One of the main stories that I've heard about Nancy Jones is that she was nick named scrap because she was a small person. But the word scrap can have two meanings. The first is that scrap is usually used to describe a small left over piece of anything (like a piece of cloth). Second it can be used to refer to a fight between people. Now I dont know who started the story about Nancy but if you look at the photo of Nancy and James you can see that Nancys face is bigger than James'. Not to mention the fact that the highth of Nancys shoulder is equal to James. Also look at the width of their shoulders. It seems to be near equal. Based on this comparison I would say that she couldn't have been a small woman unless James was small too. However, I knew my grand-mother, who was their daughter ,and she was, what some people call, a large framed woman. I can't find a physical description of James, like you could find in military enlistment records, so I really cant prove that Nancy was large or small. But, if Nancy was feistiness, or her tendency to be a fighter that might explain her nick name.