1900 United States Federal Census

1900 United States Federal Census


United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Twelfth Census of the United States, 1900. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1900. T623, 18;


Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Georgie Anna
October 16, 1871149SC3January 17, 19388366Lakeland, Polk, FL
Harriet Thirsa
August 1835185SC1
Sarah E
January 1863158SC1
Nathan E. Adams
February 14, 1841180Robeson, NC1November 27, 191810277Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC
William Asbury “Willie” Adams
January 20, 1873148Horry, SC1January 7, 19497275Longs, Horry, SC
Charlotte Alford Hardee
September 16, 1874146Horry, SC1September 29, 197446100Florence, SC
Julia Quintillia “Junie” Ammons
June 3, 1895125Horry, SC2December 10, 19695174Horry, SC
Adie Melvina Anderson
March 15, 1885136Horry, SC2December 14, 19695184Conway, Horry, SC
Elizabeth Alma “Lizzie” Anderson
July 8, 1889131Conway, Horry, SC1April 19685378Orange, FL
Fannie Lillian Anderson
June 10, 1898122Horry, SC0November 11, 19922894Loris, Horry, SC
George Kelly Anderson
March 14, 1892129Horry, SC1March 14, 19655673Conway, Horry, SC
Harriet Helen Anderson
September 17, 1872148Horry, SC2December 12, 19625890Horry, SC
Levi M Anderson
February 14, 1839182Horry, SC5July 22, 19219982Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Levi Owen Anderson
March 8, 1887134Shell, Horry, SC0July 1, 19714984Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Frances Anderson
Mary F Anderson
October 28, 1861159SC1May 29, 19259563Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Melissa Iona “Onie” Anderson
June 1877143Horry, SC1before 191810340Orangeburg, SC
Rebecca Jane Anderson
1855166Horry, SC3191410759Horry, SC
Robert Harlee Anderson
August 8, 1850170Horry, SC1March 15, 191210961Horry, SC
Temperance G “Tempie” Anderson
May 1, 1893127Horry, SC1July 30, 19754582Shell, Horry, SC
Timothy Bradley Anderson
December 21, 1894126Horry, SC3October 9, 19695174Conway, Horry, SC
Lide Bailey
August 15, 1889131Marion, SC1November 26, 19368447Magnolia Cemetery, Latta, Dillon, SC
Clarkie E Baker
September 1866154SC1June 9, 190911142Horry, SC
Eva Lillian Barker
September 12, 1886134Loris, Horry, SC1January 17, 19635876Loris, Horry, SC
Mary Jane Barker
February 15, 1839182Horry, SC1February 11, 19328992Horry, SC
William James Barker
July 3, 1858162Robeson, NC1October 28, 19447686Howellsville, Robeson, NC
William Judson Barker
June 4, 1850170Horry, SC1February 10, 191610565Loris, Horry, SC
Cora Jane Barnhill
May 18, 1882138Horry, SC2January 13, 19784395Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Eliza N. Barnhill
January 1844177Horry, SC2190012156Horry, SC
Mariann Mary Helen Barnhill
May 1835185SC9March 24, 191011174Conway, Horry, SC
Mary A Barnhill
June 1834186Horry, SC7192010185
Mary Ann Barnhill
June 1871149Horry, SC1Horry, SC
Mary Elizabeth Barnhill
April 1859162SC1September 12, 19318972Horry, SC
Nancy Barnhill
1847174Horry, SC1May 7, 188713340Grahamville, Horry, SC
Simon Mayberry Barnhill
August 31, 1847173Horry, SC1October 20, 19348687Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Mary Melvina Beck
April 5, 1851170Shallotte, Brunswick, NC2September 1, 19309079Columbus, Polk, NC
Joseph Lay Bell
September 6, 1877143Little River, Horry, SC0November 30, 19229845Little River, Horry, SC
Samuel Hendricks Bell
October 3, 1885135Bayboro, Horry, SC1March 31, 19586372Florence, SC
Emily Idella “Della” Bellamy Bell
June 12, 1881139Horry, SC0August 21, 19744693Wampee, Horry, SC
Margaret Madora “Dora” Bellamy Butler
December 5, 1877143Horry, SC0January 16, 19536875Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Amanda Bryan “Mandy” Bellamy
October 17, 1853167Horry, SC5August 23, 190711353Horry, SC
Azor Luther Bellamy
September 4, 1868152Horry, SC1February 28, 19398270Horry, SC
Daniel Dewie “Shaff” Bellamy
September 11, 1898122Horry, SC119378438Longs, Horry, SC
Emory Decarol Bellamy
July 6, 1892128Horry, SC1May 11, 19724879Horry, SC
George Thomas Bellamy
April 16, 1873147Horry, SC0February 7, 19447770Horry, SC
Helen Miriam Bellamy
September 5, 1835185Horry, SC1December 12, 191510580Horry, SC
Ira Telman Bellamy Sr
December 16, 1872148Horry, SC1May 16, 191510542Longs, Horry, SC
John Dillard Bellamy Pvt

October 24, 1843177Simpson Creek, Horry, SC8August 21, 19249680Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
John Sidney Bellamy
January 28, 1876145Horry, SC1July 18, 19457569Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph Theodore Bellamy
February 8, 1844177SC1February 8, 191710473Horry, SC
Lorenzo Dow Bellamy Jr
April 1, 1873148Little River, Horry, SC1December 18, 191410641Horry, SC
Lorenzo Dow Bellamy Sr
February 1836185Horry, SC1February 4, 190311867SC
Lucian D Bellamy
May 28, 1853167Longs, Horry, SC2January 11, 191510661Longs, Horry, SC
Mariah Elizabeth Bellamy
April 1825196Horry, SC4191210986Horry, SC
Mariah Elizabeth “Bettie” Bellamy
April 16, 1878142Horry, SC1November 24, 19477369Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Martha Jane Bellamy
September 2, 1871149Horry, SC0June 3, 19625890Bladen, NC
Mary Ann Bellamy
August 10, 1869151Horry, SC5October 20, 19358566Daisy, Horry, SC
Nathan Hiram Bellamy
May 12, 1884136Horry, SC2December 5, 19477363Horry, SC
Prudence Amanda Bellamy
February 11, 1839182Horry, SC2July 7, 19368497Horry, SC
Prudence Amanda Bellamy
January 29, 1829192SC1July 9, 191810289Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Purvis Oracious Bellamy
June 20, 1875145SC1December 12, 19467471Horry, SC
Richard Burr Bellamy
June 4, 1844176Horry, SC2July 10, 190111957Horry, SC
Richard Theodore Bellamy
November 26, 1874146SC1January 13, 19556680Horry, SC
Robert Llewellyn Bellamy
June 20, 1860160Horry, SC1October 31, 190111941Horry, SC
Robert Llewellyn Bellamy Jr
May 12, 1899121Horry, SC2August 6, 19675368Longs, Horry, SC
Sarah Sadie Elizabeth Bellamy
November 11, 1882138Horry, SC2January 6, 19655682Longs, Horry, SC
Sarah Victoria “Sallie” Bellamy
April 29, 1875
April 29, 1875
145Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2February 20, 1968
February 20, 1968
5392Simpson Creek, Horry Co, SC
Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
William Azer Asa Bellamy
October 19, 1842178Horry, SC1February 18, 19239880Horry, SC
William Gaston Bellamy
September 17, 1846174Simpson Creek, Horry, SC119249777Longs, Horry, SC
William Louis Bellamy
December 30, 1866154Horry, SC0December 30, 19338767Horry, SC
Mary Emmaline “Mollie” Bennett
August 16, 1886134Shallotte, Brunswick, NC2January 23, 19239836Shallotte, Brunswick, NC
Harriett Ellen Benton Carter Gore
July 1856164Horry, SC1August 29, 19318975Shallotte, Brunswick, NC
Amanda L Benton
March 5, 1882139NC1September 16, 19606078Whiteville, Columbus, NC
Cora Lee Benton
February 19, 1885136NC6December 19744689Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Helen Florence Benton
March 21, 1894127Columbus, NC8June 18, 19813987Loris, Horry, SC
Nolia Olive Benton
January 31, 1873148Brunswick, NC1January 16, 191810344Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Rebecca Elminie Benton
October 9, 1858162Little River, Horry, SC1April 15, 19378478Brunswick, NC
Mary Ann Best
June 6, 1857163SC1December 22, 19338776Horry, SC
Mary Jane Blackman
January 18, 1874147Columbus, NC2September 9, 190012026Columbus, NC
Susan Jane Blanton
July 4, 1865155SC1June 9, 19378371Horry, SC
Volley Tine Blanton
February 25, 1884137Mount Olive, Horry, SC3December 29, 19338749Green Sea, Horry, SC
Mary Elizabeth Booth
April 28, 1877143Horry, SC3September 4, 19546677Horry, SC
Noah Wilson Booth
1871150Aynor, Horry, SC1September 9, 19368465Salt Lake City, Utah
Lola Mae Bourne
October 14, 1887133Conway, Horry, SC2November 22, 19625875SC
Mattie Bowen
February 2, 1890131SC1January 12, 191011119SC
Tensie Isabell Bowen
December 20, 1877143SC1November 30, 191510537Mims, Brevard, FL
Sarah Adeline “Addie” Boyd Caines
May 6, 1869151Horry, SC1January 29, 19319061Horry, SC
Sephronia Isabell “Izzie” Boyd Mishoe
August 12, 1884136Simpson Creek, Horry, SC0January 5, 19675482Loris, Horry, SC
Benjamin Franklin Boyd Sr
July 20, 1882138Horry, SC1January 12, 19556672Horry, SC
Bertha Cordelia Boyd
May 8, 1895125Horry, SC4June 30, 19497154Loris, Horry, SC
Daniel M Boyd
February 28, 1837184Horry, SC1February 10, 191210974Telfair, GA
Daniel Olin Boyd
March 13, 1889132Horry, SC1May 25, 19596170Horry, SC
Daniel Teedman Boyd
January 9, 1899122Horry, SC2June 24, 19655566Horry, SC
Eliza “Miss Eliza” Geneva Boyd
November 10, 1892128Horry, SC0May 12, 191810225Horry, SC
Frances Elizabeth Boyd
May 5, 1827193Horry, SC10December 7, 190211875Loris, Horry, SC
Francis H. Boyd
September 6, 1856164Horry, SC1December 10, 19269470Conway, Horry, SC
Gussie Caroline Boyd
November 30, 1888132SC4February 28, 19754686Loris, Horry, SC
Helen Louise Boyd
September 15, 1899121SC1May 11, 19556555Horry, SC
Henry Wilson Boyd
June 21, 1854166Horry, SC4March 26, 19408185Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
John Daggett Boyd
January 8, 1883138Horry, SC1February 23, 19497266Conway, Horry, SC
John Lafayette Boyd
August 8, 1857163Horry, SC5February 8, 190811350Horry, SC
John Leon Boyd
January 3, 1864157Horry, SC1July 17, 19239759Horry, SC
John Myrtle Boyd
October 17, 1888132Allsbrooks, Horry, SC1July 5, 19507061Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Joseph James Boyd
Joseph J. Boyd
August 30, 1878
August 30, 1878
142Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2May 4, 1904
May 4, 1904
11625Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Kelly Davis Boyd
October 28, 1889131SC3March 22, 19388348Horry, SC
Martha Ann “Mary” Boyd
Martha Ann Boyd
September 8, 1880
September 8, 1880
140Horry, SC
Horry, SC
6January 16, 1945
January 16, 1945
7664Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Simpson (Horry), Horry, SC
Martha Ann Boyd
November 11, 1884136Conway, Horry, SC2August 13, 19556570Loris, Horry, SC
Martha Ellen Boyd
January 17, 1874147Horry, SC7April 21, 19299155Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Elizabeth Boyd
March 4, 1858163Horry, SC7December 16, 19259567Loris, Horry, SC
Mary Frances Boyd
Mary Boyd Todd D
1872149Horry, SC8March 19, 19447772Horry, SC
Nancy Jane Boyd
May 30, 1874146Horry, SC2June 19, 191710343Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Olin Monroe Boyd
November 25, 1885135Horry, SC0November 16, 19685282Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Robert Boyd
Robert T Boyd Jr
about 1831
190Horry, SC
10783Horry, SC
Robert Monroe “Bud” Boyd
September 7, 1852168Horry, SC4January 21, 192010167Horry, SC
Sarah Elizabeth “Sallie” Boyd
June 22, 1863157Kingston, Horry, SC4December 5, 192010057Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Simon M. Boyd Jr.
