North Carolina, Deaths, 1906-1930

North Carolina, Deaths, 1906-1930


Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Martha J
about 1806215NC1after 187015164NC
Nathan E. Adams
February 14, 1841180Robeson, NC1November 27, 191810277Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC
Mary Melvina Beck
April 5, 1851170Shallotte, Brunswick, NC2September 1, 19309079Columbus, Polk, NC
Daniel Luther Bellamy Sr
December 6, 1806214Horry, SC5September 27, 189112984Horry, SC
Joseph Theodore Bellamy
February 8, 1844177SC1February 8, 191710473Horry, SC
Martha Jane Bellamy
September 2, 1871149Horry, SC0June 3, 19625890Bladen, NC
Victoria Elizabeth Bellamy
July 19, 1850170Horry, SC1August 4, 189612446Horry, SC
Mary Emmaline “Mollie” Bennett
August 16, 1886134Shallotte, Brunswick, NC2January 23, 19239836Shallotte, Brunswick, NC
Harriett Ellen Benton Carter Gore
July 1856164Horry, SC1August 29, 19318975Shallotte, Brunswick, NC
Elizabeth “Betsy” Benton
1826195NC3March 16, 188613560Columbus, NC
Mary Ann Best
December 27, 1795225Columbus, NC1January 4, 187714481Columbus, NC
Nancy Ann Best
1795226Columbus, NC2December 19, 188313788Columbus, NC
Joe Oscar Boswell
December 31, 1898122, NC0November 2, 19695170Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Harriett Wayne “Hattie” Bryan
October 15, 1846174Horry, SC1February 21, 19368589Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Bertere Rhistore Bullard
1817204Columbus, NC1Horry, SC
Frances Caroline Butler
December 25, 1846174Brunswick, NC1December 31, 19289282Bughill, Columbus, NC
Ruth Serena Butler
August 14, 1824196NC1April 23, 190711382Guide, Columbus, NC
John Franklin Carter
January 20, 1872149Horry, SC2September 11, 192010048Calabash, Brunswick, NC
Joseph Elmore Carter
March 10, 1812209Simpson Creek, Horry, SC5December 25, 188913177Daisy, Horry, SC
Joseph Elmore Carter Jr
July 9, 1853167Horry, SC1March 9, 190311849Horry, SC
Charlotte Ann Causey
March 1, 1872149SC1March 3, 191610544Williams, Columbus, NC
Mary Elizabeth Chestnut
March 18, 1879142Conway, Horry, SC7July 6, 19774398Whitesboro, Oneida, NY
Winaford “Winnie” Chestnut
1832189Horry, SC2188114049Horry, SC
Hosea Cook
January 2, 1830191Orrum, Robeson, NC1March 23, 190611576Marion, SC
Alice Prudence “Prue” Cox
May 3, 1837183Columbus, NC1May 3, 191510578Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Annie Cox
Anna Cox
December 16, 1858
December 16, 1858
162Columbus, Muscogee, GA1January 28, 1922
January 28, 1922
9963Guide, Columbus, NC
Columbus, NC
Daniel Dillon Cox
May 21, 1819
March 4, 1819
201Columbus, NC2August 17, 188913170Gainesville, Hall, GA
Daniel Pinckney Cox
January 6, 1858163Guide, Columbus, NC1December 5, 19269468Columbus, NC
David Cox
1780241Brunswick Co., NC2184517665Horry, SC
Isaac Leonard Cox
October 4, 1811209Columbus, NC3December 31, 189512584Columbus, NC
Jesse Samual Cox
May 29, 1817203Columbus, NC1March 18, 190711489Guide, Columbus, NC
John Franklin Cox
October 30, 1865155Columbus, NC1October 30, 19328867Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
John Samuel Cox Pvt
February 8, 1823198Horry, SC5December 28, 190211879Horry, SC
Marshall James Cox
November 16, 1849171Columbus, NC1June 10, 189312743Camp Swamp, Columbus, NC
Mary Ann Marinda Cox
December 3, 1851169Columbus, NC1November 20, 189712345Columbus, NC
Nancy Anna Cox
December 1826194Horry, SC5between 1900 and 191012173Horry, SC
Thomas Pinkney Cox
September 21, 1859161Horry, SC5February 21, 19289368Horry, SC
Augusta Adrian “Gussie” Dillard
February 6, 1896125Robeson, NC2February 8, 19635867Horry, SC
Jane Agnes Dorman
July 1861159Horry, SC1March 3, 192010158Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Amy Lee Duncan
Amie Duncan
188Columbus, NC
Columbus, NC
6after 188014147NC
George W Durant
1817204Conway, Horry, SC1before 187015153Horry, SC
Nancy Ann Edge
June 22, 1855165Horry, SC1March 19, 19348778Loris, Horry, SC
