1850 United States Federal Census

1850 United States Federal Census


Seventh Census of the United States, 1850; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M432, 1009 rolls); Records of the Bureau of the ;


Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
about 1807214NC2between 1870 and 188015163NC
about 1810211NC1
1792229Horry, SC1March 20, 187414782Horry, SC
about 1810211SC1about 188114071Horry, SC
Elizabeth “Betsy” D
1810211Horry, SC3September 188913179Zoan, Horry, SC
Elizabeth G
about 1828193SC3after 188014152
Elizabeth J
about 1815206NC1after 188014165NC
Elizabeth Jane
about 1815206NC3about 188613571Levy, FL
1801220SC1after 185017149
about 1815206SC2187514660Horry, SC
Martha J
about 1806215NC1after 187015164NC
1806215Bladen, NC1
1807214SC1after 186016153Horry, SC
Winifred May
about 1785236SC1after 185017165
Nathan E. Adams
February 14, 1841180Robeson, NC1November 27, 191810277Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC
Levi M Anderson
February 14, 1839182Horry, SC5July 22, 19219982Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Margaret Anderson
about 1806215SC4188014174Horry, SC
Robert C Anderson Jr
1814207Horry, SC1January 18, 189212978Horry, SC
Penelope Baker
1802219SC4after 185017148Horry, SC
Benjamin B Barker
1792229SC1after 185017158SC
Joseph Benjamin Barker
1815206Horry, SC2before 185516640Horry, SC
Mary Jane Barker
February 15, 1839182Horry, SC1February 11, 19328992Horry, SC
James Barnhill
1803218SC4after 186016157
Mariann Mary Helen Barnhill
May 1835185SC9March 24, 191011174Conway, Horry, SC
Sarah Ann Barnhill
1823198Horry, SC1188014157Horry, SC
Sarah Ann Barnhill
Sarah Ann Chestnut
June 20, 1840
June 20, 1840
180Simpson Creek, Horry, SC6August 23, 1912
August 21, 1912
10872Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Simon Barnhill
February 4, 1822199Horry, SC2May 24, 190012078Horry, SC
Abraham Milton Bellamy Sr
1809212Horry, SC2January 10, 188114072Rutland, Sumter, FL
Daniel Luther Bellamy Sr
December 6, 1806214Horry, SC5September 27, 189112984Horry, SC
Elizer Jane Bellamy
June 12, 1845175Horry, SC1October 8, 188413639Longs, Horry, SC
Helen Frances Bellamy
October 23, 1837183Horry, SC2October 10, 187714339Horry, SC
Helen Miriam Bellamy
September 5, 1835185Horry, SC1December 12, 191510580Horry, SC
James Bellamy
1800221Horry, SC1December 25, 185316753Horry, SC
John Dillard Bellamy Pvt

October 24, 1843177Simpson Creek, Horry, SC8August 21, 19249680Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Joseph Theodore Bellamy
February 8, 1844177SC1February 8, 191710473Horry, SC
Lorenzo Dow Bellamy Sr
February 1836185Horry, SC1February 4, 190311867SC
Margaret Bellamy
1822199Horry, SC3189013168Horry, SC
Mariah Elizabeth Bellamy
April 1825196Horry, SC4191210986Horry, SC
Nancy Ann Bellamy
1802219SC5September 187914177Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Pleasant P. Bellamy
about 1841180Horry, SC1October 8, 188413643Horry, SC
Prudence Amanda Bellamy
February 11, 1839182Horry, SC2July 7, 19368497Horry, SC
Prudence Amanda Bellamy
January 29, 1829192SC1July 9, 191810289Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Richard Burr Bellamy
June 4, 1844176Horry, SC2July 10, 190111957Horry, SC
Richard G Bellamy II
1800221Kingston Township, Craven, Horry, SC4187015170Horry, SC
Theresa “Terrie” Bellamy
1820201Horry, SC2189013170Horry, SC
William Addleton Bellamy Jr
1838183Horry, SC0June 19, 186215824Manchester, Chesterfield, VA
William Gaston Bellamy
September 17, 1846174Simpson Creek, Horry, SC119249777Longs, Horry, SC
Elizabeth “Betsy” Benton
1826195NC3March 16, 188613560Columbus, NC
Mary Ann Best
December 27, 1795225Columbus, NC1January 4, 187714481Columbus, NC
Nancy Ann Best
1795226Columbus, NC2December 19, 188313788Columbus, NC
Robert Daniel Best
April 18, 1830190SC1April 15, 190012169Horry, SC
Moses David Blosswell Bourne
April 21, 1848172Bucks, Horry, SC1February 15, 189712448Shell, Horry, SC
Elizabeth unknown Boyd Cox
about 1805216SC5after 186016155Horry, SC
Daniel M Boyd
February 28, 1837184Horry, SC1February 10, 191210974Telfair, GA
Frances Elizabeth Boyd
May 5, 1827193Horry, SC10December 7, 190211875Loris, Horry, SC
John Boyd
1840181Horry, SC0
Robert Boyd
Robert T Boyd Jr
about 1831
190Horry, SC
10783Horry, SC
Simon Boyd
1785236SC2after 186016175
Simon M. Boyd Sr.
