many times he has picked the peas, gathered the corn, or taken the choice ham from the smoke house, or the prettiest bushel of sweet potatoes and deliver them to the widows or the sick. 

His spiritual guidance has influenced all who know him.  He was presented with a cross-reference edition of the King James Version of the Bible by the young people of the Olyphic Baptist Church.  This gift was presented as a token of love and appreciation for his service to the church. 

The following article written by "Pappy" helps us to appreciate our fine schools, electricity and the abundance of food.

Things have really chanced in the last 80 years.  Why I remember when I went to the Old Butler School it had a mud chimney.  We had one chair and one bench.  When the seats ran out the scholars had to stand.

The firs term lasted six weeks, the next term twelve weeks and the the next was about 3 1/2 months.

The teachers boarded in teh homes of the school children. 

We carried grits adn tomatoes and baked potatoes for lunch and were glad to eat it.

We has some mighty fine girls in those days and I thought they were the prettiest things I had ever seen.

We played Base and Burr, and sailed our boats in the ditches.

On the first Monday in May we would always shear our sheep.  $150.00 was a fair income for a year in those days.  I remember when we had biscuit only once a week.  Families were larger then.

Yes, things have a lot but human nature is still the same.

Jesus Christ gave us some things to think about.  Distress of the nations is to be one of the signs of his appearing. 

"When you eat and are full then take heed lest you forget the Lord".  Duet 6:11-12.