Eunice (Unity) Moore Edwards
1812209Bladen, NC1after 187015158NC
Lucy Catherine Ezzell
April 13, 1858163Columbus, NC1February 25, 19269567Whiteville, Columbus, NC
Armajah R Fowler
June 28, 1847173Horry, SC1November 11, 191810271Columbus, NC
Bithel Manassa Fowler
September 18, 1869151Horry, SC0May 7, 19507080Columbus, NC
Edith Edy Freeman
February 17, 1806215NC0February 17, 187914273Robeson, NC
Lavita Dale Futch
Levila Futch
November 1, 1882138Burgaw, Pender, NC1August 29, 19398156Conway, Horry, SC
John Wesley Galloway
March 11, 1894127Supply, Brunswick, NC1April 27, 19447650Brunswick, NC
Anna Louise Gause
August 9, 1861159Brunswick, NC1October 8, 19289267Rocky Mount, Nash, NC
Edward James Gause Pvt
August 15, 1838182SC4October 8, 191310775Horry, SC
Mary “Mincey” Goodyear
1828193Horry, SC4after 190012172Horry, SC
Charles Wesley Gordon
September 25, 1854166Guilford, NC1February 17, 191510660Hamlet, Richmond, NC
Asa Mizell “Acie” Gore
April 1870151Columbus, NC1January 23, 19309159Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Daniel Simmons Gore
1791230Brunswick, NC1188014189Columbus, NC
John D Gore Col
January 23, 1779242Pireway, Columbus, NC5March 2, 187115092Pireway, Columbus, NC
John George Gore Colonel
1794227NC1187015176Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
John Joseph Coval Gore
May 23, 1837183Longwood, Brunswick, NC1December 11, 191710380Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Jonathan Owen Gore
Johnithan Gore
January 21, 1802219Columbus, NC
Columbus Co., NC
6May 20, 189512593Horry, SC
Joseph Gore Jr.
1795226Sampson, NC2October 1, 186315768Nakina, Columbus, NC
Joshua Gore
May 23, 1845175Columbus, NC1November 30, 19219976Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Julia E Gore
July 29, 1879141Little River, Horry, SC1September 15, 19606081Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Jane Gore
January 12, 1836185SC4November 1, 187914143Horry, SC
Prudence Jane Gore
November 7, 1811209Mollie, Columbus, NC5August 9, 188014068Horry, SC
Samuel Pinckney Gore
July 27, 1905115Columbus, NC0October 23, 19843679Whiteville, Columbus, NC
Samuel R Gore
September 22, 1847173Columbus, NC1July 25, 191210864Horry, SC
Solon Lorenzo Gore
January 8, 1839182Pireway, Columbus, NC1September 3, 192010081Pireway, Columbus, NC
William Henry “Billy” Gore
October 18, 1795225NC1May 30, 188313787Columbus, NC
John “Big John” Grainger
May 24, 1825195Horry, SC4February 7, 188513659Horry, SC
Louisa Grainger
April 7, 1848173Horry, SC2June 30, 19299181Waccamaw, Brunswick, NC
Temperance Grainger
March 17, 1859162SC1May 5, 19328873Horry, SC
Louisiana J “Sue” Greene
August 1836184AL1June 4, 190811271Houston, Harris, Texas
Anna Jane Hall
January 1834187NC2June 9, 190711373Mizpah Cemetery, Rockingham, Richmond, NC
Isaac Hall
about 1801220NC1
Elizabeth Hammond
about 1815206Columbus, NC1
Calvin Pinckney Hardee
1822199Horry, SC2before 188014158Horry, SC
Daniel Henry Hardee
August 1826194Horry, SC119269599Hickmans Crossroads, Brunswick, NC
Isaac James or Jabish Hardee
February 17, 1857164Horry, SC3December 3, 19477390Nixonville, Horry, SC
Isaac Melvin Hardee
December 23, 1898122Columbus, NC1July 14, 19942695Jacksonville, Onslow, NC
John Pinkney Hardee
1817204Horry, SC5August 30, 189212875Horry, SC
Mary Eliza Hardee
November 1, 1859161Nixonville, Horry, SC3August 24, 19368476Tilly Swamp, Horry, SC
Robert N Hardee
about 1832189Horry, SC0about 186515633Confederate War, CSA
Samuel M Hardee
June 5, 1853167Horry, SC2March 22, 19447790Lees Township, Columbus, NC
William Henry Hardee
1824197Kingston, Horry, SC1January 11, 186515641Beaufort, SC
Hettie Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hardwick
September 22, 1897123Galivants Ferry, Horry, SC1November 28, 19556558Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, SC
William Edward “Ned” Harrelson
1823198Horry, SC1190012177Horry, SC
Mary Molsie Hickman
