1940 United States Federal Census

1940 United States Federal Census


United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Sixteenth Census of the United States, 1940. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1940. T627;


Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Annie Belle
May 1, 1909111Horry, SC1December 25, 19675358Old Springfield Cemetery, Loris, Horry, SC
Carl Clifton Adams
February 14, 1913108Nixonville, Horry, SC1September 5, 19774364Loris, Horry, SC
Carroll Edward “Hap” Adams Jr Brig Gen
June 7, 192397Pawtucket, Providence, RI1May 12, 19705046Vietnam
William Asbury “Willie” Adams
January 20, 1873148Horry, SC1January 7, 19497275Longs, Horry, SC
Julia Quintillia “Junie” Ammons
June 3, 1895125Horry, SC2December 10, 19695174Horry, SC
Alice Orilla Anderson Chestnut Cartrette
April 13, 1909112Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC6January 3, 19883378Effingham, Florence, SC
Sarah Anderson Stevens
June 27, 192991Conway, Horry, SC0October 12, 20051576Conway, Horry, SC
Barbara Ann “Bobbie” Anderson
April 23, 193189Horry, SC2October 22, 2019188Loris, Horry, SC
Elizabeth Alma “Lizzie” Anderson
July 8, 1889131Conway, Horry, SC1April 19685378Orange, FL
Flora Evelyn Anderson
November 26, 1915105Tabor City, Columbus, NC1February 22, 20061590Loris, Horry, SC
Freeman G Anderson
June 8, 1905115SC2August 7, 19754570Conway, Horry, SC
George Kelly Anderson
March 14, 1892129Horry, SC1March 14, 19655673Conway, Horry, SC
Harriet Helen Anderson
September 17, 1872148Horry, SC2December 12, 19625890Horry, SC
Henry Dewey Anderson
September 4, 1899121Horry, SC0February 7, 19744774Polk, FL
Letha Belle Anderson
June 28, 1920100Conway, Horry, SC1January 14, 19992278Conway, Horry, SC
Levi Owen Anderson
March 8, 1887134Shell, Horry, SC0July 1, 19714984Conway, Horry, SC
Mazell Anderson
April 25, 192496Horry, SC1November 2, 19724848Conway, Horry, SC
Temperance G “Tempie” Anderson
May 1, 1893127Horry, SC1July 30, 19754582Shell, Horry, SC
Timothy Bradley Anderson
December 21, 1894126Horry, SC3October 9, 19695174Conway, Horry, SC
William Lathan Anderson Sr
July 11, 192298Horry, SC1October 10, 19813959Conway, Horry, SC
Donnie Lou Baker
August 17, 193684Conway, Horry, SC1January 9, 20081371Conway, Horry, SC
Bertha Barker
January 11, 1912109Lumberton, Robeson, NC2April 23, 20011989Loris, Horry, SC
Eva Lillian Barker
September 12, 1886134Loris, Horry, SC1January 17, 19635876Loris, Horry, SC
William James Barker
July 3, 1858162Robeson, NC1October 28, 19447686Howellsville, Robeson, NC
Cora Jane Barnhill
May 18, 1882138Horry, SC2January 13, 19784395Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Hanabal Leaneau Barnhill
William “Will” Parish Barnhill
August 9, 1914106Homer, Banks, GA1July 15, 19873372Conway, Horry, SC
Ode Cecil Beck
December 14, 192199Columbus, NC1April 10, 19863564High Point, Guilford, NC
Henry Gary Bell Sr
July 2, 192694Loris, Horry, SC1October 31, 20031777Longs, Horry, SC
Samuel Hendricks Bell
October 3, 1885135Bayboro, Horry, SC1March 31, 19586372Florence, SC
Margaret Madora “Dora” Bellamy Butler
December 5, 1877143Horry, SC0January 16, 19536875Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Carrie Louise Bellamy Graham
Cecil Adeline Bellamy
April 30, 192892Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC2December 12, 2013785Horry, SC
Claudis Roedean “Claude” Bellamy
October 11, 193684Loris, Horry, SC1October 10, 2013776Rock Hill, York, SC
Emory Decarol Bellamy
July 6, 1892128Horry, SC1May 11, 19724879Horry, SC
Isaac Lucian Bellamy
September 10, 192298Longs, Horry, SC0March 20, 20021979Longs, Horry, SC
James Howard Bellamy
December 25, 1903117SC1April 7, 19734869North Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
James Roland Bellamy Sr
June 4, 1918102Longs, Horry, SC1February 2, 20012082Loris, Horry, SC
John Dallas Bellamy
August 24, 192496Loris, Horry, SC2June 1, 19843659Loris, Horry, SC
John Durham Bellamy
February 1, 1905116Horry, SC5September 11, 19784273Loris, Horry, SC
Letha Isabell Bellamy
December 6, 1903117Horry, SC5May 8, 19734769Conway, Horry, SC
Lula Mae Bellamy
July 10, 193585Loris, Horry, SC4March 8, 20071471Loris, Horry, SC
Mariah Elizabeth “Bettie” Bellamy
April 16, 1878142Horry, SC1November 24, 19477369Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Martha Jane Bellamy
September 2, 1871149Horry, SC0June 3, 19625890Bladen, NC
Mary Belle Bellamy
September 5, 1913107Longs, Horry, SC2August 28, 20051591Loris, Horry, SC
Nathan Hiram Bellamy
May 12, 1884136Horry, SC2December 5, 19477363Horry, SC
Richard Theodore Bellamy
November 26, 1874146SC1January 13, 19556680Horry, SC
Sarah Sadie Elizabeth Bellamy
November 11, 1882138Horry, SC2January 6, 19655682Longs, Horry, SC
Sarah Victoria “Sallie” Bellamy
April 29, 1875
April 29, 1875
145Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2February 20, 1968
February 20, 1968
5392Simpson Creek, Horry Co, SC
Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Sidney Mitchelle Bellamy
November 13, 1908112Worthams Ferry, Horry, SC1March 29, 19952686Loris, Horry, SC
Sybil Delores Bellamy
November 21, 193486SC1McLamb Anderson Cemetery, Brunswick, NC
Cora Lee Benton
February 19, 1885136NC6December 19744689Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Helen Florence Benton
March 21, 1894127Columbus, NC8June 18, 19813987Loris, Horry, SC
Carl M Blanton
Charlie Newton Blanton
December 1, 1910110Horry, SC3March 24, 19814070Mullins, Marion, SC
Cravlon Cleo “Odell” Blanton Pvt
November 16, 193090Horry, SC4March 2, 19705139Newport News, VA
Della Coleen Blanton
March 20, 193388Loris, Horry, SC0May 22, 19922859Loris, Horry, SC
Elbert Blanton
June 18, 1914106Mt Olive, Horry, SC2July 3, 19764462Green Sea, Horry, SC
Ken Charlie Blanton
July 1, 193684SC2December 29, 20041668Loris, Horry, SC
Samuel Hubert Blanton
November 18, 192793Horry, SC1November 19833755Loris, Horry, SC
Voll T “V T” Blanton
Lee Ander Bone
March 27, 1910111Georgetown, SC1September 1, 19516941Conway, Horry, SC
Margaret Dale Bone
December 16, 193090Loris, Horry, SC5August 20, 2018287Loris, Horry, SC
Mack Allen Bookout
August 16, 1909111Grover, Cleveland, NC0January 6, 19992289Burlington, Alamance, NC
Mary Booth Sorenson
February 21, 1909112Salt Lake, Utah1March 16, 19833874Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Thelma Booth
November 11, 192496Loris, Horry, SC1August 10, 20071382Conway, Horry, SC
Doshie Bell Boswell Wright
May 13, 1894126Columbus, NC1April 16, 19546659Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Joe Oscar Boswell
December 31, 1898122, NC0November 2, 19695170Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Lola Mae Bourne
October 14, 1887133Conway, Horry, SC2November 22, 19625875SC
Clemotean “Tina” Bowles Prince Allen
March 14, 1921100Forsyth, NC1June 4, 2014693Calabash, Brunswick, NC
Charlotte Alma Boyd Cox
May 17, 1904116SC1April 14, 19566551Horry, SC
Mary Inez Boyd Floyd
November 11, 192496Loris, Horry, SC0October 1, 20071382South Boston, Halifax, VA
Ethel May Boyd Hughes
May 24, 1908112Conway, Horry, SC1June 28, 19952587Winston-Salem, Forsyth, NC
Sephronia Isabell “Izzie” Boyd Mishoe
August 12, 1884136Simpson Creek, Horry, SC0January 5, 19675482Loris, Horry, SC
Lessie Alma Boyd Todd Gore
January 20, 1910111Horry, SC5October 20, 19873377Loris, Horry, SC
Edna M Boyd Todd Vereen
February 22, 1919102Horry, SC2July 11, 19427823Shell, Conway, Horry, SC
Joanna Belle Boyd Watts
October 27, 1913107Conway, Horry, SC0March 18, 19972483Conway, Horry, SC
Alton T Boyd
February 21, 1916105Horry, SC4July 7, 19675351Loris, SC
Bertha Cordelia Boyd
May 8, 1895125Horry, SC4June 30, 19497154Loris, Horry, SC
Blanche Boyd
August 17, 1900120Conway, Horry, SC1July 12, 19942693Conway, Horry, SC
Claud F Boyd
October 5, 1905115Horry, SC0March 5, 19596253Loris, Horry, SC
Daniel Olin Boyd
March 13, 1889132Horry, SC1May 25, 19596170Horry, SC
Daniel Teedman Boyd
January 9, 1899122Horry, SC2June 24, 19655566Horry, SC
Donie “Dawnie” Boyd