February 1825196Horry, SC9April 26, 191310788Conway, Horry, SC
James H. “Jim” Branton
about 1795226NC1about 186415769Horry, SC
Eliza Jane Brunson
1833188SC1after 188014147Horry, SC
Harriett Wayne “Hattie” Bryan
October 15, 1846174Horry, SC1February 21, 19368589Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
William Amos Dillard Bryan Jr.
August 11, 1812208Horry, SC1April 16, 186016047Horry, SC
Giles Leonard Bryant
March 1843178Marion, SC0September 11, 191510572Horry, SC
Jesse Bryant Jr
July 24, 1784236Marion, SC0186016175Rose Hill, Covington, AL
John Miller Bryant
December 22, 1804216Marion, SC1188713482Marion, SC
Solomon Bryant Cpl
1829192SC1April 4, 191810389Marion, SC
Stephen Dennis Bryant
1818203Marion, SC1November 25, 189212874Horry, SC
William F Bryant
1817204Marion, SC3186016143Horry, SC
William Harley Bryant Sr
August 29, 1839181Marion, SC3June 24, 188014040Horry, SC
William James Bryant
1774247Marion, SC3November 19, 185816284Dillon, SC
Bertere Rhistore Bullard
1817204Columbus, NC1Horry, SC
James Wesley “Sam” Bullard Sr
April 7, 1841180Columbus, NC2May 30, 191610475Horry, SC
Frances Caroline Butler
December 25, 1846174Brunswick, NC1December 31, 19289282Bughill, Columbus, NC
Ruth Serena Butler
August 14, 1824196NC1April 23, 190711382Guide, Columbus, NC
Daniel Egbert Carroll
July 6, 1844176Horry, SC2February 7, 191710472Conway Township, Horry, SC
Samuel “Sam” D. Carroll
about 1801220SC2after 187015169
Joseph Elmore Carter
March 10, 1812209Simpson Creek, Horry, SC5December 25, 188913177Daisy, Horry, SC
Liamelay “Seamly” Carter
1805216Horry, SC8after 188014175Horry, SC
Munroe Carter
January 27, 1836185Horry, SC1October 14, 186215826Richmond City, VA
Martha Elizabeth Causey
December 22, 1849171Horry, SC1July 19, 190311753Horry, SC
Robert Benjamin Chesnut
1832189Horry, SC4188014148Horry, SC
Andrew James Commander Chestnut
1844177SC2November 15, 191710373Conway, Horry, SC
Charlotte Chestnut
1836185Horry, SC6189013154Horry, SC
Cornelius “Neil” Chestnut
April 20, 1835185Horry, SC10June 15, 190811273Holly Hill, Orangeburg, SC
Daniel Henry “Bud” (DH) Chestnut Pvt
June 3, 1833187Conway, Horry, SC4December 13, 190911176Conway, Horry, SC
Daniel William “Duke” Chestnut
January 18, 1772249Sampson, NC5November 30, 186016088Conway, Horry, SC
Elizabeth Chestnut
1804217Horry, SC4188014176Horry, SC
Henry Simms (Hugh Huey) Chestnut
November 11, 1846174Horry, SC3October 27, 19289281Conway, Horry, SC
Jane Chestnut
about 1830
Horry, SC
15142Horry, SC
John Alexander Chestnut
1803218Conwayboro, Horry, SC7185316850Conway, Horry, SC
John Bailey Chestnut Pvt
John B. Chestnut
December 10, 1837
December 10, 1837
183Conway, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
6July 28, 1919
August 6, 1919
10181Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Conway, Horry, SC
Jonathan McQueen Chestnut Sr
May 1841179Horry, SC3190511663Horry, SC
Mary Chestnut
1818203Horry, SC1189312875Horry, SC
Ready Benjamin Chestnut Jr
February 27, 1838183Conway, Horry, SC2July 24, 191510577Richland, SC
Ready Benjamin Chestnut Sr
1806215Horry, SC4December 15, 187714371Horry, SC
Rebecca Jane Chestnut
1848173Horry, SC0September 18, 188313735
Robert D. Chestnut
Robert Chestnut
about 1797
January 1797
224Horry, SC
Horry, SC
3January 22, 1877
before 1860
14480Horry, SC
Winaford “Winnie” Chestnut
1832189Horry, SC2188114049Horry, SC
Dorcas Ann Conner
April 28, 1788232Brunswick, NC2186016171, Columbus, NC
Hosea Cook