October 28, 1866154Horry, SC3October 23, 19239756Conway, Horry, SC
Simon M. Boyd Sr.
February 1825196Horry, SC9April 26, 191310788Conway, Horry, SC
Thomas Boyd
about 1818203Horry, SC1January 25, 190311885Daisy, Horry, SC
Thomas Fletcher Boyd
October 21, 1866154Horry, SC2February 6, 19507183Horry, SC
William Daniel Boyd
November 30, 1880140SC6April 5, 19408159Conway, Horry, SC
Annie Mae Branton
September 1827193SC3191111083Horry, SC
Sarah Ellen Branton
Sarah Branton
July 1894126Dogwood Neck Township, Horry, SC5January 25, 19388343Conway, Horry, SC
Helen Daisy Bridgeman
December 4, 1879141Horry, SC5July 29, 19378357Horry, SC
John Hardee Brinson Jr.
January 30, 1883138SC1October 27, 19398156Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph Mack Brown Sr
July 2, 194773Mullins, Marion, SC1May 20, 20071359Mullins, Marion, SC
Sarah “Sally” Brown
April 1861160SC1190711445Horry, SC
Harriett Wayne “Hattie” Bryan
October 15, 1846174Horry, SC1February 21, 19368589Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Arthur Garfield Bryant Sr
October 16, 1891129Conway, Horry, SC6June 5, 19764484Lakeland, Polk, FL
Asa Albert “Acie” Bryant
November 17, 1896124Horry, SC0November 2, 19635766Jacksonville, Duval, FL
Cornelius Judson Bryant
December 22, 1859161Horry, SC8July 27, 19427882Conway, Horry, SC
Dow Maulsby Bryant
August 17, 1898122Conway, Horry, SC0July 13, 19705071Dade, FL
Ervin Van Buren Bryant
September 25, 1884136Shell, Horry, SC4June 24, 19596174Conway, Horry, SC
Gaston McNeal Bryant
March 5, 1894127Mullins, Marion, SC1December 21, 19368442Buncombe, NC
George Washington Bryant
July 1858162Horry, SC019259666
Giles Leonard Bryant
March 1843178Marion, SC0September 11, 191510572Horry, SC
Lewis Henderson Bryant Sr
June 2, 1885135Horry, SC2February 8, 19517065Horry, SC
Margaret Ruth “Maggie” Bryant
March 9, 1893128Horry, SC0July 9, 19576364Charleston, SC
Mary Sue “Mollie” Bryant
July 31, 1865155Marion, SC1May 23, 19467480Latta, Dillon, SC
Mattie Blanche Bryant
June 4, 1888132SC1December 13, 19655577SC
Nancy Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bryant
November 1, 1889131Horry, SC0March 27, 19883398Loris East, Horry, SC
Solomon Bryant Cpl
1829192SC1April 4, 191810389Marion, SC
Steven A Bryant
Stephen A Bryant
July 2, 1857163Horry, SC1January 26, 19358677Green Sea, Horry, SC
William Harley Bryant Jr.
June 6, 1862158Conway, Horry, SC3March 17, 19477484Marion, SC
Delmae Bullard
October 15, 1894126Loris, Horry, SC1June 30, 19467451Green Sea, Horry, SC
Florence Ettie Bullard
December 19, 1879141Horry, SC2April 23, 19348654Horry, SC
James Wesley “Sam” Bullard Sr
April 7, 1841180Columbus, NC2May 30, 191610475Horry, SC
Mary “Mamie” Burroughs
October 1, 1896124Horry, SC1August 25, 19774380Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Frances Caroline Butler
December 25, 1846174Brunswick, NC1December 31, 19289282Bughill, Columbus, NC
Ruth Serena Butler
August 14, 1824196NC1April 23, 190711382Guide, Columbus, NC
John James Caines Rev
November 20, 1878142Horry, SC1June 15, 19606081Loris, Horry, SC
Samuel James Caines Rev
November 3, 1850170SC1May 7, 19289277Horry, SC
Annie Jane F. Carroll
December 17, 1875145Horry, SC1March 24, 19487372Conway, Horry, SC
Daniel Egbert Carroll
July 6, 1844176Horry, SC2February 7, 191710472Conway Township, Horry, SC
Eliza Carroll
July 19, 1856164Horry, SC4June 20, 19338776Conway, Horry, SC
George Daniel Carroll
May 20, 1871149Horry, SC1August 19, 19368465Conway, Horry, SC
Sarah Elizabeth Carroll
October 1844176Horry, SC1September 5, 192010075Horry, SC
Albert Wingate Carter
December 26, 1877143Horry, SC1June 13, 19279349Loris, Horry, SC
Armajah Wingate Carter
November 1847173Horry, SC1
Avery Jason Carter Sr
January 26, 1890131Horry, SC9August 17, 19685278Longs, Horry, SC
Effie Jane Carter
December 20, 1895125Horry, SC1November 14, 19932797Rock Hill, York, SC
Frances Elizabeth Carter
June 18, 1864156Simpson Creek, Horry, SC10March 23, 19279462Horry, SC
Gardner Baxter or Braxton Carter
Gardner Braxton Carter
August 2, 1892
128Horry, SC
3March 5, 1931
9038Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Helen Cornelia Carter
February 1858163Horry, SC319378478Horry, SC
Jesse Pinckney Carter
May 22, 1895125Horry, SC4January 20, 19833887Loris, Horry, SC
John Franklin Carter
January 20, 1872149Horry, SC2September 11, 192010048Calabash, Brunswick, NC
John Robert “Bob” Carter Sr
John Robert Carter
March 8, 1886
March 8, 1886
135Horry, SC
Horry, SC
5August 26, 1973
August 26, 1973
4787Horry, SC
Longs, Horry, SC
Joseph Elmore Carter Jr
July 9, 1853167Horry, SC1March 9, 190311849Horry, SC
Joseph Johnson Carter
August 25, 1869
August 25, 1869
151Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2August 23, 1947
August 23, 1947
7377buried @ Carter Cemetery in Loris, Horry, SC
Loris, Horry, SC
Nancy Tilton Carter
August 28, 1878
August 28, 1878
142Horry, SC
Horry, SC
3April 8, 1923
April 8, 1923
9844Loris, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Pinkney Poleon Carter
September 16, 1857163Horry, SC4November 22, 19388281Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Wade Hampton Carter
October 22, 1890130SC1November 26, 19774387Loris, Horry, SC
William Carter
December 2, 1842178Simpson Creek, Horry, SC1October 6, 19249681Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
William Enoch Carter
March 3, 1864157SC1June 1, 19447680Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC
Charlotte Ann Causey
March 1, 1872149SC1March 3, 191610544Williams, Columbus, NC
James A Causey
October 27, 1861159Horry, SC0August 28, 191710355Horry, SC
John D Causey
John Causey
February 15, 1875
February 15, 1875
146Horry, SC
11035Horry, SC
John Frank Causey
October 20, 1872148Horry, SC1April 18, 19556582Daisy, Loris, Horry, SC
John Robertson “Rob” Causey
March 3, 1880141Horry, SC1March 21, 19487368Conway, Horry, SC
Martha Elizabeth Causey
December 22, 1849171Horry, SC1July 19, 190311753Horry, SC
Molsey Causey
April 19, 1871149Horry, SC1April 17, 19467474Horry, SC
Robert Benjamin Chesnut Jr Rev
July 12, 1862158Horry, SC3February 19, 19487385Horry, SC
Alva Della Chestnut Milligan
May 7, 1858162Horry, SC0February 18, 19239864Horry, SC
Adaline Chestnut
February 1880141Berkeley, SC0
Adyne Leona Chestnut
April 2, 1895126Horry, SC2January 1, 19794283Conway, Horry, SC
Alvanie Albert Buck “Vannie” Chestnut
August 29, 1899121Conway, Horry, SC6July 9, 19972397Calabash, Brunswick, NC
Amplus Orbin “Aubry” Chestnut
January 27, 1895126Horry, SC1December 21, 19437748Conway, Horry, SC
Archie “Arch” Evan Chestnut