about 1797224Columbus, NC1after 185017153Horry, SC
Mary Ann Hilburn
1847174Abbotsburg, Bladen, NC1June 191710370Bladen, NC
Sarah Jane Hollis
March 28, 1872149Onslow, NC1February 19, 19408167Ash, Brunswick, NC
Joseph L Horne
January 27, 1847174Onslow, NC1July 1, 192010073Horry, SC
Lenora Housand
April 10, 1851170Horry, SC1December 31, 19269475Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Jessie Ferd Hughes
September 17, 1891129Horry, SC2March 2, 19705178Loris, Horry, SC
Samuel Hughes
1800221Davidson, NC1
Edith Eady Inman
March 1, 1805216NC1October 20, 188413679Brunswick, NC
Emily Amelia Ivey
May 2, 1836184Robeson, NC1January 29, 191310876Marion, SC
Noah Lee
February 20, 1824197Horry, SC2October 11, 186415640Augusta, Columbia, GA
Francis M “Frank” Leonard
May 19, 1849171Brunswick, NC1November 25, 19239774Shallotte, Brunswick, NC
Howard Alexander Lineberger
January 21, 1903118Gaston, NC4November 2, 19586255Gastonia, Gaston, NC
Margaret Long
March 12, 1848173Brunswick, NC1September 30, 19229874Columbus, NC
Emily Olivia Lucky
January 5, 1836185Horry, SC2August 23, 186715331Beaufort, SC
Appy Priscilla Ludley
December 15, 1827193NC6April 17, 189013062Horry, SC
Stella L McCall
October 5, 1899121Horry, SC1November 15, 19843685Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Adaline Billie Norris
1825196Columbus, NC1187015145
Rena “Reannie” Norris
March 6, 1860161Columbus, NC1July 13, 19279367South Williams, Columbus, N.C.
Luther E. Page
April 27, 1901119SC1June 4, 19724871Ladson, Berkeley, SC
Molsey R Powell
February 18, 1852169Horry, SC2March 16, 192010168Princeville, Horry, SC
Alva Farninash Prince
October 30, 1849171Horry, SC2September 19, 19249674Green Sea, Horry, SC
Charlotte Lottie “Sallie” Prince
February 19, 1874147Horry, SC1July 2, 19507076Princeville, Horry, SC
Doctor John “Dock” Prince
March 6, 1874147Horry, SC1October 23, 19309056Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Franklin Asberry Prince
September 18, 1873147Loris, Horry, SC0July 27, 19269452Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
George Asbury Prince
February 10, 1849172Horry, SC3December 29, 191610467Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
William Armajah Prince
March 11, 1868153Horry, SC1June 11, 19318963Princeville, Horry, SC
Anna Jane Reaves
October 13, 1841179SC3January 17, 191510673Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Sarah P Regan
October 6, 1808212Robeson, NC1January 20, 188313874Robeson, NC
Eugenia May Rhyne
1903118NC2September 17, 19309027Dallas, Gaston, NC
Charles Bascom Robinson
1885136NC1May 23, 19289243Rocky Mount, Nash, NC
Charity Louise Rowan
October 30, 1862158Robeson, NC1January 12, 192110058Robeson, NC
Lessie R Rowell
August 13, 1882138SC1November 22, 191510533Fair Bluff, Columbus, NC
Frances Fannie Russ
about 1848173Bladenboro, Bladen, NC2June 6, 188513537Bladenboro, Bladen, NC
Susanna Sarvis
1826195Horry, SC1about 188014154Bayboro, Horry, SC
Clarence L Sewell
August 18, 1893127Rowan, NC0March 1, 19724978Roanoke Rapids, Halifax, NC
Nick Shelton
December 20, 1881139Spray, NC1August 20, 19685286Conway, Horry, SC
Fannie Gertrude Sikes
July 17, 1893127Bladenboro, Bladen, NC0December 28, 19328839Britts, Robeson, NC
John P Sikes
1805216Bladen, NC1185516650Bladen, NC
Abraham Smith
1796225SC3before 187015174Horry, SC
William James Smith
September 1, 1806214Robeson, NC1July 15, 188913182Robeson, NC
Fannie Jane Soles
May 7, 1889131Columbus, NC2January 13, 19358645Spring Hill, Scotland, NC
Isham Soles Jr
January 21, 1847174Columbus, NC1February 15, 19358688Columbus, NC
Matthew James Spivey
February 1, 1856165Columbus, NC1June 4, 191410658Williams, Columbus, NC
Owen Spivey Pvt
February 18, 1819202Columbus, NC1March 15, 191410795Columbus, NC
Rose Gertrude “Gurtie” Spivey
August 29, 1885135Columbus, NC0February 19, 19586372Whiteville, Columbus, NC
Martha D Stanley Butler