November 14, 1900120Telfair, GA1June 10, 19764475Soperton, Treutlen, GA
Eloise Boyd
October 3, 192991Conway, Horry, SC1May 20, 2019189Conway, Horry, SC
George Rupert Boyd
October 11, 1920100Horry, SC1October 29, 19754555Columbia, Richland, SC
Gussie Caroline Boyd
November 30, 1888132SC4February 28, 19754686Loris, Horry, SC
Helen Clara Boyd
August 13, 1916104Conway, Horry, SC3March 11, 19893272Conway, Horry, SC
Helen Louise Boyd
September 15, 1899121SC1May 11, 19556555Horry, SC
Jack Dutch Boyd
November 22, 193189Loris, Horry, SC0May 20, 19972365Loris, Horry, SC
Joann Boyd
John Myrtle Boyd
October 17, 1888132Allsbrooks, Horry, SC1July 5, 19507061Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Joseph Clifford Boyd Sr
November 23, 192298Horry, SC0April 8, 19932870Loris, Horry, SC
Leston Sherwood Boyd
September 1, 1916104Horry, SC1May 18, 19863469Conway, Horry, SC
Linda V Boyd
Martha Ann “Mary” Boyd
Martha Ann Boyd
September 8, 1880
September 8, 1880
140Horry, SC
Horry, SC
6January 16, 1945
January 16, 1945
7664Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Simpson (Horry), Horry, SC
Mary Frances Boyd
Mary Boyd Todd D
1872149Horry, SC8March 19, 19447772Horry, SC
Olin Monroe Boyd
November 25, 1885135Horry, SC0November 16, 19685282Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Roscoe Thelton Boyd
September 24, 193189Conway, Horry, SC0August 24, 20021870Conway, Horry, SC
Ruth Boyd
May 24, 1912108Horry, SC2March 1, 19922979Columbia, Richland, SC
Thomas Fletcher Boyd
October 21, 1866154Horry, SC2February 6, 19507183Horry, SC
Thomas Gibson Boyd
April 16, 192892Conway, Horry, SC0November 25, 2018290Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Vernon Jesse Boyd
February 9, 1920101Horry, SC1November 22, 19665446Horry, SC
William D “Willie” Boyd
July 16, 1903117Simpson Creek, Horry, SC0April 6, 19635859Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
William James “Bob” Boyd
December 19, 1919101Horry, SC5April 26, 19724852Conway, Horry, SC
William Roscoe Boyd
March 10, 1907114Horry, SC3August 12, 19645657Horry, SC
Ivey Leon Branton
June 5, 192298SC0December 19843662Loris, Horry, SC
Suddie Britt
January 12, 1891130SC1April 17, 19794188Conway, Horry, SC
Gerald Ruthledge Brooks
October 13, 1903117Horry, SC2January 30, 19853681Loris, Horry, SC
Robert Howell “Bob” Brooks
February 6, 193784Loris, Horry, SC1July 16, 20061469Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
William Gerald Brooks
November 20, 193585Conway, Horry, SC12018382
Peggy Jean Brown
September 26, 193981Atlanta, De Kalb, GA5February 26, 20111071Lawrenceville, Gwinnett, GA
Shirley Marie Bryant Broyles
July 18, 193882Lakeland, Polk, FL0July 8, 19903051Lakeland, Polk, FL
Bernice Bryant Chestnut
Cynthia Beatrice “Betty” Bryant Cone
Irene Bryant Modrall
April 17, 193882Conway, Horry, SC0July 19, 20101072Lake Wales, Polk, FL
Mattie Bryant Sutton
December 24, 1909111Bucksport, Horry, SC0November 13, 20031793Bradenton, Manatee, FL
Arthur Ernest Bryant Jr
Arthur Garfield Bryant Jr
June 2, 1924
about 1925
96Horry, SC
0January 31, 19447719WWII, Pacific
Arthur Garfield Bryant Sr
October 16, 1891129Conway, Horry, SC6June 5, 19764484Lakeland, Polk, FL
Dow Maulsby Bryant
August 17, 1898122Conway, Horry, SC0July 13, 19705071Dade, FL
Ervin Van Buren Bryant
September 25, 1884136Shell, Horry, SC4June 24, 19596174Conway, Horry, SC
Henry Clayton Bryant
January 27, 1921100Charleston, SC0March 30, 19457624WWII, Germany
Hoyt Arthur Bryant
October 15, 192496Conway, Horry, SC0June 13, 20081283Lakeland, Polk, FL
Jesse Judson Bryant
November 2, 1905115Conway, Horry, SC4November 6, 19804075Lakeland, Polk, FL
Juanita Nancy Bryant
Lewis Henderson Bryant Sr
June 2, 1885135Horry, SC2February 8, 19517065Horry, SC
Lois Evelyn Bryant
September 12, 1912108Horry, SC2November 3, 20011989Washington, Beaufort, NC
Mannie Vasey Bryant
September 21, 1903117Horry, SC4March 22, 19932889Columbia, Richland, SC
Margaret Ruth “Maggie” Bryant
March 9, 1893128Horry, SC0July 9, 19576364Charleston, SC
Mary Sue “Mollie” Bryant
July 31, 1865155Marion, SC1May 23, 19467480Latta, Dillon, SC
Mattie Blanche Bryant
June 4, 1888132SC1December 13, 19655577SC
Neal James Bryant
June 13, 193585Conway, Horry, SC0November 27, 2016481Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Ozzie Van Buren Bryant
January 30, 1909112Conway, Horry, SC10November 2, 19893180Conway, Horry, SC
Raymond Keith Bryant Rev
February 2, 1926
February 2, 1926
95Marion, SC
Marion, SC
0October 22, 20021876Louisville, Jefferson, KY
Robert Edward Bryant
November 25, 192793Lakeland, Polk, FL0February 14, 2017489Lakeland, Polk, FL
William Harley Bryant Jr.
June 6, 1862158Conway, Horry, SC3March 17, 19477484Marion, SC
Lois L Buffkin
May 16, 193882Nakina, Columbus, NC2August 15, 2018280Longs, Horry, SC
Delmae Bullard
October 15, 1894126Loris, Horry, SC1June 30, 19467451Green Sea, Horry, SC
Essie Bullock
October 24, 1912108Loris, Horry, SC3July 8, 20021889Loris, Horry, SC
Mary “Mamie” Burroughs
October 1, 1896124Horry, SC1August 25, 19774380Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Jelzy Caldonia Caines
March 12, 1918103Loris, Horry, SC2April 5, 20081390Loris, Horry, SC
John James Caines Rev
November 20, 1878142Horry, SC1June 15, 19606081Loris, Horry, SC
Alice Louise Calder
June 7, 193090Dillon, SC1January 6, 20041773Latta, Dillon, SC
Carl Canada
January 1, 192299Horry, SC1January 26, 19962574Loris, Horry, SC
Barbara Jane Cansler
June 13, 193783Edgefield, SC1May 1, 2011973Loris, Horry, SC
Annie Belle Carroll
April 15, 193685Horry, SC4July 5, 2015579Loris, Horry, SC
Annie Jane F. Carroll
December 17, 1875145Horry, SC1March 24, 19487372Conway, Horry, SC
Daniel James “D.J.” Carroll
November 4, 1917103Conway, SC1July 2, 20051587Myrtle Beach, SC US
Willie Mae Carter Giddes
April 13, 193388Horry, SC0August 21, 2017384Franklin, Macon, NC
Stella Equellie Carter Grainger Watts
December 23, 1906114Horry, SC1January 7, 19883381Loris, Horry, SC
Bobbie Lois Carter Watson
February 15, 193091Loris, Horry, SC0December 9, 20031773Marion, SC
Annie Mae Carter
July 1, 1918102Brunswick, NC1August 17, 20021884Longs, Horry, SC
Avery Jason Carter Jr
March 2, 192497Horry, SC1December 8, 19833759Longs, Horry, SC
Avery Jason Carter Sr
January 26, 1890131Horry, SC9August 17, 19685278Longs, Horry, SC
Bessie Earle “Betty” Carter
December 17, 192694Conway, Horry, SC1January 2, 19982371Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Bonnie Faye Carter
September 11, 193486Horry, SC0April 14, 19477412Horry, SC
Cosby Manning Carter
May 31, 1916104SC0May 5, 19922875Mt Leon Cem, Longs, SC
Coy Lee Carter Sr
Coy Lee Carter Sr
April 17, 1918102Longs, Horry, SC0April 26, 20091191Longs, Horry, SC
Doris Eleanor Carter
November 27, 193585Brunswick, NC0October 30, 20091173Brunswick, NC
Dorothy Mae Carter
June 6, 192892Longs, Horry, SC0November 1, 2017389Ohio
Effie Jane Carter
December 20, 1895125Horry, SC1November 14, 19932797Rock Hill, York, SC
Evelyn Jane Carter
November 17, 1915105Horry, SC1April 13, 19823966Loris, Horry, SC
Gena V Carter
December 5, 193189Loris, Horry, SC1December 16, 2016485Conway, Horry, SC
Jesse Pinckney Carter
May 22, 1895125Horry, SC4January 20, 19833887Loris, Horry, SC
John L Carter
March 14, 1914107Longs, Horry, SC1March 25, 20002186Longs, Horry, SC
John Robert Carter
April 24, 1904116Loris, Horry, SC1November 25, 19804076Loris, Horry, SC
John Robert “Jack” Carter Jr
January 17, 193586Loris, Horry, SC0March 25, 2015680Greenbrier, Faulkner, Arkansas
John Robert “Bob” Carter Sr
John Robert Carter
March 8, 1886
March 8, 1886
135Horry, SC
Horry, SC
5August 26, 1973
August 26, 1973
4787Horry, SC
Longs, Horry, SC
Joseph Johnson Carter
August 25, 1869
August 25, 1869
151Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2August 23, 1947
August 23, 1947
7377buried @ Carter Cemetery in Loris, Horry, SC
Loris, Horry, SC
Lenford Iverson Carter
July 30, 192991Conway, Horry, SC0July 12, 19833753Brunswick, NC
Luther Johnson Carter
