James Hilliard Jimmy Todd + Neita Bly Holmes

No children
Birth: August 31, 1905 23 20Horry, SC
Death: July 20, 1983Conway, Horry, SC
Chester O Todd
Birth: September 12, 1881 37 36Conway, Horry, SC
Death: February 2, 1954Horry, SC
Adie Anderson Todd and grandson Brice
Birth: March 15, 1885Horry, SC
Death: December 14, 1969Conway, Horry, SC
Sally Holmes, Veita Virgina Holmes Todd, and Neita Homes Todd
Birth: December 13, 1911 46Horry, SC
Death: January 4, 1983Horry, SC
Holmes, Isaac Long & Emma Jane Williamson (GR)
Birth: March 1, 1865Hammond, Horry, SC
Death: February 21, 1947Hammond, Horry, SC

Facts and events

No facts exist for this family.