May 19, 1884136Oakdale, Horry, SC3February 10, 19477462Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Arrie Levia Chestnut
August 30, 1878142Horry, SC1November 30, 19556577Conway, Horry, SC
Austin McNeil Chestnut
October 3, 1886134Horry, SC2March 24, 19814094Loris, Horry, SC
Bailey McKinley Chestnut
June 24, 1870150Horry, SC4February 8, 19309159Horry, SC
Candice Idena Chestnut
October 1, 1873147Horry, SC2September 16, 19427868Horry, SC
Charles William “Charlie” Chestnut
January 1, 1887134Berkeley, SC0January 2, 19368549Holly Hill, Orangeburg, SC
Charlotte Ann Chestnut
June 4, 1859161Horry, SC1March 15, 19408180Columbia, FL
Charlotte Lafayette “Fate” Chestnut
October 8, 1878142Horry, SC4November 8, 19497171Horry, SC
Clara Essie Chestnut
May 20, 1894126Conway, Horry, SC3December 30, 19318937Conway, Horry, SC
Coleman Chestnut
November 27, 1833187Horry, SC2August 17, 191110977Shell, Horry, SC
Cornelius “Neil” Chestnut
April 20, 1835185Horry, SC10June 15, 190811273Holly Hill, Orangeburg, SC
Cynthia Beatrice Chestnut
June 18, 1891129Shell, Horry, SC5July 16, 19774386Lakeland, Polk, FL
Daniel Henry “Bud” (DH) Chestnut Pvt
June 3, 1833187Conway, Horry, SC4December 13, 190911176Conway, Horry, SC
Eliza Ann “Liza” Chestnut
December 10, 1860160SC1April 6, 190311842Eldorado, Horry, SC
Ernest Lemuel Chestnut
April 26, 1886134Conway, Horry, SC6November 24, 19249638Shell, Horry, SC
George L. Chestnut
April 1, 1889132Berkeley, SC0September 22, 19606071Richland, SC
Henry Calhoun Chestnut
June 22, 1881139Berkeley, SC0April 6, 19625980Orangeburg, SC
James Washington Chestnut
November 18, 1853167Horry, SC1October 8, 190911155Shell, Horry, SC
Jasper Mitchell Chestnut
July 5, 1861159Horry, SC3September 25, 19417980Conway, Horry, SC
Jessie James Chestnut
January 16, 1859162Conway, Horry, SC10October 3, 19249665Horry, SC
Jonathan McQueen Chestnut Sr
May 1841179Horry, SC3190511663Horry, SC
Joseph Franklin Chestnut
October 27, 1876144Horry, SC1October 11, 19487271Conway, Horry, SC
Landy Woodbury Chestnut
September 27, 1890130Horry, SC0March 28, 19774486Charleston, SC
Lula Mae Chestnut
November 30, 1890130Horry, SC0December 16, 19606070Horry, SC
Marjorie “Margie” D Chestnut
March 1, 1884137Conway, Horry, SC4June 24, 19645680Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Elizabeth Chestnut
March 18, 1879142Conway, Horry, SC7July 6, 19774398Whitesboro, Oneida, NY
Mary Ella “Big Ma” Chestnut
January 20, 1887134Horry, SC0February 15, 19734886Durham, NC
Mary Frances Chestnut
1841180Conway, Horry, SC2about 191011169Horry, SC
Mary Margaret “Maggie” Chestnut
April 3, 1863158Horry, SC1December 13, 19259562Conway, Horry, SC
Maude Jane Chestnut
September 8, 1892128Conway, Horry, SC0December 31, 19714979Horry, SC
Melvina Elneeta Chestnut
August 11, 1874146SC3August 18, 19536779Horry, SC
Michael Irdell Chestnut
March 16, 1861160Horry, SC3January 23, 19269564Simpson Creek Township, Horry, SC
Nancy Glenn Dora Chestnut
December 7, 1896124Conway, Horry, SC9July 19, 19962499Conway, Horry, SC
Olan Asa “Acey” Chestnut
May 18, 1873147SC0November 3, 19556582Shell, Horry, SC
Oscar Lee Chestnut
April 1, 1899122SC3February 22, 19823982Conway, Horry, SC
Ozzie Hamilton Chestnut
March 2, 1888133Shell, Horry, SC10December 9, 19764488Conway, Horry, SC
Ready Benjamin Chestnut Jr
February 27, 1838183Conway, Horry, SC2July 24, 191510577Richland, SC
Robert Harley Chestnut
April 7, 1874147Conway, Horry, SC1April 25, 19526878Orangeburg, SC
Sarah Elizabeth Chestnut
August 6, 1864156Horry, SC1September 27, 19427878Horry, SC
Sarah Isadora “Izzie” Chestnut
October 24, 1867153Horry, SC1April 4, 19487380Conway, Horry, SC
Simms Mentor Chestnut
May 9, 1867153Horry, SC1September 1, 19497182Horry, SC
William Grier “Bud” Chestnut Rev
W. G. Chestnut
November 20, 1856164Horry, SC1August 12, 19417984Horry, SC
William Norton Chestnut
January 15, 1880141Horry, SC0May 15, 19685288Conway, Horry, SC
William Thomas Chestnut
February 13, 1871150SC0June 6, 191510544Horry, SC
Mary Elizabeth Clarady
March 11, 1853168Horry, SC1October 29, 19328879Horry, SC
Jonah David Collins
May 10, 1883137Horry, SC9August 21, 19536770Conway, Horry, SC
Rufus Floyd Connell
February 10, 1898123Brooks, GA1August 5, 19665468Jacksonville, Telfair, GA
Cora Orilla Cook
December 31, 1894126Loris, Horry, SC9June 11, 19804085Whiteville, Columbus, NC
Hosea Cook
January 2, 1830191Orrum, Robeson, NC1March 23, 190611576Marion, SC
James Henry Cook
February 3, 1859162Robeson, NC2February 19, 19269567Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Lyde Valentine Cook
November 14, 1884136Horry, SC2January 30, 19269541Conway, Horry, SC
Helen Cooper
August 1, 1865155SC1November 16, 19497184Horry, SC
Homer Cooper
February 24, 1885136SC1July 22, 19586273Horry, SC
Russel Cooper
December 2, 1840180SC1November 30, 19229881Georgetown, SC
Sadie Edith Martin Cooper
November 1, 1892128SC1February 21, 19794286SC
Rebecca J Cox Carter Williamson
May 5, 1838182Horry, SC1
Alice Prudence “Prue” Cox
May 3, 1837183Columbus, NC1May 3, 191510578Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Andrew Jackson Cox
September 26, 1882138Horry, SC6October 3, 19309048Horry, SC
Annie Cox
Anna Cox
December 16, 1858
December 16, 1858
162Columbus, Muscogee, GA1January 28, 1922
January 28, 1922
9963Guide, Columbus, NC
Columbus, NC
Charlie Marshall Cox
April 16, 1894126Tabor City, Columbus, NC1March 3, 19695274Conway, Horry, SC
Daniel D. Cox
December 27, 1854166Horry, SC3March 1, 19269571Horry, SC
Daniel Mardonia Lamar Cox
September 10, 1847173Columbus, NC1August 2, 189512547Horry, SC
Daniel Pinckney Cox
January 6, 1858163Guide, Columbus, NC1December 5, 19269468Columbus, NC
Dillon Fletcher Cox
June 13, 1855
June 13, 1855
165Green Sea, Horry, SC
Green Sea, Horry, SC
2May 29, 1928
May 29, 1928
9272Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Dillon Fletcher Cox Jr
August 6, 1894126SC1June 14, 19774382Loris, Horry, SC
Dora Jane “Janie” Cox
April 10, 1900121Columbus, NC1July 19, 19794179Loris, Horry, SC
Dorcas Ellen Cox
October 10, 1868152Horry, SC1August 6, 191810249Horry, SC
E. James “Jim” Cox
about 1868153NC1after 192010152Horry, SC
Elbert O Restus Cox
September 22, 1894126SC0June 12, 19843689Loris, Horry, SC
Emma Eliza Cox
September 23, 1872148Horry, SC1October 25, 19437771Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Frances Melvina Cox
June 14, 1856164Horry, SC0July 21, 192010064Horry, SC
George Lonnie Cox
September 4, 1874146Horry, SC4September 9, 19566482Horry, SC
George Samuel Cox
February 6, 1872149Conway, Horry, SC1January 21, 19398266Port Mayaca, Martin, FL
Henry Grady Cox Sr.