January 2, 1830191Orrum, Robeson, NC1March 23, 190611576Marion, SC
Russel Cooper
December 2, 1840180SC1November 30, 19229881Georgetown, SC
Alice Prudence “Prue” Cox
May 3, 1837183Columbus, NC1May 3, 191510578Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Benjamin Cox
1790231Pitt, NC3184617556Columbus, NC
Daniel Dillon Cox
May 21, 1819
March 4, 1819
201Columbus, NC2August 17, 188913170Gainesville, Hall, GA
Daniel Mardonia Lamar Cox
September 10, 1847173Columbus, NC1August 2, 189512547Horry, SC
Hinyard Cox
about 1823198Columbus, NC1before September 185116928Horry, SC
Isaac Leonard Cox
October 4, 1811209Columbus, NC3December 31, 189512584Columbus, NC
Jesse Samual Cox
May 29, 1817203Columbus, NC1March 18, 190711489Guide, Columbus, NC
John Jackson Cox
1781240Kingston Township, Craven, Horry, SC2after 185216971Columbus, NC
John Needham Cox
January 17, 1823198Horry, SC3January 14, 189712473Columbus, NC
John Samuel Cox Pvt
February 8, 1823198Horry, SC5December 28, 190211879Horry, SC
Jordan Cox
1790231Horry, SC1185216962Horry, SC
Julius Washington Cox
September 14, 1849171SC1October 10, 19229873Conway, Horry, SC
Keziah Cox
about 1815206Columbus, NC2186116046Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Marshall James Cox
November 16, 1849171Columbus, NC1June 10, 189312743Camp Swamp, Columbus, NC
Nancy Anna Cox
December 1826194Horry, SC5between 1900 and 191012173Horry, SC
Thomas Cox
about 1804217NC1
William F Cox
about 1835186Horry District, SC2186315828Corinth, Adams, Mississippi
William Pinkney Cox
1832189Horry, SC2190012168Horry, SC
Ann “Annie” Elizabeth Crowson
1810211Horry, SC1after 187015160Horry, SC
Sarah Jane Davenport
November 3, 1778
November 3, 1778
242Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC
Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC
6April 9, 1855
September 9, 1855
16676Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Portia Elizabeth Davis
September 27, 1841179Laguardo, Wilson, TN1November 11, 19219980Lebanon, Wilson, TN
Sarah S Dennis
March 6, 1809212Sampson, NC3May 8, 185516546Horry, SC
Harrison Leo Doyle
January 1837184Horry, SC2190012163Horry, SC
Jacob Dixon Doyle
1806215Horry, SC1February 188014174Horry, SC
Amy Lee Duncan
Amie Duncan
188Columbus, NC
Columbus, NC
6after 188014147NC
James R Duncan
about 1829192Columbus, NC2190611577
Mary Jane Duncan
January 1848173NC2191011162
Mary “Polly” Dusenbury
1802219NC1July 12, 186415662Bells Bay, Bucksville, Horry, SC
Samuel Dusenbury
August 4, 1792228On The Hudson River, Peekskill, NY1July 12, 186415671Bells Bay, Bucksville, Horry, SC
Daniel Murchison Edge Esquire
Daniel Murchison Edge Sr
December 20, 1776
September 20, 1776
244Dogwood Neck Township, Horry, SC
Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC
6September 11, 1859
September 17, 1859
16182Dogwood Neck Township, Horry, SC
North Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Daniel Murchison Edge Rev Sgt
March 6, 1845176Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC2February 22, 191111065Horry, SC
Eliza Ann Edge
January 27, 1821200Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC1April 28, 190711386Horry, SC
Frances H Edge
August 18, 1820200Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC1May 9, 190311782Astatula, Lake, FL
Francis “Fannie” Edge
June 17, 1838182Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC2March 24, 19229983Conway, Horry, SC
Joseph Bragg Edge Lt