June 29, 1906114Shallotte, Brunswick, NC2June 27, 19843677Shallotte, Brunswick, NC
Maggie Carter
February 7, 1903118Horry, SC1January 23, 20002196Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Manley Bakman Carter
November 19, 1919101Longs, Horry, SC1April 12, 19942774Raleigh, Wake, NC
Mary Ellen Carter
January 11, 192992Brunswick, NC0March 30, 20051676Longs, Horry, SC
Nesbert O'Neal Carter
June 5, 192298Longs, Horry, SC0April 1, 20101187Longs, Horry, SC
Paul P Carter
July 12, 192991Longs, Horry, SC1January 8, 2013883Longs, Horry, SC
Robert Burroughs Carter Rev
January 8, 1911110Horry, SC1December 2, 19972386Florence, SC
Ruby Etheline Carter
August 3, 1918102Longs, Horry, SC0September 27, 19992181Conway, Horry, SC
Tommy Ray “Sonny” Carter
Wade Hampton Carter
October 22, 1890130SC1November 26, 19774387Loris, Horry, SC
William Enoch Carter
March 3, 1864157SC1June 1, 19447680Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC
William Jasper Carter Jr
May 25, 1916104Horry, SC0June 20, 19526836NC
Woodrow Wilson Carter
April 19, 1913107Horry, SC3April 8, 1998
December 15, 1993
2384Mount Leon Cemetery, Horry, SC
Glennie Belle Cartrette
Verlie Cassellman
March 22, 1909112Williamsburg, SC3August 21, 19962487Columbia, Richland, SC
Franklin Earl Causey Sr
October 22, 192496Loris, Horry, SC1August 4, 20091184Loris, Horry, SC
George Dawson Causey
January 19, 1900121Horry, SC1August 8, 19635763Charleston, SC
George Thornie Causey
April 28, 192991Conway, Horry, SC1September 8, 2011982Baltimore, MD
Glenda Causey
October 5, 193981SC0February 21, 2013873GA
J C Causey
January 26, 193487SC0June 4, 19922858Loris, Horry, SC
John Bailey Causey
August 27, 1911109Horry, SC1September 19, 19566445Horry, SC
John Robertson “Rob” Causey
March 3, 1880141Horry, SC1March 21, 19487368Conway, Horry, SC
Johnnie Causey
June 5, 1910110Horry, SC2February 16, 19922981Loris, Horry, SC
Marie Causey
Molsey Causey
April 19, 1871149Horry, SC1April 17, 19467474Horry, SC
Robert Benjamin Chesnut Jr Rev
July 12, 1862158Horry, SC3February 19, 19487385Horry, SC
Tolia Mae Chestnut Causey Hardee
June 24, 1905115Conway, Horry, SC0January 25, 20031897Conway, Horry, SC
Betty Jo Chestnut Causey
January 26, 193289Conway, Horry, SC0March 17, 20002168Conway, Horry, SC
Evelyn J Chestnut Cooke Cox
March 11, 193091Conway, Horry, SC2March 9, 2018387Conway, Horry, SC
Thelma Bessie Chestnut Doyle Durant
February 1, 1914107Conway, Horry, SC0July 19, 19833769Lexington, SC
Jeneese Chestnut Edge
May 12, 193189Conway, Horry, SC1August 22, 2012881Conway, Horry, SC
Lottie Louise Chestnut Hardee McElhaney
March 22, 192992Conway, Horry, SC0April 29, 2018289Charlotte Hall, St. Mary's, MD
Clara Belle Chestnut Lee
about 1921100Marion, SC0July 27, 20101089Aynor, Horry, SC
Shirley Ann Chestnut Meyers Roberts
March 26, 193685Conway, Horry, SC1February 25, 2016579Conway, Horry, SC
Ila Lee Chestnut Stocks Platt
May 23, 192793Horry, SC1February 26, 2017489Conway, Horry, SC
Ola “Olie” Chestnut Todd Stevens
September 28, 1902118SC1August 27, 19942691Loris, Horry, SC
Betty Ann Chestnut Todd
April 20, 192892Conway, Horry, SC0December 30, 19774349Conway, Horry, SC
Adyne Leona Chestnut
April 2, 1895126Horry, SC2January 1, 19794283Conway, Horry, SC
Alice Ebb Chestnut
May 26, 1866154Horry, SC0November 16, 19467480Conway, Horry, SC
Amplus Orbin “Aubry” Chestnut
January 27, 1895126Horry, SC1December 21, 19437748Conway, Horry, SC
Arrie Levia Chestnut
August 30, 1878142Horry, SC1November 30, 19556577Conway, Horry, SC
Austin McNeil Chestnut
October 3, 1886134Horry, SC2March 24, 19814094Loris, Horry, SC
Cecil Jennie Chestnut
July 12, 1917103Conway, Horry, SC3August 28, 20002083Galivants Ferry, Horry, SC
Charlotte Lafayette “Fate” Chestnut
October 8, 1878142Horry, SC4November 8, 19497171Horry, SC
Clarence Poe Chestnut
March 30, 192398Conway, Horry, SC0March 11, 19873463Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Cosby Smith Chestnut
September 19, 1912108Conway, Horry, SC0October 3, 19813969Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Cynthia Beatrice Chestnut
June 18, 1891129Shell, Horry, SC5July 16, 19774386Lakeland, Polk, FL
Davis Marshall Chestnut
May 17, 1905115Conway, Horry, SC2December 15, 19952590Conway, Horry, SC
Duke Davis Chestnut
September 7, 1919101SC0May 29, 19893169Conway, Horry, SC
Eugene Lee Chestnut
Freeman Heyward Chestnut
December 15, 193783Conway, Horry, SC0February 2, 2019281Conway, Horry, SC
George L. Chestnut
April 1, 1889132Berkeley, SC0September 22, 19606071Richland, SC
Grier Hamilton Chestnut
October 18, 192595Conway, Horry, SC0June 11, 19794153Conway, Horry, SC
Hal Bryan Chestnut
December 19, 193090Conway, Horry, SC0April 6, 20081377Highland City, Polk, FL
Harold R Chestnut
June 12, 193090Conway, Horry, SC0August 30, 2014684Hanahan, Berkeley, SC
Helen F Chestnut
October 12, 193090Conway, Horry, SC0June 1, 19754544Conway, Horry, SC
Henry Calhoun Chestnut
June 22, 1881139Berkeley, SC0April 6, 19625980Orangeburg, SC
Hollie Birch Chestnut
April 19, 1916104Conway, Horry, SC3August 9, 19823866Loris, Horry, SC
Homer Colell Chestnut
July 24, 1912108Shell, Horry, SC1December 28, 19457533Conway, Horry, SC
Hoyt Hudson Chestnut
August 18, 193387Horry, SC0March 26, 19774443Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, FL
Isaac Herbert “Bertie” Chestnut
January 3, 1889132Horry, SC0July 11, 198931100Conway, Horry, SC
Jasper Mitchell Chestnut
July 5, 1861159Horry, SC3September 25, 19417980Conway, Horry, SC
Jerome Carmen Chestnut
November 9, 1919101Conway, Horry, SC0July 31, 19695149Charleston, SC
Jessie Paul Chestnut Sr
October 31, 192298Conway, Horry, SC1February 12, 19922969Conway, Horry, SC
Joseph Franklin Chestnut
October 27, 1876144Horry, SC1October 11, 19487271Conway, Horry, SC
Kelly William Chestnut
July 30, 1901119SC1March 26, 19705168Conway, Horry, SC
Landy Woodbury Chestnut
September 27, 1890130Horry, SC0March 28, 19774486Charleston, SC
Leo Foster Chestnut
August 23, 1902118Conway, Horry, SC6January 30, 19833880Moncks Corner, Berkeley, SC
Lizzie Walker Chestnut
July 1, 1904116SC0August 9, 19932789Longs, Horry, SC
Lundy Monroe Chestnut
March 17, 1914107SC1November 23, 20051591Conway, Horry, SC
Mabel Chestnut
November 4, 192199Conway, Horry, SC0November 27, 20051584Jacksonville, Duval, FL
Marian Lee Chestnut
July 29, 192892Marion, SC0April 26, 2014685Marion, SC
Marjorie “Margie” D Chestnut
March 1, 1884137Conway, Horry, SC4June 24, 19645680Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Cora Chestnut
November 15, 1887133Shell, Horry, SC2July 31, 19615973Horry, SC
Mary Elizabeth Chestnut
March 18, 1879142Conway, Horry, SC7July 6, 19774398Whitesboro, Oneida, NY
Mary Ernestine Chestnut
June 26, 192595Conway, Horry, SC0May 10, 20041678Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Jane Chestnut
February 10, 1867154Horry, SC0June 21, 19536786Horry, SC
Maude Jane Chestnut
September 8, 1892128Conway, Horry, SC0December 31, 19714979Horry, SC
Mazie Ellen Chestnut
May 13, 1906114Horry, SC1May 16, 19932787Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Melvina Elneeta Chestnut
August 11, 1874146SC3August 18, 19536779Horry, SC
Monroe Chestnut
January 8, 1867154SC2July 5, 19497182Conway, Horry, SC
Nancy Glenn Dora Chestnut
December 7, 1896124Conway, Horry, SC9July 19, 19962499Conway, Horry, SC
Oscar Lee Chestnut
April 1, 1899122SC3February 22, 19823982Conway, Horry, SC
Oscar Wayne Chestnut
January 2, 192992Shell, Horry, SC1May 7, 19635734Conway, Horry, SC
Ozzie Hamilton Chestnut
March 2, 1888133Shell, Horry, SC10December 9, 19764488Conway, Horry, SC
Robert Harley Chestnut
April 7, 1874147Conway, Horry, SC1April 25, 19526878Orangeburg, SC
Samuel Walton Chestnut
August 31, 193585Conway, Horry, SC0August 26, 19982262Conway, Horry, SC
Simms Mentor Chestnut
May 9, 1867153Horry, SC1September 1, 19497182Horry, SC
Vallie Dew Chestnut
May 4, 1903117Hickory Grove, Horry, SC1November 8, 19655562Hickory Grove, Horry, SC
William “Billy” Chestnut
October 16, 193387Conway, Horry, SC0March 14, 2016582Horry, SC