August 26, 1894126Horry, SC3August 27, 19813987Loris, Horry, SC
Hosea Ervin Cox
November 22, 1896124Horry, SC1January 19744777Lancaster, SC
James Alston Cox Sr
March 5, 1880141NC1June 24, 19546674Chadbourn, Columbus, NC
James R. G. Cox
March 3, 1839182Horry, SC1August 14, 19249685Loris, Horry, SC
Jesse Samual Cox
May 29, 1817203Columbus, NC1March 18, 190711489Guide, Columbus, NC
John Franklin Cox
October 30, 1865155Columbus, NC1October 30, 19328867Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
John Quincy Cox
November 5, 1896124Horry, SC1October 8, 19863489Loris, Horry, SC
John Samuel Cox Pvt
February 8, 1823198Horry, SC5December 28, 190211879Horry, SC
Joseph Bunyon Cox
April 11, 1882139Horry, SC0December 22, 19526870Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph Jackson Cox
June 27, 1881139Horry, SC1July 13, 19417960Horry, SC
Joseph McKennith Cox
October 9, 1850170Horry, SC2February 8, 19368585Horry, SC
Julius Washington Cox
September 14, 1849171SC1October 10, 19229873Conway, Horry, SC
Leonard Jasper Cox
October 24, 1862158Columbus, NC1November 30, 19289266Horry, SC
Louisa M. Cox
October 1849171Columbus, NC1June 14, 191910169Horry, SC
Mack Norton Cox
April 30, 1889131Horry, SC2December 4, 19615972Horry, SC
Martha Lezettie “Zettie” Cox
January 17, 1889132Horry, SC6December 8, 19853596Loris, Horry, SC
Mary Ann Cox
January 4, 1841180Horry, SC5June 7, 191210871Loris, Horry, SC
Mary Ann Cox
November 25, 1856164Horry, SC4December 24, 19289272Horry, SC
Mary Elizabeth Cox
March 17, 1859162Horry, SC1September 29, 19398180Loris, Horry, SC
Mary Emmaline Cox
August 7, 1859161Columbus, NC1April 26, 19348674Dothan, Columbus, NC
Mary “Mae” Frances Cox
April 24, 1885135Columbus, NC2November 13, 19546669Horry, SC
Mary Frances Cox
October 2, 1886134Horry, SC1March 5, 19715084Loris, Horry, SC
Mary Patience “Annie” Cox
Annie Patience Cox
January 9, 1866
January 9, 1866
155Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2November 3, 1925
November 3, 1925
9559Loris, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Mayo Daniel Cox
December 9, 1893127Green Sea, Horry, SC1June 21, 19685274Loris, Horry, SC
Melvina “Mellie” M. Cox
February 1, 1861160SC10July 10, 190111940Horry, SC
Nancy Anna Cox
December 1826194Horry, SC5between 1900 and 191012173Horry, SC
Nancy Jane Cox
July 17, 1883137SC1December 9, 19685285Loris, Horry, SC
Needham James Cox Jr
November 2, 1861159SC10March 10, 19378475Horry, SC
Nolie A. (Novalan) Cox
Nolie Ann Cox
March 5, 1880
March 5, 1880
Horry, SC
2June 24, 1970
June 24, 1970
5090Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
New Hanover, NC
Olen Levant Cox
November 14, 1884136Horry, SC2August 13, 19705085Shallotte, Brunswick, NC
Orian Mace “Orren” Cox
January 22, 1900121Horry, SC1October 10, 19813981Loris, Horry, SC
Otho Lee Cox
May 11, 1879141Guide, Columbus, NC1December 15, 19388259Loris, Horry, SC
Ottis Ulate Cox
Otis Cox
September 29, 1898
about 1899
122Columbus, NC
1May 5, 19794180Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Prudence Emily Cox
May 28, 1853167Horry, SC1October 16, 19259572Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Roxie Ann Cox
October 22, 1889131Horry, SC0June 29, 19764486Daisy, Loris, Horry, SC
Sarah Caldonia Cox
October 12, 1864156Horry, SC3January 19, 191610551Horry, SC
Thomas James Cox Sr
June 18, 1886134Horry, SC1April 21, 19536766Horry, SC
Thomas Pinkney Cox
September 21, 1859161Horry, SC5February 21, 19289368Horry, SC
William Derick “Willie D.” Cox
April 26, 1875145Horry, SC3September 14, 19338758Horry, SC
William Franklin Cox
April 3, 1892129Horry, SC1February 9, 19517058Horry, SC
William McDaniel “Max” Cox
October 24, 1897123Horry, SC5January 25, 19794281Lexington, SC
William Pinckney “Pink” Cox
January 9, 1862159SC1May 17, 19388276Horry, SC
William Pinkney Cox
1832189Horry, SC2190012168Horry, SC
William Henry Currie
March 30, 1868153Marion, SC1September 26, 19427874Green Sea Cemetery, Green Sea, Horry, SC
Francis “Fanny” L. Davis
December 30, 1881139NC1December 20, 19705088Conway, Horry, SC
Nancy Jane Davis
March 1853168Summerville, NC0March 13, 190311850Charleston, SC
Portia Elizabeth Davis
September 27, 1841179Laguardo, Wilson, TN1November 11, 19219980Lebanon, Wilson, TN
Julia Carolina “Callie” Delory
February 19, 1871150Horry, SC9August 4, 19388267Conway, Horry, SC
Lawrence M DeLory
about May 1837
about May 1837
1August 19, 190511568SC
Sarah Jane Dew
August 22, 1861159SC3February 23, 19447782Conway, Horry, SC
Augusta Adrian “Gussie” Dillard
February 6, 1896125Robeson, NC2February 8, 19635867Horry, SC
Stephen Dillard
April 1871150Robeson, NC1January 4, 19497277Boardman, Columbus, NC
Herbert Brooks Dorman
June 1, 1894126Columbus, NC1June 14, 19635769Horry, SC
Jane Agnes Dorman
July 1861159Horry, SC1March 3, 192010158Tabor City, Columbus, NC
John Arthur Dorman
September 23, 1858162Horry, SC2May 18, 19388279Adrian, Horry, SC
Lutie Jane Dorman
October 18, 1890130Horry, SC1February 7, 19645773Loris, Horry, SC
William George Dorman
September 1832188Horry, SC1after 191011177Horry, SC
Eliza Ann Doyle
November 29, 1868152Horry, SC1June 30, 19398170Horry, SC
Harrison Leo Doyle
January 1837184Horry, SC2190012163Horry, SC
John Harrison Doyle
November 30, 1882138SC1August 22, 19556572Conway, Horry, SC
Katie B Doyle
May 4, 1896124Horry, SC2April 19665569Loris, Horry, SC
Lucy Lee Doyle
September 10, 1872148SC2October 11, 19625890Horry, SC
Virginia Lafayette Doyle
September 17, 1861159Conway, Horry, SC5May 11, 191110949Conway, Horry, SC
Frances Emaline Dudley
July 23, 1854166NC1April 3, 190311848Horry, SC
Andrew Jackson Duncan
July 30, 1856164NC2October 18, 190911153SC
Doctor Buren Duncan
April 12, 1896125SC4January 22, 19685371Loris, Horry, SC
James Duffie Duncan Pvt
April 18, 1891129Horry, SC0February 27, 19734881Loris, Horry, SC
Mary Jane Duncan
January 1848173NC2191011162
Mary Ulela Durant
August 24, 1860160SC1June 27, 19398178Horry, SC
Ada Loie Edge
September 30, 1880140Horry, SC1January 11, 19338852Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC
Admiral Dewey Edge
May 2, 1895125Horry, SC1July 2, 19536758Horry, SC
Alice Lenore “Nora” Edge
November 30, 1868152Horry, SC0March 23, 19477478Conway, Horry, SC
Armissa Matilda Edge
April 7, 1857164SC1August 17, 19338776Horry, SC
Cora Belle Edge
May 14, 1891129SC1January 2, 19675475Loris, Horry, SC
Daniel Dozier Edge
October 3, 1860160Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC1September 13, 19417980Longs, Horry, SC
Daniel Murchison Edge Rev Sgt
March 6, 1845176Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC2February 22, 191111065Horry, SC
Eliza Ann Edge
January 27, 1821200Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC1April 28, 190711386Horry, SC
Frances H Edge
August 18, 1820200Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC1May 9, 190311782Astatula, Lake, FL
Francis “Fannie” Edge
June 17, 1838182Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC2March 24, 19229983Conway, Horry, SC
Havalla Melissa Edge
June 21, 1866154Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC3January 28, 19616094Loris, Horry, SC
Lavenia “Vina” Ann H. Edge
April 29, 1865155Horry, SC1November 29, 19556590Nixonville, Horry, SC
Nancy Ann Edge
June 22, 1855165Horry, SC1March 19, 19348778Loris, Horry, SC
Susan Carolina Edge
April 17, 1849171Horry, SC5January 4, 195170101Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Susan Etta Edge
April 20, 1878142Horry, SC1December 14, 19437765Florence, SC
Talula Armenta “Lina” Edge
February 2, 1876145Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC1March 21, 19507174Longs, Horry, SC
William Levall Edge
December 25, 1839181Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC2July 18, 190211862Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC
Wilson Mitchel Edge
December 13, 1841179Horry, SC1August 3, 19239781Horry, SC
Isabelle Belle Elkins
March 1861160Seymour, Jackson, Indiana019507188Montgomery, Indiana
Lucy Catherine Ezzell
April 13, 1858163Columbus, NC1February 25, 19269567Whiteville, Columbus, NC
American Faircloth
March 1842179Horry, SC1
Christopher Needham “Christy” Faircloth
November 3, 1887133Horry, SC6May 26, 19655577Horry, SC
Cora Jane Faircloth
July 8, 1891129Simpson Creek, Horry, SC1August 28, 19576366Loris, Horry, SC
Eliza Jane Faircloth
1850171Horry, SC1November 29, 19249674Morven, Brooks, GA
Ether Nettie Faircloth
April 26, 1875145SC1December 25, 190111926Horry, SC
Frosta Rebecca Faircloth
June 5, 1883137Horry, SC1December 9, 19576374Horry, SC
Harriett Caroline Faircloth
February 3, 1853168Horry, SC2April 18, 19279374Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Idella Faircloth
August 1872148Horry, SC1August 18, 190511533Horry, SC
Jonathan Monroe Faircloth
John M. Faircloth
November 14, 1852
May 1865
168Horry, SC
Horry, , SC, US
1November 14, 1922
November 14, 1922
9870Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Lewis Franklin “Frank” Faircloth
1852169Horry, SC2December 2, 19269474Florence, SC
Mary Ann Faircloth
January 25, 1848173Horry, SC1August 9, 19259577Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Sarah E. Faircloth
November 3, 1855165Horry, SC1April 20, 19259569Horry, SC
Beatrice Priscilla Faulk
May 10, 1895125Horry, SC2January 30, 19724976Conway, Horry, SC
John Joseph “James” Faulk
September 24, 1855165Horry, SC3May 21, 191810262Horry, SC
Mary Ida Faulk
August 29, 1883137Shell, Horry, SC2March 26, 19586374Conway, Horry, SC
Pinkie Adeline Faulk
September 8, 1892128Horry, SC10October 11, 19744682Conway, Horry, SC
Sarah E A J Fipps
February 1883138Horry, SC0190411720NC
Ella Jane Fisher
June 1880140Horry, SC10December 20, 19259545Conway, Horry, SC
Eva Caladonia Floyd
July 4, 1892128Horry, SC2September 5, 19348642Horry, SC
William J Floyd
July 1869151SC1March 17, 192110051Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Armajah R Fowler
June 28, 1847173Horry, SC1November 11, 191810271Columbus, NC
Bithel Manassa Fowler
September 18, 1869151Horry, SC0May 7, 19507080Columbus, NC
Celia Fowler
June 16, 1852168Tabor City, Columbus, NC2July 16, 19378385Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Frances E Fowler
September 1875145Horry, SC1after 190012124Horry, SC
Hester Ann Fowler
June 10, 1861159NC1September 4, 19328871SC
James Furman Fowler
March 17, 1845176Mullins, Marion, SC1August 31, 19299184Mullins, Marion, SC
Lula Mae Fowler
September 8, 1889131Horry, SC2January 5, 19616071Horry, SC
Malcolm Fowler
October 2, 1854166NC1April 16, 191710362Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Roland Monroe Fowler Sr
August 31, 1877143Marion, SC8October 26, 19546677Mullins, Marion, SC
Lavita Dale Futch
Levila Futch
November 1, 1882138Burgaw, Pender, NC1August 29, 19398156Conway, Horry, SC
John Wesley Galloway
March 11, 1894127Supply, Brunswick, NC1April 27, 19447650Brunswick, NC
Gemma Gause Adams
December 6, 1868152Jacksonport, Jackson, AR0September 23, 19318962Lebanon, Wilson, TN
Anna Louise Gause
August 9, 1861159Brunswick, NC1October 8, 19289267Rocky Mount, Nash, NC
Bert Mayo Gause Sr
January 16, 1900121Horry, SC0November 30, 19774377Loris, Horry, SC
Della “Dettie” Myrtle Gause
September 2, 1895125Horry, SC1March 19794283Loris, Horry, SC
Emeline Elizabeth Gause
May 21, 1851169Horry, SC3January 24, 191910267Loris, Horry, SC
Estella Isabel “Stella” Gause
March 10, 1868153SC1August 11, 19378369Conway, Horry, SC
Fletcher Cornelius Gause Sr.