December 25, 1803217Columbus, NC1May 6, 188813284Horry, SC
Mary D “Polly” Stanley
Mary Standland
1792229SC2after 187015178Horry, SC
Mary Molsey Stanley
October 30, 1825195Columbus, NC3June 10, 187114945Columbus, NC
James Washington “Jim” Stogner
February 16, 1855166Robeson, NC1February 13, 19279471Fairtown, Robeson, NC
Lewis Henry Stogner
May 1830190Wolf Pit, Richmond, NC2June 27, 190611476Rockingham, Richmond, NC
Arilla Arpeler Sykes
April 24, 1899121NC0April 11, 19289328Roanoke Rapids, Halifax, NC
Arthur Henry Sykes Sr
August 18, 1901119Bladenboro, Bladen, NC1September 13, 19675366Lumber Bridge, Robeson, NC
Carrie Pet Sykes
November 19, 1906114Bladenboro, Bladen, NC0June 2, 19883281Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
David D Sykes
September 18, 1886134Bladen, NC0December 8, 191410628Bladenboro, Bladen, NC
Robert Irvin “Bob” Sykes
April 22, 1870150Bladen, NC7November 10, 191410644Bladenboro, Bladen, NC
William Gilmore Sykes
1873148NC0June 19, 191310740Raleigh, Wake, NC
William H. “Bill” Sykes Pvt
February 1835186Bladen, NC6after 190012164Bladen, NC
Melinda “Linnie” Thompson Skipper Powers
August 27, 1878142Bladenboro, Bladen, NC0March 31, 19556676Lumberton, Robeson, NC
Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie” Thompson
February 21, 1870151Bladen, NC7January 26, 19477476Bladenboro, Bladen, NC
George Robert Thompson Pvt
March 18, 1834187Abbottsburg, Bladen, NC2January 22, 189412759Bladenboro, Bladen, NC
Thomas C Thompson
August 18, 1822198Bladen, NC1December 13, 187314751Bladen, NC
Anna Jane Todd
about 1828193Columbus, NC1April 8, 187614548Green Sea, Horry, SC
August J Anguish Todd
January 2, 1854167Horry, SC0January 12, 19338879Horry, SC
Bryant Kizer Todd
about 1852169Horry, SC0October 8, 19239771Waccamaw, Columbus, NC
Charlotte R. Todd
Daniel Washington Todd Sr
October 17, 1824196Horry, SC6July 10, 186215837Columbus, Lowndes, MS
Edward F Todd
August 22, 1866154Loris, Horry, SC0April 8, 19418074Horry, SC
Frances C. Elizabeth Todd
1824197Horry, SC2188014156Horry, SC
Frances Louvinia Todd
December 1, 1852168Columbus, NC1March 5, 192010167Williams, Columbus, NC
George Melvin Todd
1876145Horry, SC2June 15, 19427866Laurinburg, Scotland, NC
Isaac McDaniel Todd
September 28, 1844176Columbus, NC2December 21, 19219977Columbus, NC
Joseph Todd
June 17, 1902118Horry, SC0October 15, 191810216Belmont, Gaston, NC
Lula Idell Todd
February 14, 1905116Horry, SC0October 20, 191810213Belmont, Gaston, NC
Memory or Memency Todd
1805216Horry, SC3186016155Horry, SC
Millard James Todd
January 1, 1917104Bladen, NC0July 4, 19181021Bladenboro, Bladen, NC
Samuel Porter Todd
1823198Horry, SC3March 16, 189612573Columbus, NC
Samuel Wesley “Dock” Todd
April 12, 1870151Horry, SC7April 25, 19427872Gastonia, Gaston, NC
Thomas David “Tommy” Todd
May 4, 1818202Horry, SC6November 14, 188413666Horry, SC
Thomas Livingston Todd
October 25, 1802218Providence, Horry, SC0September 1, 1887
February 26, 1901
13384Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Thomas Mcdaniel Todd
February 7, 1827194NC0July 14, 190411677Clarendon, Columbus, NC
Walker Calvin Todd
August 3, 1915105Tabor City, Columbus, NC0January 4, 19299213Gastonia, Gaston, NC
William Kelly Todd
October 25, 1857163Clarendon, Columbus, NC1November 15, 19358578Clarendon, Columbus, NC
Elizabeth Maria Vaught
February 18, 1848173Daisy, Horry, SC3February 4, 19309181Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Lucy Ward
June 1848172Bladen, NC6after 191011161NC
Daniel Washington
September 3, 1855165Horry, SC11May 19, 192010064Blackford, Bladen, NC
Redden Lee Wilkins
October 14, 1892128Lumberton, NC0November 24, 19556563Raleigh, Wake, NC
Amanda Willard
April 2, 1819202Horry, SC1December 11, 189912180Horry, SC
Alexander Willoughby
about 1822199Robeson, NC1between 1880 and 190014158Robeson, NC
James Leonard Willoughby
November 11, 1854166Robeson, NC1April 20, 19259570Bladenboro, Bladen, NC