William Grier “Bud” Chestnut Rev
W. G. Chestnut
November 20, 1856164Horry, SC1August 12, 19417984Horry, SC
William Norton Chestnut
January 15, 1880141Horry, SC0May 15, 19685288Conway, Horry, SC
William Parker “Park” Chestnut
September 9, 1917103Conway, Horry, SC0March 2, 19962578Conway, Horry, SC
Jerry Brown Cloninger
May 24, 193981Richmond, NC2September 21, 20101071Ellerbe, Richmond, NC
Elsie Arlene Collins Vaught
August 6, 192496Horry, SC1February 6, 2020195Conway, Horry, SC
Grady McCoy Collins
October 24, 1911109SC0September 22, 20061494Greensboro, Guilford, NC
Jonah David Collins
May 10, 1883137Horry, SC9August 21, 19536770Conway, Horry, SC
Victor B. Collins
January 2, 1905116Horry, SC0December 10, 19893184High Point, Guilford, NC
Odessa Connell
March 18, 192596Brooks, Telfair, GA1October 28, 20051580Jacksonville, Telfair, GA
Rufus Floyd Connell
February 10, 1898123Brooks, GA1August 5, 19665468Jacksonville, Telfair, GA
Cora Orilla Cook
December 31, 1894126Loris, Horry, SC9June 11, 19804085Whiteville, Columbus, NC
Hosea “Hosey” C. Cook
July 31, 192298Loris, Horry, SC2May 29, 20002077Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph Cullen “Johnny” Cook
May 30, 1911109Horry, SC5May 1, 19536741Peachtree Landing, Horry, SC
Joseph Cullen “Joe” Cook Jr
August 8, 193684Loris, Horry, SC0June 2, 2020083Gallivants Ferry, Horry, SC
Liston Calvin “Buck” Cook Jr
April 26, 193288Dillon, SC1November 12, 20011969Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC
Charles Cooke
Homer Cooper
February 24, 1885136SC1July 22, 19586273Horry, SC
Rufus Jefferson Cooper
August 30, 1912108SC2August 3, 19813968Loris, Horry, SC
Sadie Edith Martin Cooper
November 1, 1892128SC1February 21, 19794286SC
Eloise Cox Bell
December 12, 192793Loris, Horry, SC0May 16, 2020092Loris, Horry, SC
Kathleen Cox King
June 6, 192595Loris, Horry, SC0September 23, 20002075Orangeburg, SC
Linda Beatrice Cox McNish
Mary Elizabeth Cox Piver
January 12, 192893Loris, Horry, SC1November 17, 20011973Conway, Horry, SC
Irene Cox Sarvis Dorman
Josie Elizabeth Cox Springs
September 17, 1914106Loris, Horry, SC1May 1, 20071392Loris, Horry, SC
Alice Retha Cox
June 30, 192397Tabor City, Columbus, NC1April 28, 20071383Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Attie Arjane Cox
February 27, 1898123Columbus, NC2January 30, 19804181Horry, SC
Augustus Phillip Cox
April 18, 1913107Loris, Horry, SC1June 11, 19833770Loris, Horry, SC
Belva Cox
January 10, 1901120Horry, SC1January 25, 19695268Horry, SC
Charlie Marshall Cox
April 16, 1894126Tabor City, Columbus, NC1March 3, 19695274Conway, Horry, SC
Clarence H Cox
February 23, 192893Loris, Horry, SC4November 18, 2013785Loris, Horry, SC
Dillon Fletcher Cox Jr
August 6, 1894126SC1June 14, 19774382Loris, Horry, SC
Dora Jane “Janie” Cox
April 10, 1900121Columbus, NC1July 19, 19794179Loris, Horry, SC
Doris Loraine Cox
August 8, 193090Loris, Horry, SC2September 16, 19952565Loris, Horry, SC
Dula Brooks Cox
July 6, 1913107Loris, Horry, SC4February 17, 19586344Southport, Brunswick, NC
Elbert O Restus Cox
September 22, 1894126SC0June 12, 19843689Loris, Horry, SC
Emily Callie Cox
February 3, 1903118Horry, SC7January 19, 19903186Loris, Horry, SC
Florie Lou “Dessie” Cox
June 8, 1882138SC1October 20, 19427860Horry, SC
Florine Cox
September 14, 192595Loris, Horry, SC1May 12, 19992173Tabor City, Columbus, NC
George Lonnie Cox
September 4, 1874146Horry, SC4September 9, 19566482Horry, SC
George Washington Cox
June 8, 1906114Horry, SC119665559Loris, Horry, SC
Henry Grady “H.G.” Cox Jr
April 22, 192496Horry, SC2August 17, 20101086Loris, Horry, SC
Henry Grady Cox Sr.
August 26, 1894126Horry, SC3August 27, 19813987Loris, Horry, SC
Henry Mac Cox
June 28, 193189SC0March 1, 19705138Durham, NC
Hosea Ervin Cox
November 22, 1896124Horry, SC1January 19744777Lancaster, SC
James Elton Cox
May 30, 193189Loris, Horry, SC1September 20, 20061475Charleston, SC
James Monroe Cox
July 4, 192793Loris, Horry, SC0February 28, 19982370Loris, Horry, SC
Jerry Mac Cox
December 7, 1920100Loris, Horry, SC0March 21, 19903169Jefferson, KY
John Linford Cox
May 17, 193288Loris, Horry, SC0June 8, 2017385Loris, Horry, SC
John Quincy Cox
November 5, 1896124Horry, SC1October 8, 19863489Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph Bunyon Cox
April 11, 1882139Horry, SC0December 22, 19526870Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph Jackson Cox
June 27, 1881139Horry, SC1July 13, 19417960Horry, SC
Lloyd Edward Cox
January 10, 192497Horry, SC0June 19, 20071383Mullins, Marion, SC
Mack Norton Cox
April 30, 1889131Horry, SC2December 4, 19615972Horry, SC
Martha Lezettie “Zettie” Cox
January 17, 1889132Horry, SC6December 8, 19853596Loris, Horry, SC
Mary Cox
December 11, 1900120Horry, SC3June 14, 19625861Mt Vernon, Loris, Horry, SC
Mary “Mae” Frances Cox
April 24, 1885135Columbus, NC2November 13, 19546669Horry, SC
Mary Frances Cox
October 2, 1886134Horry, SC1March 5, 19715084Loris, Horry, SC
Mary Olive Cox
January 25, 1917104Horry, SC1March 19, 20101193Shallotte, Brunswick, SC
Mayo Daniel Cox
December 9, 1893127Green Sea, Horry, SC1June 21, 19685274Loris, Horry, SC
Mayon John “M.J.” Cox
Myrtie Vivian Cox
January 28, 1919102Socastee, Horry, SC1December 30, 19952576Longs, Horry, SC
Nolie A. (Novalan) Cox
Nolie Ann Cox
March 5, 1880
March 5, 1880
Horry, SC
2June 24, 1970
June 24, 1970
5090Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
New Hanover, NC
O'Bryan Cox
September 12, 193189Loris, Horry, SC2October 7, 2012881Loris, Horry, SC
Olen Levant Cox
November 14, 1884136Horry, SC2August 13, 19705085Shallotte, Brunswick, NC
Orian Cecil Cox
January 3, 193784Loris, Horry, SC1February 9, 20012064Loris, Horry, SC
Orian Mace “Orren” Cox
January 22, 1900121Horry, SC1October 10, 19813981Loris, Horry, SC
Ottis Ulate Cox
Otis Cox
September 29, 1898
about 1899
122Columbus, NC
1May 5, 19794180Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Palma Rebecca Cox
April 23, 1906114Horry, SC5May 14, 19813975Mount Vernon, Loris, SC
Rodney Briggs Cox
October 26, 192991Horry, SC2February 1, 20091279North Augusta, Aiken, SC
Roxie Ann Cox
October 22, 1889131Horry, SC0June 29, 19764486Daisy, Loris, Horry, SC
Ruby Estelle Cox
October 2, 1904116Thomasville, Thomas, GA1February 22, 19625957Pahokee, Palm Beach, FL
Rubye Mae Cox
October 5, 1920100Conway, Horry, SC0September 26, 20021881Longs, Horry, SC
Ruth Emoline Cox
July 16, 1902
July 16, 1902
118Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2August 8, 1980
August 8, 1980
4078Columbus, NC
Loris, Horry, SC
Thomas James “T.J.” Cox Jr
September 5, 192991Loris, Horry, SC1October 1, 19962467Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Thomas James Cox Sr
June 18, 1886134Horry, SC1April 21, 19536766Horry, SC
Thomas Pinkney Cox
March 17, 192299Loris, Horry, SC1September 7, 19823860High Point, Guilford, NC
Waylon Claudius Cox
November 21, 192199Loris, Horry, SC2January 16, 19804158Horry, SC
William Claudia “Claude” Cox
September 3, 1900120Horry, SC1March 21, 19705169Conway, Horry, SC
William Franklin Cox
April 3, 1892129Horry, SC1February 9, 19517058Horry, SC
William McDaniel “Max” Cox
October 24, 1897123Horry, SC5January 25, 19794281Lexington, SC
Willie Cox
July 29, 1912108Horry, SC1July 10, 19784265Loris, Horry, SC
Winston Jackson Cox
August 27, 192496Loris, Horry, SC0July 29, 19774352Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Cecile Lucille Currie
August 22, 1919101Loris, Horry, SC5November 13, 2011992Loris, Horry, SC
William Henry Currie
March 30, 1868153Marion, SC1September 26, 19427874Green Sea Cemetery, Green Sea, Horry, SC
Aileen P Daniels
October 27, 192694Gallivants Ferry, Horry, SC1September 2, 20071380Spartanburg, SC
Francis “Fanny” L. Davis
December 30, 1881139NC1December 20, 19705088Conway, Horry, SC
Harry D Davis Sr
Jessie J. Davis
July 26, 1883137SC1November 9, 19705087Conway, Horry, SC
Jessie Ora “Orrie” Davis
September 5, 192694Marion, SC0February 5, 19487321Conway, Horry, SC
Robert Alvin “Bob” Davis Jr.