August 30, 1897123Horry, SC1December 19724875Loris, Horry, SC
Frances A. Gause
about 1868153SC1
Frances “Fannie” Rosella Gause
Fannie Mae Garse

December 1, 1885135Horry, SC10July 11, 19655579Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC
George Milton Gause
January 5, 1893128SC4November 18, 19586265Loris, Horry, SC
George Wilson Gause
September 10, 1889131Horry, SC0April 1, 19437853Loris, Horry, SC
James Asbury Gause
September 8, 1876144SC0January 2, 19378460Horry, SC
James Fletcher Gause
October 26, 1862158Horry, SC7June 26, 19219958Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
John Gause
August 1835185SC1
Joseph Marion Gause
January 15, 1865156SC3October 15, 19625897Horry, SC
Juliann M Gause
March 20, 1871150Horry, SC10September 28, 19388267Horry, SC
McCarroll Bangs Gause Pvt
M. C. B. Green
March 19, 1833188NC1October 18, 190012067Texas
Nancy Gause
1863158Horry, SC519358672Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Nicholas Burroughs “Nick” Gause
October 29, 1872148Horry, SC1June 1, 19398166Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Samuel Sydney Gause Jr
June 24, 1839181Durhamville, Lauderdale, TN1June 1, 190111961Laguardo, Wilson, TN
Sephronia Gause
March 17, 1859162Horry, SC4May 18, 19398180Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Wesley Cole Darty Gause
June 1, 1854166Horry, SC4May 14, 19289273Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
William A Gause
April 17, 1884136Horry, SC0January 29, 191410729Horry, SC
William Culverhouse Gause Pvt
October 18, 1833187Horry, SC4March 2, 190811374Horry, SC
William Davis Gause
October 2, 1894126Horry, SC2August 15, 19665471Loris, Horry, SC
Almira M. Gerald
March 27, 1868153Columbus, NC5February 28, 19536884Horry, SC
Amelia Emaline Gerald
April 28, 1855165Horry, SC1December 28, 19259570Simpson Creek Township, Horry, SC
Elisa J. Gerald
August 9, 1846174Horry, SC1April 15, 191510668Loris, Horry, SC
Frances Emeline Gerald
Francis Emeline Gerald
January 17, 1859
January 1859
162Horry, SC
3April 25, 19309071Horry, SC
Lucian Cornelius Gerald
December 4, 1892128Horry, SC1December 16, 19655573Allsbrook, Horry, SC
Della Mae Gerrald
September 16, 1885135Horry, SC3March 31, 19754689Marion, SC
Benjamin Gouse Gilmore
Benjamin Gilmore
February 5, 1857
February 5, 1857
164Horry, SC,
Horry, SC
3July 2, 1929
July 2, 1929
9172Loris, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Elva Melvina Gilmore
September 15, 1891129Horry, SC0November 1, 19754584Conway, Horry, SC
Zella Victoria “Zellie” Gilmore
September 14, 1897123Horry, SC8May 28, 19863488Loris, Horry, SC
Della J Goff
September 7, 1874146Horry, SC1November 7, 19596185Daisy, Horry, SC
Henry Melton Goff
February 26, 1845176Horry, SC3June 23, 19259580Simpson Creek Township, Horry, SC
J. H. Goff
December 23, 1871149Horry, SC2September 1, 19526880Loris, Horry, SC
Della Ann Goodyear
November 27, 1855165Marion, SC2September 16, 19437787Conway, Horry, SC
Mary “Mincey” Goodyear
1828193Horry, SC4after 190012172Horry, SC
Charles Wesley Gordon
September 25, 1854166Guilford, NC1February 17, 191510660Hamlet, Richmond, NC
Martha Elizabeth “Mattie” Gordon
December 3, 1891129Marion, SC8April 19, 19764484Mullins, Marion, SC
Jett Gore Causey
August 1, 1898122Columbus, NC1August 7, 19388240Horry, SC
Albert Joseph Gore
July 1, 1848172SC1April 11, 191111062Cedar Bay Baptist Church Cemetery, Conway, Horry
Asa Fletcher Gore
May 23, 1831189Columbus, NC2November 27, 190511574Gallivants Ferry, Horry, SC
Asa Mizell “Acie” Gore
April 1870151Columbus, NC1January 23, 19309159Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Christopher Columbus Gore
June 13, 1846174SC1November 3, 191910173Horry, SC
Dorcas Ann Gore
June 25, 1854166Columbus, NC1September 23, 19388284Nakina, Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Dorcas Louisa Gore
June 15, 1834186Horry, SC1January 5, 191310878Horry, SC
George Madison Gore
January 28, 1889132SC1July 12, 19497160Horry, SC
George Washington Gore Rev
January 14, 1858163Columbus, NC4April 3, 19239865Loris, Horry, SC
George William “Willie” Gore
December 9, 1874146Simpson Creek, Horry, SC1February 22, 19437868Buck Creek Cem, Longs, Horry, SC
Henry Cewell Gore
June 5, 1870150Horry, SC1August 18, 19368466Horry, SC
Herman W Gore
September 30, 1896124SC0May 2, 19615964Loris, Horry, SC
Hiram McRay “Mack” Gore
March 5, 1892129Shell, Horry, SC1March 2, 19606167Conway, Horry, SC
James Marvin “Pappy” Gore
January 22, 1887134Columbus, NC1March 22, 19744787Olyphic Community, Columbus, NC
James Monroe Gore
January 9, 1857164Columbus, NC4March 4, 190511648Horry, SC
James Owen Gore
July 26, 1887133Horry, SC2January 29, 19239835Simpson Creek Township, Horry, SC
John Bunyan Gore
January 7, 1834187Columbus, NC1May 21, 191011076Columbus, NC
John Henry Vanderbilt Gore
April 12, 1884137Nakina, Columbus, NC2March 14, 19734888Whiteville, Columbus, NC
John Joseph Coval Gore
May 23, 1837183Longwood, Brunswick, NC1December 11, 191710380Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
John Pinkerston Gore
March 1, 1842179Brunswick, NC1November 19, 190111959FL
John Robert Gore
August 20, 1879141Horry, SC3September 21, 19427863Loris, Horry, SC
Jonathan Edward Gore
July 1855165Horry, SC0
Joseph Fletcher Gore
November 4, 1869151SC1August 8, 19408070Galivants Ferry, Horry, SC
Joseph Luther “Joe” Gore Sr
November 13, 1887133Horry, SC11April 3, 19675479Conway, Horry, SC
Joshua Gore
May 23, 1845175Columbus, NC1November 30, 19219976Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Julia E Gore
July 29, 1879141Little River, Horry, SC1September 15, 19606081Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Ann Gore
January 13, 1846175Brunswick, NC2June 4, 19259579Horry, SC
Mary Anna “Mamie” Gore
November 3, 1877143Conway, Horry, SC1July 3, 19447666Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC
Mary Ella Gore
August 12, 1899121Bug Hill, Columbus, NC2October 20, 19417942Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Mary M. Gore
October 1859161Columbus, NC4April 13, 19269566Conway, Horry, SC
Nancy Idella “Della” Gore
February 28, 1884137Horry, SC1January 17, 19309145Horry, SC
Nancy J Gore
January 11, 1892129Simpson Creek, Horry, SC0April 15, 19665574Conway, Horry, SC
Norvil R Gore
Novell Robinson Gore Sr
October 23, 1880
October 23, 1880
140Levy, FL
Levy, FL
1January 2, 19467565Levy, FL
Prudence Gore
October 26, 1828192Horry, SC1July 30, 190012071Horry, SC
Rhett Gore
August 1, 1898122Horry, SC3September 20, 19655567Horry, SC
Sabra Elizabeth “Betty” Gore
September 26, 1848172Columbus, NC1July 8, 191510566Simpson Creek Township, Horry, SC
Sadie Cecilia Gore
January 6, 1896125Conway, Horry, SC1April 10, 19804184Shell, Horry, SC
Samuel Calvin Gore
May 5, 1868152Conway, Horry, SC5February 7, 19249755Conway, Horry, SC
Samuel R Gore
September 22, 1847173Columbus, NC1July 25, 191210864Horry, SC
Solon Lorenzo Gore
January 8, 1839182Pireway, Columbus, NC1September 3, 192010081Pireway, Columbus, NC
Stephen Petaway Gore
February 12, 1885136Horry, SC6September 22, 19368451Shell, Horry, SC
Steven Alton Gore
August 16, 1865155Columbus, NC1November 1, 19368471Horry, SC
William James Gore
August 31, 1857163FL0November 14, 190811251Levy, FL
William Miller Gore
William M Gore
March 9, 1869152Nakina, Columbus, NC3November 15, 19417972Gore Cemetery, Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Young Napoleon Gore
April 9, 1871150NC1December 24, 19408069Williams, Columbus, NC
Addie Blanche Graham
October 19, 1890130Horry, SC1June 13, 19695178Loris, Horry, SC
Albert Doty Graham
September 17, 1889131Loris, Horry, SC2November 11, 19576368Conway, Horry, SC
Elmon Lloyd Graham
July 20, 1895125Horry, SC1July 9, 19695173Loris, Horry, SC
Lola Dell Harrelson Graham
July 21, 1891129Horry, SC1June 13, 19724880Horry, SC
Lou Ellen “Lualen” Graham
November 21, 1868152Horry, SC1January 29, 192110052Horry, SC
Nancy Susanah Graham
March 11, 1856165SC2April 25, 19229866Horry, SC
Rhoda Caroline Graham
October 23, 1827193Horry, SC1August 8, 190311775Aynor, Horry, SC
Russell Calhoun Graham
December 1, 1859161Horry, SC1March 4, 19279467Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Sumpter Marion Graham
