John Launce + Isabella Darcy

1 child
Pg 170, The Darcy Ancestry of Mrs Sherman
Birth: 1625 27 25Penneare, St Clement, Cornwall, England
Death: Age at Death: 90March 9, 1710Watertown, Middlesex, MA
Darcy Ancestry of Mrs John Sherman
Birth: December 27, 1597 39 22St Clements Parish, Cornwall, England
Death: June 1635Penair, St Clements, Cornwall, England
Launce, Robert + Susan Tubb, Marr. 1591 in Cornwall, Engl.
Birth: 1558Par, Cornwall, England
Death: September 5, 1623St Clement, Cornwall, England
Birth: 1575Par, Cornwall, England
Death: April 2, 1629Clement, Cornwall, England
Mary (Launce) Sherman TAG_V21_170
Birth: 1600Dartford, Kent, England
Death: Waters, H., NEHGR 50:3, p. 399August 1669London, Middlesex, England

Facts and events

Marriage June 13, 1620