February 3, 192992Girard, Crawford, Kansas2October 27, 19912962Lawrence, Douglas, Kansas
George Walter Delk
February 29, 1912109SC1July 4, 19794167Columbia, Richland, SC
Mary “Dooley” Delk
March 3, 193586Columbia, Richland, SC2February 27, 2015679Pontiac, Richland, SC
Sarah Jane Dew
August 22, 1861159SC3February 23, 19447782Conway, Horry, SC
Augusta Adrian “Gussie” Dillard
February 6, 1896125Robeson, NC2February 8, 19635867Horry, SC
Stephen Dillard
April 1871150Robeson, NC1January 4, 19497277Boardman, Columbus, NC
Herbert Brooks Dorman
June 1, 1894126Columbus, NC1June 14, 19635769Horry, SC
Lottie Irene Dorman
May 30, 192397Conway, Horry, SC2January 2, 19972473Loris, Horry, SC
Lutie Jane Dorman
October 18, 1890130Horry, SC1February 7, 19645773Loris, Horry, SC
John Harrison Doyle
November 30, 1882138SC1August 22, 19556572Conway, Horry, SC
Katie B Doyle
May 4, 1896124Horry, SC2April 19665569Loris, Horry, SC
Melvin Leo Doyle
August 30, 1915105Horry, SC0September 18, 19427827Horry, SC
Rosa Lee Duncan
July 19, 192496Sweet Home, Horry, SC1November 5, 20071383Longs, Horry, SC
Leo George Dyda
October 6, 1917103Portage, Cambria, PA1November 6, 19932776Raleigh, Wake, NC
Admiral Dewey Edge
May 2, 1895125Horry, SC1July 2, 19536758Horry, SC
Alice Lenore “Nora” Edge
November 30, 1868152Horry, SC0March 23, 19477478Conway, Horry, SC
Cora Belle Edge
May 14, 1891129SC1January 2, 19675475Loris, Horry, SC
Daniel Dozier Edge
October 3, 1860160Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC1September 13, 19417980Longs, Horry, SC
Eugene Macklen Edge
July 25, 192793Conway, Horry, SC0March 3, 20012073Conway, Horry, SC
Frances Isabelle Edge
November 20, 1912108SC2January 12, 19616048Horry, SC
Havalla Melissa Edge
June 21, 1866154Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC3January 28, 19616094Loris, Horry, SC
Lavenia “Vina” Ann H. Edge
April 29, 1865155Horry, SC1November 29, 19556590Nixonville, Horry, SC
Susan Etta Edge
April 20, 1878142Horry, SC1December 14, 19437765Florence, SC
Talula Armenta “Lina” Edge
February 2, 1876145Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC1March 21, 19507174Longs, Horry, SC
Sara Elizabeth Edmund
July 21, 1913107NC3April 11, 19873473Mullins, Marion, SC
Alberta Edwards Prince Merritt
July 19, 192298Fair Bluff, Columbus, NC1February 26, 19903167Mecklenburg, VA
Annie Ruth Elledge
November 1, 193882North Wilkesboro, Wilkes, NC2April 1, 2017478Hampton, VA
Janie Rachel Elliott Cox Broadway
May 23, 193585Horry, SC1July 13, 20031768Chapel Hill, Orange, NC
Freddie Rae Faircloth Carter Triplett
Carolyn Virgina Faircloth Hucks
January 22, 193982Conway, Horry, SC0April 3, 19903151Conway, Horry, SC
Ruth Elizabeth Faircloth Leigh
July 1, 192397Loris, Horry, SC0January 1, 20061582Loris, Horry, SC
Andrew J. Faircloth
February 16, 1917104SC0December 13, 20051588Conway, Horry, SC
Christopher Needham “Christy” Faircloth
November 3, 1887133Horry, SC6May 26, 19655577Horry, SC
Cora Jane Faircloth
July 8, 1891129Simpson Creek, Horry, SC1August 28, 19576366Loris, Horry, SC
Earl Joseph Faircloth
December 19, 1918102Loris, Horry, SC0August 27, 20041685Longs, Horry, SC
Frosta Rebecca Faircloth
June 5, 1883137Horry, SC1December 9, 19576374Horry, SC
Hoyt Faircloth
James Harvey Faircloth
November 9, 1908112Horry, SC3November 28, 19665458Horry, SC
James Harvey Faircloth Jr
May 8, 193486Horry, SC0October 23, 19596125Horry, SC
Jesse Leo Faircloth
August 10, 1916104SC0November 29, 19952579Longs, Horry, SC
Mary Frances Faircloth
August 27, 1885135SC2June 13, 19665480Goldsboro, Wayne, NC
Thurmon Dossie Faircloth
July 8, 192199Loris, Horry, SC3May 11, 20002078Loris, Horry, SC
Beatrice Priscilla Faulk
May 10, 1895125Horry, SC2January 30, 19724976Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Ida Faulk
August 29, 1883137Shell, Horry, SC2March 26, 19586374Conway, Horry, SC
Pinkie Adeline Faulk
September 8, 1892128Horry, SC10October 11, 19744682Conway, Horry, SC
Dayton Walter Floyd
September 10, 192496Horry, SC0March 8, 19655640Horry, SC
Bithel Manassa Fowler
September 18, 1869151Horry, SC0May 7, 19507080Columbus, NC
Delta I Fowler
January 6, 1889132Horry, SC0April 15, 19744785Horry, SC
Eunice Fowler
October 23, 193288Mullins, Marion, SC1October 21, 2019186Greenville, SC
Harold Gordon Fowler
August 2, 192595Mullins, Marion, SC0February 19, 20031877Mullins, Marion, SC
Joseph Herbert Fowler
March 31, 192992Marion, SC0September 19, 2013784Mullins, Marion, SC
Julia Haseltine “Tynee” Fowler
August 15, 1917103Marion, SC0November 15, 19992182Mullins, Marion, SC
Lula Mae Fowler
September 8, 1889131Horry, SC2January 5, 19616071Horry, SC
Mattie Lee Fowler
December 18, 1919101Marion, SC0August 21, 2012892Mullins, Marion, SC
Melvin Frank Fowler
January 1, 1881140Horry, SC0December 19, 19635782Shell, Horry, SC
Roland Monroe Fowler Jr
July 31, 192397Marion, SC0November 24, 19922869Mullins, Marion, SC
Roland Monroe Fowler Sr
August 31, 1877143Marion, SC8October 26, 19546677Mullins, Marion, SC
Ruby Lee Fowler
September 11, 192892Columbus, NC1May 18, 20071378Loris, Horry, SC
Stella Lee Fowler
May 22, 1902118Loris, Horry, SC1February 21, 19823979Loris, Horry, SC
Thelma Mae Fowler
October 29, 192298Tabor City, Columbus, NC0February 1, 2016593Loris, Horry, SC
Victorine Audrey “Vicky” Fowler
April 12, 1915106Marion, SC0October 26, 20091194Mullins, Marion, SC
William Clyde Fowler Pvt
July 4, 192793Mullins, Marion, SC0January 30, 19517023North Korea
Connie Vannetta Galloway
John Wesley Galloway
March 11, 1894127Supply, Brunswick, NC1April 27, 19447650Brunswick, NC
Joyce Garrell Young
October 23, 192694Longs, Horry, SC1October 23, 2019193Wilmington, Brunswick, NC
Marvin Julius Garris
October 22, 192694Wadesboro, Anson, NC0January 6, 2016589Fork, Dillon, SC
Marvin Lee Gattis
1913108Horry, SC1November 13, 19427829Killed In Action off Guadalcanal during WWII
Thelma Gause Blanton
December 7, 1912108Horry, SC2February 23, 19952682Loris, Horry, SC
Sarah Earley Gause Cox Coleman
September 26, 1900120Horry, SC6January 15, 19586357Horry, SC
Florence “Florrie” Gause Floyd
February 21, 1905116Horry, SC0March 18, 19645759SC
Pearl T Gause Shore
about 192794Loris, Horry, SC0before 2015688
Theola Selena Gause Todd
August 12, 1905115SC1July 2, 1991
July 2, 1991
2985High Point, Guilford, NC
Alton Teadmon Gause
October 25, 1918102Loris, Horry, SC0November 27, 19754557Jacksonville, Duval, FL
Bert Mayo Gause Sr
January 16, 1900121Horry, SC0November 30, 19774377Loris, Horry, SC
Della “Dettie” Myrtle Gause
September 2, 1895125Horry, SC1March 19794283Loris, Horry, SC
Fletcher Cornelius Gause Jr.
March 9, 192497Loris, Horry, SC1December 1, 19912967Loris, Horry, SC
Fletcher Cornelius Gause Sr.
August 30, 1897123Horry, SC1December 19724875Loris, Horry, SC
Frances “Fannie” Rosella Gause
Fannie Mae Garse

December 1, 1885135Horry, SC10July 11, 19655579Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC
Furman Davis Gause Sr
July 19, 1919101Horry, SC0September 20, 20051586Loris, Horry, SC
George Milton Gause
January 5, 1893128SC4November 18, 19586265Loris, Horry, SC
George Wilson Gause
September 10, 1889131Horry, SC0April 1, 19437853Loris, Horry, SC
Ivey J Gause
April 30, 1902118Horry, SC0June 30, 19695167Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph Marion Gause
January 15, 1865156SC3October 15, 19625897Horry, SC
Milton Cecil Gause
September 3, 192892Loris, Horry, SC4March 6, 2016587Florence, SC
Robert Ernest Gause
September 28, 1902118Horry, SC0May 1, 19655562Daisy, Loris, Horry, SC
William Davis Gause
October 2, 1894126Horry, SC2August 15, 19665471Loris, Horry, SC
Elnita Gerald
Lucian Cornelius Gerald
December 4, 1892128Horry, SC1December 16, 19655573Allsbrook, Horry, SC
Della Mae Gerrald
September 16, 1885135Horry, SC3March 31, 19754689Marion, SC
Elva Melvina Gilmore
September 15, 1891129Horry, SC0November 1, 19754584Conway, Horry, SC
Vera Bell Gilmore
February 28, 1911110Loris, Horry, SC1February 22, 19992287Loris, Horry, SC
Zella Victoria “Zellie” Gilmore
September 14, 1897123Horry, SC8May 28, 19863488Loris, Horry, SC
Della J Goff
September 7, 1874146Horry, SC1November 7, 19596185Daisy, Horry, SC
Edna Muse Goff
1903118NC7January 25, 19437840Horry, SC
Herbert Lane Goff
September 6, 192397Horry, SC1August 4, 2015591Conway, Horry, SC
J. H. Goff
December 23, 1871149Horry, SC2September 1, 19526880Loris, Horry, SC
Lillian Ruth Goocher
February 11, 192596Blakely, Early, GA1January 28, 20111085Ft Lauderdale, Broward, FL
Lillie Goodwin
August 2, 1902118NC0May 10, 19794176Rockingham, Richmond, NC
Blanche Goodyear
February 1, 1902119SC1October 1, 19724870Conway, Horry, SC
Della Ann Goodyear