October 20, 1883137SC1April 24, 19576373Horry, SC
Synthia Emma Irena Graham
March 13, 1856165SC1June 27, 189212836Loris, Horry, SC
Theoffalus Jenkins “Offie” Graham
December 18, 1832188Horry, SC2August 25, 190511572Horry, SC
William Elbert Graham
April 20, 1862158SC1December 24, 19289266Horry, SC
William Hampton “Willie” Graham
March 25, 1876145Horry, SC2October 6, 19566480Horry, SC
William Thomas Graham
April 28, 1851169Conway, Horry, SC1December 30, 191310762Horry, SC
Garie Sweet Grainger Carroll Goodyear
November 19, 1891129Horry, SC1October 16, 19813989Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Albert C Grainger
February 1868153SC1February 6, 191710449Horry, SC
James Dillion Grainger
March 2, 1882139SC0February 14, 19467563Horry, SC
James Melvin Grainger
January 12, 1852169Simpson Creek, Horry, SC2December 6, 192010068Horry, SC
Louisa Grainger
April 7, 1848173Horry, SC2June 30, 19299181Waccamaw, Brunswick, NC
Lucian Hillard Grainger
January 1855166Horry, SC1November 17, 190711352Horry, SC
Nancy Glendora “Glenn” Grainger
December 3, 1893127Horry, SC1April 5, 19814087Loris, Horry, SC
Rebecca Grainger
August 1847173SC1191410766Loris, Horry, SC
Sarah F “Sallie” Grainger
November 12, 1880140Horry, SC1January 5, 19299248Green, Horry, SC
Temperance Grainger
March 17, 1859162SC1May 5, 19328873Horry, SC
Louisiana J “Sue” Greene
August 1836184AL1June 4, 190811271Houston, Harris, Texas
Anna Jane Hall
January 1834187NC2June 9, 190711373Mizpah Cemetery, Rockingham, Richmond, NC
Martha Elizabeth Hamilton
Lizzie Hamilton
July 28, 1865155Horry, SC3December 18, 19249659Conway, Horry, SC
Katherine Wright Hammack
December 23, 1892128Richmond, VA1March 28, 19467553Loris, Horry, SC
Elizabeth Hammond
about 1815206Columbus, NC1
Annie Hardee Hilburn
September 7, 1894126Chestnuts Crossroads, Horry, SC0January 22, 19616066Chestnuts Crossroads, Horry, SC
Mary Idella “Dell” Hardee Murdock
May 1892128SC0March 31, 19715078Conway, Horry, SC
Frances Hardee Osborne
March 31, 1874147SC0November 4, 19536779Conway, Horry, SC
Hattie M Hardee Porter
April 20, 1895125Horry, SC0March 28, 191210916Horry, SC
Ollie Mae Hardee Suggs
January 6, 1895126Horry, SC2June 17, 19714976Hillcrest Cemetery, Conway, Horry, SC
Charlotte Ann Hardee Todd
December 18, 1883137Horry, SC0February 3, 19635879Daisy, Horry, SC
Nora Jane Hardee Vereen
November 5, 1878142SC0December 7, 191810240Horry, SC
Addie Lezette Hardee
May 29, 1893127Horry, SC3March 19853691Loris, Horry, SC
Alexander L Hardee
April 5, 1861160Conway, Horry, SC2August 12, 19328871Conway, Horry, SC
Allie E Hardee
March 19, 1881140Horry, SC6June 10, 19606079Horry, SC
Amanda Ann Caroline “Callie” Hardee
January 3, 1851170Horry, SC1September 30, 19378386Loris, Horry, SC
Andrew J Hardee
April 10, 1850171SC3July 9, 191510565Horry, SC
Andrew Jackson Hardee Jr
April 28, 1840
April 28, 1840
180Horry, SC
Horry, SC
5July 14, 1908
July 14, 1908
11268Bellamy Cem, Longs, Horry, SC
Longs, Horry, SC
Arletta Louisa “Lettie” Hardee
1858163Horry, SC419447786Horry, SC
Arthur Arren Hardee
November 21, 1886134SC0February 27, 19665579Conway, Horry, SC
Benjamin Dow Hardee Sr
May 7, 1883137Horry, SC2September 16, 19645681Horry, SC
Benjamin N Hardee
Bery Hardee
August 24, 1883137Horry, SC1July 27, 19318947Horry, SC
Blana Lee Hardee
October 22, 1895125Horry, SC1March 16, 19853689Longs, Horry, SC
Celia Jane Hardee
November 20, 1844176Horry, SC1February 16, 191810373Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC
Charles Gleaton “Charlie” Hardee
February 28, 1893128Horry, SC2July 8, 19675374Loris, Horry, SC
Charlotte Emeline or Ellen Hardee
January 20, 1867154Horry, SC7July 26, 191310746Horry, SC
Columbus Grant Hardee
February 13, 1881140Conway, Horry, SC2September 12, 19546673Nixonville, Horry, SC
Cornelius Lennie Hardee
June 21, 1888132Conway, Horry, SC1September 12, 19556567Conway, Horry, SC
Daniel Bunion Hardee
May 30, 1887133Horry, SC0November 3, 19724885Conway, Horry, SC
Daniel Henry Hardee
August 1826194Horry, SC119269599Hickmans Crossroads, Brunswick, NC
Daniel Murchison Hardee
April 13, 1852169Horry, SC0January 25, 190411751McRae, Telfair, GA
Delila Caldonia “Lelia” Hardee
July 1, 1862158Horry, SC2January 8, 19398276Horry, SC
Elizabeth Hardee
May 31, 1825195Horry, SC1November 16, 190611481Horry, SC
ElizaBeth Jane Hardee
November 17, 1851169Horry, SC6September 11, 191410662Horry, SC
Ellen V. Hardee
December 4, 1874146Loris, Horry, SC0September 8, 19645689Loris, Horry, SC
Emmaline R “Emler” Hardee
January 14, 1870151Horry, SC1November 13, 190811238Horry, SC
Eva Mae Hardee
1882139Horry, SC1May 4, 19457563Horry, SC
Everette Perry Hardee Sr
November 8, 1893127Horry, SC1May 14, 19714977Darlington, SC
Everette T. Hardee
March 6, 1866155Horry, SC1September 12, 19309064Conway, Horry, SC
Ferney George Hardee
January 24, 1858163Horry, SC1January 22, 19408181Horry, SC
Frances Emily Hardee
November 14, 1861159Horry, SC2July 3, 191410652Horry, SC
Frances Helen Hardee
March 13, 1856165Horry, SC4December 19, 19269470Daisy, Loris, Horry, SC
Frances Loretta Hardee
October 25, 1868152Horry, SC1October 17, 19358566Raybon, Brantley, GA
Furman Walker Hardee Col
March 23, 1893128SC0April 23, 19586265Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
George Ballen Hardee
G B Hardee
November 22, 1864
about 1867
156Horry, SC
3August 21, 19497184Horry, SC
George Fletcher Hardee
February 24, 1887134Horry, SC1December 31, 19487261Conway, Horry, SC
George M. Hardee
January 1848173SC1
George W. Hardee
April 20, 1851169Horry, SC2March 18, 191910267Conway, Horry, SC
George Washington Hardee
January 16, 1861160Horry, SC5June 16, 19249663Horry, SC
George Wilson Hardee
January 2, 1861160Horry, SC2March 5, 19269565Loris, Horry, SC
Hartford Holmes Hardee
December 23, 1891129Horry, SC1May 25, 1976
May 25, 1976
4484Loris, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Helen Agnes Hardee
August 14, 1854166Horry, SC0February 10, 19299274GA
Helen Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hardee
March 17, 1890131Conway, Horry, SC0August 3, 19645674Conway, Horry, SC
Helen Emma Hardee
May 15, 1869151Horry, SC2January 21, 19447774SC
Honor Jane “Jean” Hardee
November 22, 1866154SC1March 2, 19546787Windy Hill Beach, Horry, SC
Hosea Franklin Hardee
October 24, 1847173Horry, SC3October 14, 19338785Horry, SC
Ida Jane Hardee
February 4, 1874147Horry, SC0March 20, 19348760Horry, SC
Isaac C. Hardee Jr
August 1, 1829191Horry, SC1August 10, 191410685Horry, SC
Isaac Dilliard Hardee
November 22, 1863157Horry, SC5April 12, 19447780Daisy, Horry, SC
Isaac James or Jabish Hardee
February 17, 1857164Horry, SC3December 3, 19477390Nixonville, Horry, SC
Isaac Jesse S Hardee Pvt
May 1841179Horry, SC7after 190012158Horry, SC
Isaac Melvin Hardee
December 23, 1898122Columbus, NC1July 14, 19942695Jacksonville, Onslow, NC
Isaac Perry Hardee
June 26, 1885135Horry, SC1August 24, 19665481Horry, SC
Jackson John “Jackie” Hardee
November 10, 1848172Horry, SC3May 7, 19229873Daisy, Horry, SC
Jackson Ocie “Josie” Hardee
November 1867153Horry, SC3October 19, 19328864Horry, SC
John Furnie Hardee
January 1, 1870151Loris, Horry, SC1April 4, 19338863Horry, SC
John George Hardee
December 23, 1872148Horry, SC2December 27, 19437771Loris, Horry, SC
John Goal Hardee
September 29, 1893127Horry, SC8November 1, 19705077Loris, Horry, SC
John Melton Hardee
August 22, 1897123Horry, SC0September 29, 19675370Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC
John Percy Hardee
June 3, 1896124SC5March 22, 19814084Conway, Horry, SC
Joseph J Hardee
October 1818202SC1
Joseph Wilson Hardee
1848173Horry, SC1after 192010172FL
Leila Hardee
February 13, 1898123Loris, Horry, SC5May 13, 19912993Loris, Horry, SC
Lela Bell Hardee
February 1, 1895126Columbus, NC1May 6, 19239728Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC
Lewis McCaskill Hardee
January 31, 1887134Horry, SC1July 26, 19596172Loris, Horry, SC
Lizzie Belle Hardee
September 24, 1882138Simpson Creek, Horry, SC1July 7, 19467463Longs, Horry, SC
Lizzie Mae Hardee
September 11, 1889131Horry, SC9June 9, 19556565Longs, Horry, SC
Lola Blanche Hardee
December 2, 1883137Horry, SC2May 1, 19714987Loris, Horry, SC
Louisa C Hardee
December 2, 1871149SC1May 12, 191210840SC
Lucretia Hardee
June 1833187Horry, SC1
Lucy Ann Hardee
March 2, 1893128Horry, SC4November 26, 19675374Daisy, Horry, SC
Luther Semon Hardee
June 5, 1892128Columbus, NC0January 10, 19685375Elizabethtown, Bladen, NC
Malinda Hardee
December 16, 1847173Horry, SC2September 9, 19219973Horry, SC
Margaret Theresa Hardee
January 7, 1888
January 7, 1888
133Horry, SC
Horry, SC
1August 1, 19526864Horry, SC
Marsden D. Hardee
February 25, 1845176Horry, SC2January 6, 191910273Horry, SC
Marsden Wade Hardee
November 12, 1847173Horry, SC6June 11, 19299181Marlboro, SC
Martha Elizabeth Hardee
December 14, 1849171Horry, SC2June 8, 19269476Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Ann Hardee
February 17, 1866155Horry, SC1May 15, 19229856Horry, SC
Mary E. Hardee
July 13, 1855165Horry, SC2September 19, 19309075Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC
Mary Eliza Hardee
November 1, 1859161Nixonville, Horry, SC3August 24, 19368476Tilly Swamp, Horry, SC
Mary Ellen Hardee
about 1863158Horry, SC3January 25, 19437880Horry, SC
Mary Melvina “Mellie” Hardee
Mary Melvina Hardee
January 30, 1866
January 30, 1866
155Horry, SC
Horry, SC
3April 2, 1952
April 2, 1952
6986Conway, Horry, SC
Loris, Horry, SC
Mayham Markus Hardee
December 20, 1877143Horry, SC3November 7, 19625884Horry, SC
Needham Major Hardee
December 22, 1872148Horry, SC1June 19, 19299156Simpson Creek Township, Horry, SC
Noah Julius Hardee
Noah Hardee
September 30, 1873
about 1875
147Horry, SC
2February 19675493Loris, Horry, SC
Prudence Elizabeth Hardee
October 1853167Horry, SC119309176Jackson, FL
R. William “Cussin Bill” Jesse Hardee
February 3, 1870151Horry, SC6May 5, 19507080Daisy, Horry, SC
Robert Lexington Hardee
January 10, 1888133Horry, SC6June 25, 19526864Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Robert Mayberry Hardee
February 10, 1850171Horry, SC1April 7, 19368586Horry, SC
Roy Lee “LeRoy” Hardee Sr.
November 1, 1898122Horry, SC1March 6, 19913092Loris, Horry, SC
Samuel M Hardee
June 5, 1853167Horry, SC2March 22, 19447790Lees Township, Columbus, NC
Sarah E Hardee
February 16, 1880141SC0Horry, SC
Sarah Mariah Hardee
1842179Horry, SC2May 29, 191310771Horry, SC
Susan Virginia Hardee
June 14, 1897123Longs, Horry, SC2June 2, 191810220Longs, Horry, SC
Thelton Cromwell Hardee
September 26, 1889131SC6April 9, 19695279Loris, Horry, SC
Theresa Ella “Thursey” Hardee
February 11, 1872149Loris, Horry, SC2October 19, 19328860Horry, SC
Thomas Cleveland Hardee Sr
November 24, 1885135Horry, SC1May 27, 19368450Longs, Horry, SC
Thomas Pinckney Hardee Rev
1860161Horry, SC119447784GA
William Bell Hardee
October 23, 1816
October 23, 1816
204Horry, SC
Horry, SC
1January 1, 1903
January 1, 1903
11886Horry, SC
Horry, SC
William Henry Hardee
1824197Kingston, Horry, SC1January 11, 186515641Beaufort, SC
William “Willie” James Hardee
February 10, 1888133Horry, SC2December 7, 19487260Longs, Horry, SC
William James Hardee
April 24, 1848172Horry, SC2September 14, 19279379Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
William Lonnie “Willie” Hardee
December 17, 1871149Horry, SC2May 12, 19546682Horry, SC
William Luther Hardee
January 2, 1862159Horry, SC1April 8, 19368574Longs, Horry, SC
William Mayo Hardee
February 16, 1896125Horry, SC2January 4, 19853688Loris, Horry, SC
William Oliver “Willie” Hardee
July 16, 1893127Horry, SC1February 4, 19794285Conway, Horry, SC
William Edgar “Ed” Hardison
December 27, 1883137Maple Hill, Pender, NC8November 6, 19744690Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Candess Mellie Hardwick Carter Causey
March 3, 1866155SC0February 21, 19447777Loris, Horry, SC
Mary M. Hardwick Carter
April 1863158SC0
Asbury F Hardwick
October 1865155Horry, SC1June 26, 19289262Horry, SC
Charlotte Ann Hardwick
January 19, 1869152SC1February 17, 19546785Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC
Hettie Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hardwick
September 22, 1897123Galivants Ferry, Horry, SC1November 28, 19556558Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, SC
John Needham Hardwick
October 17, 1880140Horry, SC2March 10, 19536872Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
John Woodberry Hardwick
January 26, 1844177Horry, SC2September 28, 191510571Simpson Creek Township, Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph “Joe” M. Hardwick
June 10, 1849171Simpson Creek, Horry, SC1April 19, 19279377Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Lewarcha “Louarkie” Hardwick
July 3, 1831189Horry, SC1May 10, 191310781Conway, Horry, SC
Lewis Madison Hardwick
about April 1816205Horry, SC6June 15, 190211886Loris, Horry, SC
Lula Belle Hardwick
February 8, 1889
February 8, 1889
132Simpson, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
5January 26, 1969
January 26, 1969
5279Chestnuts Crossroads, Horry, SC
Chestnuts Crossroads, Horry, SC
Margarett Jane Hardwick
September 1, 1845175Horry, SC8March 3, 19239877Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Nathan Everette Hardwick Sr
March 3, 1851170SC0July 11, 19378386Horry, SC
William Thomas “Tommy” Hardwick
July 22, 1866154Horry, SC1January 19, 19299262Chestnuts Crossroads, Horry, SC
Ethel Mae Harper
September 25, 1892128SC1July 6, 19863493Sumter, SC
Samuel Thomas Harper
August 1, 1863157SC1April 23, 19497185Plantersville, Georgetown, SC
George Washington Harrelson
February 24, 1884137SC2February 9, 19625977Horry, SC
Helen Elizabeth Harrelson
January 9, 1851170Horry, SC3March 1, 19299278Horry, SC
Lela Effie Harrelson
October 15, 1889131SC1April 8, 19477457Horry, SC
Lonnie Geneva Harrelson
Lonnie Geneva Harrelson
October 3, 1894
October 1895
126Horry, SC
1August 15, 19526857Florence, SC
Sidney Albert Harrelson
March 18, 1867154Horry, SC1April 23, 19229855Loris, Horry, SC
Callie Elizabeth Harris
November 27, 1857163Horry, SC1January 5, 19309172Bayboro Township, Horry, SC
William Henry Harris
December 7, 1818202Horry, SC1March 1, 190112082Horry, SC
Nora S. Heniford
February 6, 1884137SC0March 26, 19675483Patterson Cemetery, Loris, Horry, SC
Thomas Heniford
September 1, 1835185Horry, SC2June 17, 191410678Loris, Horry, SC
Della Lee High
January 17, 1890131Columbus, NC2February 2, 19893299Horry, SC
Joseph Ezekial Hollis
November 7, 1835185Onslow, NC1December 5, 190012065Holly Ridge, Onslow, NC
Sarah Jane Hollis
March 28, 1872149Onslow, NC1February 19, 19408167Ash, Brunswick, NC
Ella C. Holmes
March 30, 1870151SC1March 31, 19239853Conway, Horry, SC
Gertie E Holmes
September 7, 1895125Horry, SC1May 2, 19398143Horry, SC
Hezekiah Benjamin Holmes
December 6, 1848172Horry, SC1November 21, 19269477Horry, SC
Isaac Long Holmes
March 1, 1865156Hammond, Horry, SC2February 21, 19477481Hammond, Horry, SC
Jane Harriett Holmes
January 1837184Horry, SC1191011173Horry, SC
John Havey Holmes
March 21, 1887134Horry, SC0December 15, 19536766Horry, SC
Leonora Adine Holmes
May 2, 1848172Horry, SC1September 11, 191910171Horry, SC
Lula Ellen Holmes
August 3, 1875145SC0July 10, 19625886Buncombe, NC
Mary Georgianne Holmes
October 27, 1853167SC3December 18, 19378384Horry, SC
Rufus Ford Holmes
January 1, 1897124Horry, SC1April 1, 19814084Horry, SC
Joseph L Horne
January 27, 1847174Onslow, NC1July 1, 192010073Horry, SC
Exie Dora Housand
May 2, 1888132Horry, SC3October 12, 19625874Nakina, Columbus, NC
Joseph Cleveland Housand
February 12, 1895
February 12, 1895
126Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2September 19, 1965
September 19, 1965
5570Loris, Horry, SC
Loris, Horry, SC
Lenora Housand
April 10, 1851170Horry, SC1December 31, 19269475Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Missouri Chestnut Housand
Missouri C Housand
February 14, 1864
February 14, 1864
157Horry, SC
Horry, SC
3June 24, 1931
June 24, 1931
8967Longs, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Dorcus Ann Hughes
Dorcas Amanda
January 22, 1842
January 22, 1842
179Horry, SC
2September 5, 1908
September 5, 1908
11266Springfield, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Jabish Ferdinand Hughes Sr.