November 27, 1855165Marion, SC2September 16, 19437787Conway, Horry, SC
Eloise Goodyear
Martha Elizabeth “Mattie” Gordon
December 3, 1891129Marion, SC8April 19, 19764484Mullins, Marion, SC
Elizabeth Ann Gore Bazemore
Mildred Carolyn Gore Bryant
Mildred Gore Bryant
August 2, 192595Conway, Horry, SC0December 18, 19942669Conway, Horry, SC
Eva Aleene Gore Carter
January 16, 1915106Horry, SC3March 5, 19794264Longs, Horry, SC
Magnolia “Nolie” Gore Chestnut
August 10, 1887133Horry, SC0December 17, 19774390Columbia, Richland, SC
Eva Bell Gore Conner Hardee
August 12, 192397SC0July 17, 20041680Conway, Horry, SC
Gladys Gore Garrell Swan
January 16, 1910111Horry, SC1December 4, 19912981SC
Mildred Corine Gore Hardwick
April 26, 193684Conway, Horry, SC0April 15, 20021965Conway, Horry, SC
Magdaline Gore Osborne
November 8, 193387Horry, SC0September 20, 2011977Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Georgia Gore Todd
January 27, 1916105Conway, Horry, SC0December 21, 19972381Loris, Horry, SC
Clytie Gore
June 13, 1920100Conway, Horry, SC0January 10, 20002179Longs, Horry, SC
Dorothy Louise Gore
August 29, 192793Nakina, Columbus, NC0September 16, 20051578Longs, Horry, SC
Elizabeth Louise Gore
July 1, 1918102Simpson Creek, Horry, SC1September 26, 1980
February 7, 1998
4062Longs, Horry, SC
Longs, Horry, SC
George Madison Gore
January 28, 1889132SC1July 12, 19497160Horry, SC
George William “Willie” Gore
December 9, 1874146Simpson Creek, Horry, SC1February 22, 19437868Buck Creek Cem, Longs, Horry, SC
Hiram McRay “Mack” Gore
March 5, 1892129Shell, Horry, SC1March 2, 19606167Conway, Horry, SC
James Franklin Gore Jr
August 27, 193882Marion, SC0March 19, 2016577Sumter, SC
James Franklin Gore Sr
October 29, 1909111Galivants Ferry, Horry, SC3February 2, 19903180Mullins, Marion, SC
James Marvin “Pappy” Gore
January 22, 1887134Columbus, NC1March 22, 19744787Olyphic Community, Columbus, NC
Jessie Eulee Gore
October 24, 1913107Loris, Horry, SC1December 14, 20071394Mount Pleasant, Charleston, SC
Jimmy Brooks Gore
John Henry Vanderbilt Gore
April 12, 1884137Nakina, Columbus, NC2March 14, 19734888Whiteville, Columbus, NC
John Phillip “Jake” Gore
January 22, 1916105Horry, SC2February 25, 19833867Loris, Horry, SC
John Robert Gore
August 20, 1879141Horry, SC3September 21, 19427863Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph Alton Gore
June 29, 1910110Horry, SC3April 23, 19893178Conway, Horry, SC
Joseph Fletcher Gore
November 4, 1869151SC1August 8, 19408070Galivants Ferry, Horry, SC
Julia E Gore
July 29, 1879141Little River, Horry, SC1September 15, 19606081Conway, Horry, SC
Margaret Susan Gore
December 14, 192397Nakina, Columbus, NC0September 28, 20031779Longs, Horry, SC
Mary Ella Gore
August 12, 1899121Bug Hill, Columbus, NC2October 20, 19417942Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Mary Lewis Gore
Mary Marie Gore
May 30, 193981Loris, Horry, SC3November 27, 2014675Loris, Horry, SC
Nancy J Gore
January 11, 1892129Simpson Creek, Horry, SC0April 15, 19665574Conway, Horry, SC
Nancy Leona Gore
December 22, 1910110Loris, Horry, SC3January 6, 19992288North Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Norvil R Gore
Novell Robinson Gore Sr
October 23, 1880
October 23, 1880
140Levy, FL
Levy, FL
1January 2, 19467565Levy, FL
Oscar Watson Gore
January 2, 1906115Horry, SC0April 14, 19873481Conway, Horry, SC
Paul D Gore
July 9, 193189Horry, SC0September 26, 19784247Conway, Horry, SC
Rhett Gore
August 1, 1898122Horry, SC3September 20, 19655567Horry, SC
Ruth Lafayette Gore
January 22, 1916105SC1May 21, 20031787Conway, Horry, SC
Samuel M Gore
October 28, 1901119Conway, Horry, SC1October 15, 19675365Conway, Horry, SC
Sula Mae Gore
April 14, 192398Horry, SC1December 10, 20081285Conway, Horry, SC
William Miller Gore
William M Gore
March 9, 1869152Nakina, Columbus, NC3November 15, 19417972Gore Cemetery, Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Laura Francis Graham Wood
March 4, 193289Whiteville, Columbus, NC1August 17, 2013781Spartanburg, SC
Addie Blanche Graham
October 19, 1890130Horry, SC1June 13, 19695178Loris, Horry, SC
Albert Doty Graham
September 17, 1889131Loris, Horry, SC2November 11, 19576368Conway, Horry, SC
Charles Christopher Graham
February 28, 1921100Conway, Horry, SC1July 13, 19942673Taylors, Greenville, SC
Easel Graham
February 12, 193289Galivants Ferry, Horry, SC1January 9, 20051672Loris, Horry, SC
Elmon Lloyd Graham
July 20, 1895125Horry, SC1July 9, 19695173Loris, Horry, SC
Eunice Lee Graham
July 3, 192199Green Sea, Horry, SC1December 15, 20081287Longs, Horry, SC
Jack McQuine Graham MD
Leitha Mae Graham
March 13, 1904117Nichols, Dillon, SC0April 18, 200713103Conway, Horry, SC
Lola Dell Harrelson Graham
July 21, 1891129Horry, SC1June 13, 19724880Horry, SC
Mary Louise Graham
February 8, 1918103Horry, SC0January 3, 19596240Charleston, SC
Ottis Morgan Graham
June 30, 1903117Horry, SC2May 3, 19784274Loris, Horry, SC
Ruby Frances Graham
October 28, 192298Loris, Horry, SC1September 6, 2015592Loris, Horry, SC
Sumpter Marion Graham
October 20, 1883137SC1April 24, 19576373Horry, SC
William Hampton “Willie” Graham
March 25, 1876145Horry, SC2October 6, 19566480Horry, SC
Garie Sweet Grainger Carroll Goodyear
November 19, 1891129Horry, SC1October 16, 19813989Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Alpha Fanetta Grainger
August 29, 192694Loris, Horry, SC0March 4, 20101183Columbia, Richland, SC
Bricie “Inez” Grainger
July 6, 1909111Horry, SC0October 2, 19883279Conway, Horry, SC
Cora Grainger
January 1, 1919102Horry, SC1September 18, 20101091Cary, Wake, NC
Hallie Edgar Grainger
November 13, 1898122SC1July 14, 19586259Horry, SC
James Dillion Grainger
March 2, 1882139SC0February 14, 19467563Horry, SC
Leona Bell Grainger
February 8, 192596Conway, Horry, SC1February 9, 19942769Longs, Horry, SC
Mary Leach Grainger
November 2, 1901119Horry, SC1January 19833881Longs, Horry, SC
Nancy Glendora “Glenn” Grainger
December 3, 1893127Horry, SC1April 5, 19814087Loris, Horry, SC
Inez Hardee Boykin
October 13, 1913107Horry, SC0January 30, 20041790Conway, Horry, SC
Earline Effie Hardee Byrd
June 18, 192793Horry, SC0March 7, 20051677Goose Creek, Berkeley, SC
Evelyn Pauline Hardee Cox Sullivan
about 192398Horry, SC1Horry, SC
Ruby Hardee Everete
January 21, 1915106Horry, SC0April 10, 19922977E. Baton Rouge Parish, LA
Marie Hardee Hewitt Harrell Hall
Margaret Hardee Jacobs
June 28, 193783Simpson Creek, Horry, SC0May 4, 19724834Charleston, Charleston, SC
Beulah Hardee Long Davis
October 27, 1914106Loris, Horry, SC0October 11, 19992184Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Idella “Dell” Hardee Murdock
May 1892128SC0March 31, 19715078Conway, Horry, SC
Bertha Jane Hardee Sharp
November 10, 192595Horry, SC0April 5, 20061580Denham Springs, Livingston, LA
Bessie Hardee Singleton
August 15, 192397Socastee, Horry, SC0October 20, 19932770Melbourne, Brevard, FL
Ollie Mae Hardee Suggs
January 6, 1895126Horry, SC2June 17, 19714976Hillcrest Cemetery, Conway, Horry, SC
Charlotte Ann Hardee Todd
December 18, 1883137Horry, SC0February 3, 19635879Daisy, Horry, SC
Mary Lurene Hardee Todd
July 16, 192991Horry, SC5Carter Cemetery, Loris, Horry, SC
Addie Lezette Hardee
May 29, 1893127Horry, SC3March 19853691Loris, Horry, SC
Allie E Hardee
March 19, 1881140Horry, SC6June 10, 19606079Horry, SC
Andrew Hamp Hardee
May 18, 192496Loris, Horry, SC0March 17, 19952670Loris, Horry, SC
Arletta Louisa “Lettie” Hardee
1858163Horry, SC419447786Horry, SC
Arthur Arren Hardee
November 21, 1886134SC0February 27, 19665579Conway, Horry, SC
Artie Kenneth Hardee
July 3, 1903117Horry, SC1September 22, 19833780Loris, Horry, SC
Avery Dalton Hardee
February 11, 192398Columbus, NC0June 6, 2011988SC
Beatrice Hardee
March 24, 193190Loris, Horry, SC2May 21, 2016485Conway, Horry, SC
Benjamin Dow Hardee Jr
March 16, 192497Horry, SC0August 26, 2012888Horry, SC
Benjamin Dow Hardee Sr
May 7, 1883137Horry, SC2September 16, 19645681Horry, SC
Berkley Goal “Buck” Hardee
June 26, 192496Loris, Horry, SC0February 16, 2015690Asheboro, Randolph, NC
Blana Lee Hardee
October 22, 1895125Horry, SC1March 16, 19853689Longs, Horry, SC
Carl Bellamy Hardee
December 22, 193090Loris, Horry, SC2July 16, 2016485Loris, Horry, SC
Catherine M Hardee
January 29, 192992Loris, Horry, SC2February 7, 20071478North Augusta, Aiken, SC
Charles Gleaton “Charlie” Hardee
February 28, 1893128Horry, SC2July 8, 19675374Loris, Horry, SC
Charles Vernon Hardee
February 11, 192398Loris, Horry, SC1April 27, 20011978Columbia, Richland, SC
Columbus Grant Hardee
February 13, 1881140Conway, Horry, SC2September 12, 19546673Nixonville, Horry, SC
Columbus Oree Hardee