October 5, 1851169Horry, SC3March 14, 19279475Horry, SC
Jessie Ferd Hughes
September 17, 1891129Horry, SC2March 2, 19705178Loris, Horry, SC
Prudence Annie Hughes
March 13, 1884
March 13, 1884
137Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2April 16, 1946
April 16, 1946
7462Horry, SC
Horry, SC
William Murchison “Murck” Hughes
December 26, 1875145Horry, SC6February 11, 19616085Horry, SC
William W. Hughes
March 9, 1821200Horry, SC1January 10, 190211980Horry, SC
Albert Inman
May 1857163Horry, SC1July 14, 19378380Shallotte, Brunswick, NC
William Iredell “Irdell” Inman
October 19, 1881139Horry, SC1November 16, 19467465Nixonville, Horry, SC
Emily Amelia Ivey
May 2, 1836184Robeson, NC1January 29, 191310876Marion, SC
John Clinton Jacobs
December 10, 1885135Horry, SC1August 28, 19576371Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Frances Ella James
July 26, 1887133SC1October 22, 19754588Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph Travis James
July 3, 1855165Horry, SC2February 22, 191210956Horry, SC
William McNeil James
November 4, 1882138Horry, SC5December 26, 19665484Loris, Horry, SC
Mary C. “Polly” Jenrette
August 21, 1839181SC3March 1, 191011170Horry, SC
Julia Florence Johnson
October 17, 1866154Marion, SC1January 19, 19358668Mullins, Marion, SC
William Jackson Johnson
September 4, 1864156Horry, SC1April 18, 19309065Conway, Horry, SC
James Thomas Jordan
March 1863158SC1190811344SC
Tillman B Jordan
1894127Horry, SC1July 19, 19239729Wampee, Horry, SC
Daniel Thomas King
September 27, 1847173Horry, SC2July 30, 191810270Loris, Horry, SC
Annie Julia Lawrimore
April 10, 1861160SC2December 21, 19299168Horry, SC
Ida O Lay
November 2, 1869151NC0July 27, 19487278Horry, SC
Armenter Jane Lee Causey
June 12, 1861159Horry, SC0March 29, 19408178Little River, Horry, SC
Ada Lee
February 23, 1860161Horry, SC0June 22, 19309070Socastee, Horry, SC
Cornelius S. “Neil” Lee
July 15, 1855165Horry, SC3January 31, 191610560Conway, Horry, SC
Georgia “Georgie” Lee
March 15, 1868153Horry, SC4March 31, 19418073Conway, Horry, SC
Hiram McNeal Lee
September 20, 1884136SC1March 19695284Loris, Horry, SC
Isaac Lacy Lee
February 5, 1848173Horry, SC5February 19, 19309182Horry, SC
Mary Elnita Lee
July 4, 1885135Horry, SC2April 28, 19368450Horry, SC
Mary Jane Lee
January 2, 1877144Horry, SC3March 29, 19556678Loris, Horry, SC
Mary Stella Lee
August 12, 1897123Horry, SC2May 26, 19388240Conway, Horry, SC
Mila Selma “Miley” Lee
January 27, 1899122SC1September 5, 19804081Loris, Horry, SC
Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee Todd
August 24, 1845
August 24, 1845
175Horry, SC
Horry, SC
7February 16, 1930
February 16, 1930
9184Horry, SC
Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Sarah Frances Lee
November 1887133Horry, SC6May 19833795Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Sarah Jane or Jewettte Lee
January 11, 1842179Robeson, NC1June 15, 190811266Aynor, Horry, SC
Sarah L Lee
May 1854166Horry, SC2January 4, 19299274Little River, Horry, SC
Tilley Simon Lee Pvt
Tillie Simeon Lee
May 26, 1844
May 26, 1844
176Horry, SC
0November 5, 191510571Thompson, Horry, SC
Wiley Willis Lee
April 17, 1880140Horry, SC4December 13, 19279347Conway, Horry, SC
William Franklin Lee
September 27, 1857163Horry, SC1March 31, 191011152Horry, SC
Winaford “Winnie” Lee
June 9, 1849171Horry, SC6April 25, 19279377Holly Hill, Orangeburg, SC
Zilphie Emily “Emma” Lee
November 30, 1880140Horry, SC2June 22, 19635782Horry, SC
Francis M “Frank” Leonard
May 19, 1849171Brunswick, NC1November 25, 19239774Shallotte, Brunswick, NC
Louisiana Rebecca Leonard
November 30, 1888132Shallotte, Brunswick, NC1April 11, 19685379Rocky Mount, Nash, NC
Mary Ann Lewis Bryant Taylor
May 1894126Gainesville, Hall, GA119616066Mullins, Marion, SC
Archibald Allen “Archie” Lewis
June 30, 1851169New Hanover, NC1December 31, 19299178Green Sea, Horry, SC
Arn Dewett Lewis
September 4, 1883137Horry, SC2April 9, 19655681Conway, Horry, SC
Caldonia F “Callie” Lewis
June 1881139Horry, SC219328950Horry, SC
Daniel Franklin C Lewis Sr
November 13, 1859161SC3September 21, 19487288Horry, SC
Dargan Fird Lewis
September 17, 1888132Horry, SC0February 3, 19814092Conway, Horry, SC
Mary E. “Mamie” Lewis
February 13, 1860161Horry, SC2March 27, 19309170Horry, SC
Martha Ada Little
June 4, 1891129NC1September 18, 19675376Horry, SC
Ella Mae Livingston
Ellen Livingston
October 21, 1872148Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC2April 20, 19576384Nixonville, Horry, SC
Evie Estelle Long Todd Holt
March 4, 1890131NC1June 21, 19675377Hickory Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Conway, Horry, SC
Beulah Long
August 29, 1891129SC1December 17, 19358544Horry, SC
Blanche Rosanna Long
August 29, 1881139Brunswick, NC1May 15, 19497167Wampee, Horry, SC
Elizabeth Long
May 20, 1861159Columbus, NC5March 10, 19289366Horry, SC
Ella Florence Long
May 1866154NC1July 19, 19536787Horry, SC
Georgia Ella Long
June 22, 1882138Shell, Horry, SC1March 8, 19586375Conway, Horry, SC
John Phillip Long
July 23, 1860160Columbus, NC2January 23, 19319070Horry, SC
Lee Anna Long
July 20, 1865155Columbus, NC1January 19, 19368570Horry, SC
Lizinka Tiney Long
September 12, 1872148NC1May 11, 19477374Horry, SC
Margaret Long
March 12, 1848173Brunswick, NC1September 30, 19229874Columbus, NC
Minerva Caroline Long
November 16, 1886134Horry, SC6February 22, 19754688Conway, Horry, SC
Nancy Melvina Long
August 9, 1857163Horry, SC1April 12, 19358677Horry, SC
Prudence C Long
April 6, 1832
April 6, 1832
189Horry, SC
Horry, SC
1August 10, 1910
August 9, 1910
11078Longs, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
William Hickman Long
December 6, 1833187Horry, SC1July 31, 191810284Horry, SC
Julia Bessant Ludlam
December 24, 1889131Horry, SC1May 4, 19774387Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Stella L McCall
October 5, 1899121Horry, SC1November 15, 19843685Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
Angy Elizabeth McDowell
July 28, 1850170Horry, SC1July 3, 191810267Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Eliza Jane McDowell
December 10, 1884136Horry, SC2June 19, 19714986Horry, SC
John “Jack” Valentine McDowell Jr
August 1, 1880140Horry, SC0December 15, 19714991Conway, Horry, SC
Susan Sarah McDowell
October 15, 1871149SC1July 25, 19606088Loris, Horry, SC
William Joseph “Joe” McDowell
May 1840180SC1after 191011169
Olive C McNabb
January 4, 1840181SC1December 16, 191610476Horry, SC
Elizabeth McNara Manor
October 27, 1868152GA3June 5, 19487279Horry, SC
Docia Lilian Marlowe
March 11, 1885136Columbus, NC1June 1, 19596174Loris, Horry, SC
Orrie Mae Marlowe
August 22, 1882138Columbus, NC0June 5, 19724889Loris, Horry, SC
William Albert Marlowe
January 12, 1856165Horry, SC1October 28, 19388282Tabor City, Columbus, NC
Zuella Belle Marlowe
February 11, 1888133Columbus, NC2January 31, 19348745Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Jefferson Davis Martin
April 5, 1861160SC1June 5, 19219960Horry, SC
Loubella “Lou” Martin
August 7, 1891129Berkeley, SC0February 7, 19625970Orangeburg, SC
Sarah Martha Martin
June 1842178Horry, SC1after 190012157
Frances Ellen “Helen” Milligan
October 14, 1861159Horry, SC1March 6, 19348772Horry, SC
John Oliver “Jack” Milligan Sr
March 1853168SC2March 4, 192010167NC
Lindsay Anne “Lizzie” Milligan
May 1860160Pineway, Horry, SC10May 29, 19259565Horry, SC