February 3, 1916105Columbus, NC1October 28, 19863470Loris, Horry, SC
Donald Fowler Hardee
October 22, 193882Tabor City, Columbus, NC2March 28, 20051666Loris, Horry, SC
Drue Vollie Hardee Rev
December 15, 1919101Loris, Horry, SC0May 5, 20091189Loris, Horry, SC
Eldred Vinson Hardee
January 15, 192596Loris, Horry, SC2March 29, 20051680Mt. Vernon, Loris, Horry, SC
Elton James Hardee
May 5, 192595Conway, Horry, SC2May 15, 20011976Loris, Horry, SC
Everette Perry Hardee Sr
November 8, 1893127Horry, SC1May 14, 19714977Darlington, SC
Francis Marion Hardee
March 3, 193388Loris, Horry, SC1October 2, 2018285Loris, Horry, SC
Furman Walker Hardee Col
March 23, 1893128SC0April 23, 19586265Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
George Ballen Hardee
G B Hardee
November 22, 1864
about 1867
156Horry, SC
3August 21, 19497184Horry, SC
George Fletcher Hardee
February 24, 1887134Horry, SC1December 31, 19487261Conway, Horry, SC
George Lanneau Hardee
February 3, 192596Horry, SC1June 22, 20031778Longs, Horry, SC
George Melton Hardee
September 22, 1906114Horry, SC2February 26, 19932886Loris, Horry, SC
Gladys Frances Hardee
December 31, 1904116SC1May 7, 19457540Horry, SC
Hartford Holmes Hardee
December 23, 1891129Horry, SC1May 25, 1976
May 25, 1976
4484Loris, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Helen Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hardee
March 17, 1890131Conway, Horry, SC0August 3, 19645674Conway, Horry, SC
Hezekiah Benjamin Hardee
March 4, 192299Conway, Horry, SC0January 8, 19942771North Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Horace Scott Hardee
Horace Hardee
January 26, 1928
about 1928
93Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2March 17, 20071479Charleston, Berkeley, SC
Hosey Wade Hardee
1876145Horry, SC0November 30, 19299153Horry, SC
Hoyt J Hardee
October 17, 192793Loris, Horry, SC1December 2, 2013786Loris, Horry, SC
Isaac Dilliard Hardee
November 22, 1863157Horry, SC5April 12, 19447780Daisy, Horry, SC
Isaac James or Jabish Hardee
February 17, 1857164Horry, SC3December 3, 19477390Nixonville, Horry, SC
Isaac Perry Hardee
June 26, 1885135Horry, SC1August 24, 19665481Horry, SC
James Erastus Hardee
July 14, 1879141Horry, SC1June 27, 19526872Williams, Columbus, NC
James Oscar Hardee
March 24, 192596Loris, Horry, SC0July 10, 19932768Florence National Cemetery, Florence, Florence, SC
Jason Cornelius Hardee Capt
October 26, 1919101Loris, Horry, SC0July 15, 19447624England
John Duffie “J.D.” Hardee
August 23, 192595Horry, SC0April 28, 19754549Charleston, SC
John George Hardee
December 23, 1872148Horry, SC2December 27, 19437771Loris, Horry, SC
John Goal Hardee
September 29, 1893127Horry, SC8November 1, 19705077Loris, Horry, SC
John Percy Hardee
June 3, 1896124SC5March 22, 19814084Conway, Horry, SC
Joseph Berlyn Hardee
May 24, 193387Horry, SC1March 25, 2014780Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph Clifton Hardee
May 22, 1920100Horry, SC1December 27, 19546634Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC
Joseph Waldo Hardee
March 1, 193091Loris, Horry, SC0July 4, 2020090Loris, Horry, SC
Lacy Lanue Hardee
January 28, 192299Loris, Horry, SC1March 14, 19883366Loris, Horry, SC
Laurel Maxine Hardee
Leamon Percy Hardee
November 25, 192892Loris, Horry, SC0March 18, 20021973Conway, Horry, SC
Leila Hardee
February 13, 1898123Loris, Horry, SC5May 13, 19912993Loris, Horry, SC
Leila Mease Hardee
August 3, 1908112Horry, SC2April 26, 19922883Loris, Horry, SC
Lewis McCaskill Hardee
January 31, 1887134Horry, SC1July 26, 19596172Loris, Horry, SC
Lily Magnolia Hardee
September 3, 1905115Loris, Horry, SC1April 22, 19843678Loris, Horry, SC
Lizzie Belle Hardee
September 24, 1882138Simpson Creek, Horry, SC1July 7, 19467463Longs, Horry, SC
Lizzie Mae Hardee
September 11, 1889131Horry, SC9June 9, 19556565Longs, Horry, SC
Lloyd Henry Hardee
September 11, 192298Loris, Horry, SC2August 5, 19982275Loris, Horry, SC
Lola Blanche Hardee
December 2, 1883137Horry, SC2May 1, 19714987Loris, Horry, SC
Lucy Hardee
January 9, 1912109Socastee, Horry, SC1February 11, 19616049Murrells Inlet, Horry, SC
Lucy Ann Hardee
March 2, 1893128Horry, SC4November 26, 19675374Daisy, Horry, SC
Margaret Theresa Hardee
January 7, 1888
January 7, 1888
133Horry, SC
Horry, SC
1August 1, 19526864Horry, SC
Mary Edna Hardee
September 9, 1902118Horry, SC2July 9, 19794176Horry, SC
Mary Ellen Hardee
about 1863158Horry, SC3January 25, 19437880Horry, SC
Mary Melvina “Mellie” Hardee
Mary Melvina Hardee
January 30, 1866
January 30, 1866
155Horry, SC
Horry, SC
3April 2, 1952
April 2, 1952
6986Conway, Horry, SC
Loris, Horry, SC
Mary Olga Hardee
March 7, 1905116Horry, SC0October 5, 19922887Loris, Horry, SC
Nathan Cromwell Hardee
September 13, 1904116Horry, SC2June 13, 19843679Loris, Horry, SC
Needham Carl Hardee
August 21, 193981Loris, Horry, SC1April 16, 20091169Loris, Horry, SC
Needham Kenneth Hardee
September 29, 192298Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC0October 26, 20081286West Columbia, Lexington, SC
Noah Julius Hardee
Noah Hardee
September 30, 1873
about 1875
147Horry, SC
2February 19675493Loris, Horry, SC
Oscar Grant Hardee
August 28, 1907113Horry, SC1November 11, 19823875Horry, SC
Prudence “Prudie” Hardee
May 12, 1908112SC2August 7, 19705062Anderson Cemetery #2, Conway, Horry, SC
Robert Ervin Hardee
Robert I Hardee
September 18, 1896124Horry, SC2July 3, 19635766Loris, Horry, SC
Robert Lexington Hardee
January 10, 1888133Horry, SC6June 25, 19526864Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Ronie Ebelene Hardee
August 21, 1910110Horry, SC1December 26, 20041694Loris, Horry, SC
Roy Lee “LeRoy” Hardee Sr.
November 1, 1898122Horry, SC1March 6, 19913092Loris, Horry, SC
Samuel M Hardee
June 5, 1853167Horry, SC2March 22, 19447790Lees Township, Columbus, NC
Sarah E Hardee
February 16, 1880141SC0Horry, SC
Thelton Cromwell Hardee
September 26, 1889131SC6April 9, 19695279Loris, Horry, SC
William Andrew Hardee
June 22, 1890
June 14, 1890
130Horry, SC
, Horry, SC
2February 10, 1960
February 11, 1960
6169Horry, SC
Horry, SC
William Bryant Hardee Sr
January 30, 1912109Horry, SC1July 15, 19516939Loris, Horry, SC
William “Willie” James Hardee
February 10, 1888133Horry, SC2December 7, 19487260Longs, Horry, SC
William Lonnie “Willie” Hardee
December 17, 1871149Horry, SC2May 12, 19546682Horry, SC
William Mayo Hardee
February 16, 1896125Horry, SC2January 4, 19853688Loris, Horry, SC
William Oliver “Willie” Hardee
July 16, 1893127Horry, SC1February 4, 19794285Conway, Horry, SC
Edna Mae Hardison Blizzard Hill
December 21, 1913107Wilmington, New Hanover, NC0November 4, 19952581Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Annie Belle Hardison Hill
July 10, 1916104Wilmington, New Hanover, NC0January 7, 20192102Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Brookie Aleen Hardison McDonald
January 18, 192695Wimington, New Hanover, NC0September 16, 2012886Hampton, VA
Hazel Lee Hardison Paige
November 20, 1918102Wilmington, New Hanover, NC0March 25, 19655646NC
Anna Lou Hardison Patterson
January 12, 192497Wilmington, New Hanover, NC0February 3, 20061582Newport News, VA
Dorothy Hardison Wynings
Mary Alma Hardison
April 8, 192299Wilmington, New Hanover, NC0September 7, 2011989Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
William Edgar “Ed” Hardison
December 27, 1883137Maple Hill, Pender, NC8November 6, 19744690Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
William Edgar “Billie” Hardison Jr
Brookie Ethel Hardwick
August 8, 1910110Columbus, NC1January 22, 19883377Loris, Horry, SC
Charlotte Ann Hardwick
January 19, 1869152SC1February 17, 19546785Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC
Geneva Mae Hardwick
August 11, 192199Dothan, Columbus, NC1September 15, 20031782Dothan, Columbus, NC
Hettie Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hardwick
September 22, 1897123Galivants Ferry, Horry, SC1November 28, 19556558Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, SC
John Needham Hardwick
October 17, 1880140Horry, SC2March 10, 19536872Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Lula Belle Hardwick
February 8, 1889
February 8, 1889
132Simpson, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
5January 26, 1969
January 26, 1969
5279Chestnuts Crossroads, Horry, SC
Chestnuts Crossroads, Horry, SC
Ethel Mae Harper
September 25, 1892128SC1July 6, 19863493Sumter, SC
Samuel Thomas Harper
August 1, 1863157SC1April 23, 19497185Plantersville, Georgetown, SC
Geneva Mae Harrelson
December 7, 192199Loris, Horry, SC1August 11, 20051583Chapel Hill, Orange, NC
George Washington Harrelson
February 24, 1884137SC2February 9, 19625977Horry, SC
Lela Effie Harrelson
October 15, 1889131SC1April 8, 19477457Horry, SC
Lera Alton Harrelson
February 17, 1909112SC1March 24, 19754666Conway, Horry, SC
Lonnie Geneva Harrelson
Lonnie Geneva Harrelson
October 3, 1894
October 1895
126Horry, SC
1August 15, 19526857Florence, SC
Reba Mae Harrelson
January 6, 1911110Loris, Horry, SC3November 16, 19952584Conway, Horry, SC
Sibyl Faye Harrelson
September 19, 192892Loris, Horry, SC4March 12, 20051676Newport News, VA
William McKinley “Mack” Harrelson Jr
October 23, 1878142Horry, SC1June 30, 19507071Florence, SC
Ina Miece Harris James
June 15, 1905115SC2August 24, 19942689Loris, Horry, SC
Helen Sue Harris Lewis
Willis Caldwell Haynes
February 20, 193883FL0April 29, 2012874Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Nora S. Heniford
February 6, 1884137SC0March 26, 19675483Patterson Cemetery, Loris, Horry, SC
Susan Elvie Hewett
December 12, 1901119Columbus, NC1September 30, 19853583Florence, SC
Fannie Rebecca Hickman
April 26, 193486Loris, Horry, SC1October 5, 2017383Loris, Horry, SC
Frances Hickman
May 16, 192991Tabor City, Columbus, NC0October 5, 2014685Shell, Horry, SC
Hannah A Hickman
September 21, 193981Anderson, SC2July 8, 2014674Loris, Horry, SC
Samuel Davis Hickman
September 23, 1906114Horry, SC1October 28, 19695163Loris, Horry, SC
Della Lee High
January 17, 1890131Columbus, NC2February 2, 19893299Horry, SC
Cecil Edwin Highsmith
March 5, 1889132Wayne, GA1September 12, 19615972Brantley, GA
Coleman C Highsmith
November 2, 1919101Brantley, GA1September 3, 19903070Alachua, FL
Mertie Mozelle Holloman
September 22, 1919101Goldsboro, Wayne, NC1April 9, 19992279Loris, Horry, SC
Carolyn Holmes Johnson
March 23, 193190Horry, SC1April 21, 2012881Mullins, Marion, SC
Bruce Hampton Holmes
October 15, 1891129SC1September 19, 19695177Loris, Horry, SC
Isaac Long Holmes
March 1, 1865156Hammond, Horry, SC2February 21, 19477481Hammond, Horry, SC
Lula Ellen Holmes
August 3, 1875145SC0July 10, 19625886Buncombe, NC
Minnie E. Holmes
October 4, 1898122Conway, Horry, SC1April 11, 19893290Conway, Horry, SC
Neita B Holmes
December 13, 1911109Horry, SC0January 4, 19833871Horry, SC
Rufus Ford Holmes
January 1, 1897124Horry, SC1April 1, 19814084Horry, SC
Sarah E “Sally” Holmes
December 17, 1906114Horry, SC2February 28, 19922985Conway, Horry, SC
Veita Virginia Holmes
October 11, 1915105Horry, SC1October 27, 19487233Horry, SC
Coy Amble Holt
June 13, 1911109Horry, SC1February 6, 20002188Conway, Horry, SC
Ruby Lee Holt
May 7, 193288SC2November 30, 2015583Conway, Horry, SC
Althea Audrey “Audie” Horne
August 23, 1901119SC2January 19, 19734871Loris, Horry, SC
Amanda Pauline Housand
November 2, 1920100Loris, Horry, SC8January 15, 20101189Loris, Horry, SC
Esta Mae Housand
December 29, 192199Loris, Horry, SC2August 27, 20021880Loris, Horry, SC
Exie Dora Housand
May 2, 1888132Horry, SC3October 12, 19625874Nakina, Columbus, NC
Joseph Cleveland Housand
February 12, 1895
February 12, 1895
126Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2September 19, 1965
September 19, 1965
5570Loris, Horry, SC
Loris, Horry, SC
Leitha C Housand
November 24, 1906114SC2December 28, 19912985Loris, Horry, SC
Fannie Mae Howard
May 9, 192694Ruston, Lincoln, Louisiana1August 30, 20061480Loris, Horry, SC
Arlene Hucks
September 25, 192199Horry, SC0January 26, 2015693Laurinburg, Scotland, NC
Oscar Kirby Hucks
October 24, 1919101Horry, SC1April 23, 20051585Conway, Horry, SC
Lula Gertrude Hughes Shelley
December 11, 1908112Horry, SC2March 26, 19497240Whiteville, Columbus, NC
Benjamin Tillman “Tilly” Hughes
April 5, 193190Loris, Horry, SC1January 7, 2019287Loris, Horry, SC
Bessie Caroline Hughes
November 6, 1906114Loris, Horry, SC0October 14, 19932786Starke, Bradford, FL
Donald Thelton Hughes
July 25, 192991Conway, Horry, SC0May 3, 19883258Horry, SC
Howard Allen Hughes
August 25, 192199SC8February 10, 19724950Horry, SC
Jessie Ferd Hughes
September 17, 1891129Horry, SC2March 2, 19705178Loris, Horry, SC
Jessie Monroe Hughes
June 27, 1906114SC1May 19932786Winston-Salem, Forsyth, NC
Joe Dale Hughes
September 17, 1913107Loris, Horry, SC1March 21, 19893275Pinckney, Livingston, MI
Lenford Thomas Hughes
April 29, 193783Loris, Horry, SC0July 21, 20002063Eden, Effingham, GA
Prudence Annie Hughes
March 13, 1884
March 13, 1884
137Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2April 16, 1946
April 16, 1946
7462Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Thomas Edward Hughes Rev
October 31, 1918102New Hanover, NC8August 19724853Loris, Horry, SC
William Murchison “Murck” Hughes
December 26, 1875145Horry, SC6February 11, 19616085Horry, SC
Windell Edward Hughes
February 10, 193982Loris, Horry, SC0September 27, 20061467Loris, Horry, SC
Mae Lee Hurley
May 11, 1905115SC1May 25, 19705065Conway, Horry, SC
Gerald Turner Hyatt
January 11, 194081Dillon, SC1December 6, 19952555Latta, Dillon, SC
Arthur Ruben Jackson
June 12, 193090Dillon, SC0September 24, 2016486Charleston, SC
Clinton Heywood Jacobs
January 31, 193586Loris, Horry, SC0November 7, 2014679North Charleston, Charleston, SC
John Clinton Jacobs
December 10, 1885135Horry, SC1August 28, 19576371Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Pearlie Mayo Jacobs
January 6, 1916105Loris, Horry, SC0March 1, 20021986Conway, Horry, SC
Retha Mae Jacobs
September 19, 1920100Loris, Horry, SC1December 17, 2013793Longs, Horry, SC
Veanna James Talbot
November 7, 193189Loris, Horry, SC1May 29, 2018286Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Charles Edward James
February 9, 193883Loris, Horry, SC1March 8, 2020182Loris, Horry, SC
Frances Ella James
July 26, 1887133SC1October 22, 19754588Loris, Horry, SC
Jesse Andrews James
February 1, 1912109Horry, SC0April 15, 19843772Loris, Horry, SC
Leamon Dewey James Sr
March 15, 1909112Columbus, NC2November 17, 19734764Loris, Horry, SC
Lloyd Collins James
April 11, 193487Loris, Horry, SC0June 3, 2019185Conway, Horry, SC
Lula James
July 9, 1904116Columbus, NC1March 15, 19804175Horry, SC
Norman Alton James
February 6, 192893Conway, Horry, SC0May 22, 20091181Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Norman Curley James
August 21, 1906114Horry, SC2April 7, 19883381Loris, Horry, SC
William McNeil James
November 4, 1882138Horry, SC5December 26, 19665484Loris, Horry, SC
Eugene Franklin Johnson
December 15, 193387Horry, SC1June 18, 20031769Mullins, Marion, SC
Katie Ann Johnson
June 11, 1900120Marion, SC4April 22, 19645663Horry, SC
Mary Frances Johnson
December 18, 1911109Abbeville, SC1October 4, 19566444Loris, Horry, SC
Etta Mae Jones
July 12, 193981Bishopville, Lee, SC0April 20, 2017377Florence, SC
Daisy Cornelius Jordan Skipper Gattis
June 26, 1914106Conway, Horry, SC1June 9, 19972382Loris, Horry, SC
Evelyn Fay Justice
January 1, 193388Clinton, Sampson, NC1November 19, 2011978Loris, Horry, SC
Cordie Eleanor Keller
February 21, 1908113NC0June 19, 19863478Rock Hill, York, SC
Alton Perry King
January 21, 1908113Horry, SC3April 11, 19705162Loris, Horry, SC
Delton Thomas King
January 17, 1903118Horry, SC1February 13, 19625959Loris, Horry, SC
John Thomas King Sr
April 6, 193190Loris, Horry, SC0October 24, 2017386Catawba, NC
Joseph Delton King Sr
January 13, 192299Loris, Horry, SC3October 15, 19942672Loris, Horry, SC
Hubert Doyce Lambert
January 7, 193190Aynor, Horry, SC1November 23, 19764445Conway, Horry, SC
Gary N Lawrimore
Eva O. Lee
January 30, 1905116Horry, SC1December 23, 19675362Horry, SC
Georgia “Georgie” Lee
March 15, 1868153Horry, SC4March 31, 19418073Conway, Horry, SC
Hattie Ellen Lee
October 30, 1905115Conway, Horry, SC1May 10, 19675361Conway, Horry, SC
Hiram McNeal Lee
September 20, 1884136SC1March 19695284Loris, Horry, SC
Martha Nell “Mattie” Lee
1909112Horry, SC3January 26, 19526943Loris, Horry, SC
Mary A Lee
May 3, 1914106Horry, SC2September 15, 19536739Horry, SC
Mary Jane Lee
January 2, 1877144Horry, SC3March 29, 19556678Loris, Horry, SC
Mila Selma “Miley” Lee
January 27, 1899122SC1September 5, 19804081Loris, Horry, SC
Ruby Olene Lee
July 20, 1917103Loris, Horry, SC1October 15, 20101093Palm Coast, Flagler, FL
Sarah Frances Lee
November 1887133Horry, SC6May 19833795Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Willie Davis Lee
October 31, 1913107Horry, SC0November 19813968Conway, Horry, SC
Zilphie Emily “Emma” Lee
November 30, 1880140Horry, SC2June 22, 19635782Horry, SC
Gracie Viola Leigh
October 9, 1908112SC2January 13, 19873478Loris, Horry, SC
Louisiana Rebecca Leonard
November 30, 1888132Shallotte, Brunswick, NC1April 11, 19685379Rocky Mount, Nash, NC
Mary Ann Lewis Bryant Taylor
May 1894126Gainesville, Hall, GA119616066Mullins, Marion, SC
Arn Dewett Lewis