December 3, 1815205Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC3August 13, 187015054Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC
Mary Elizabeth “Malsie” Edge
March 6, 1813208Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC5August 28, 189412681Horry, SC
Susan Carolina Edge
April 17, 1849171Horry, SC5January 4, 195170101Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC
Wilson Mitchel Edge
December 13, 1841179Horry, SC1August 3, 19239781Horry, SC
Alice Edwards
1844177Marion, SC1before 188014136Marion, SC
Elias Edwards
about 1789232Bladen, NC1after October 186515576Bladen, NC
Eunice (Unity) Moore Edwards
1812209Bladen, NC1after 187015158NC
Elizabeth Elmore
1780241SC3186016180Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
America Faircloth
July 2, 1782238SC1185017167
James M Faircloth
1823198Horry, SC1188014157Hulls Island, Horry, SC
Mary Ann Faircloth
January 25, 1848173Horry, SC1August 9, 19259577Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Samuel John Faircloth
1815206Horry, SC1188014165Horry, SC
James Hynard Faulk
1832189Robeson, NC1September 5, 188413652Horry, SC
Martha Finklea Bryant Price
about 1821200Marion, SC1March 4, 190211981Horry, SC
Delila Grissett Floyd
September 7, 1804216Horry, SC1June 13, 186715362Horry, SC
Emeline Floyd
about 1847174SC1April 2, 195071103
James Roland Jimpsey Floyd Rev
June 16, 1800220Kingston, Horry, SC0March 15, 188513684Green Sea, Horry, SC
Armajah R Fowler
June 28, 1847173Horry, SC1November 11, 191810271Columbus, NC
James Furman Fowler
March 17, 1845176Mullins, Marion, SC1August 31, 19299184Mullins, Marion, SC
Edith Edy Freeman
February 17, 1806215NC0February 17, 187914273Robeson, NC
Mary Ann Frink
1798223Brunswick, NC1after 186016162Brunswick, NC
Mary Ann Gasque
1832189Horry, SC1SC
Anson Gause
about 1834187SC2190012166
Edward James Gause Pvt
August 15, 1838182SC4October 8, 191310775Horry, SC
Fredrick Fitz Gause
August 14, 1802218Horry, SC4January 6, 188513682Horry, SC
John Gause
August 1835185SC1
John Peter Gause
September 28, 1802218Brunswick, NC1August 9, 185516552Brownsville, Haywood, TN
Mahala Gause
August 29, 1831189Horry, SC1February 8, 187714445
Mary Helen “Vebben” Gause
September 20, 1826194Horry, SC1188213955Horry, SC
McCarroll Bangs Gause Pvt
M. C. B. Green
March 19, 1833188NC1October 18, 190012067Texas
Samuel Sidney Gause Sr
October 31, 1804216Brunswick, NC1December 186715363Lauderdale, TN
Samuel Sydney Gause Jr
June 24, 1839181Durhamville, Lauderdale, TN1June 1, 190111961Laguardo, Wilson, TN
William Bacot Gause
March 24, 1778243Gause Landing, Brunswick, NC1April 7, 186016182Southport, Brunswick, NC
William Culverhouse Gause Pvt
October 18, 1833187Horry, SC4March 2, 190811374Horry, SC
William W. Gause
November 13, 1812208Horry, SC3June 22, 186115948Horry, SC
Elisa J. Gerald
August 9, 1846174Horry, SC1April 15, 191510668Loris, Horry, SC
Helen Gerald
1832189Horry, SC3190012168Kingston, Horry, SC
Sarah Gerrald
1805216Horry, SC1August 189112986Floyds, Horry, SC
Henry Melton Goff
February 26, 1845176Horry, SC3June 23, 19259580Simpson Creek Township, Horry, SC
Mary “Mincey” Goodyear
1828193Horry, SC4after 190012172Horry, SC
Aaron Morgan Gore
about 1818203Duplin, NC1after 187015152
Albert Joseph Gore
July 1, 1848172SC1April 11, 191111062Cedar Bay Baptist Church Cemetery, Conway, Horry
Asa Fletcher Gore
May 23, 1831189Columbus, NC2November 27, 190511574Gallivants Ferry, Horry, SC
Charles J Gore
1812209NC1December 21, 188913177
Christopher Columbus Gore
June 13, 1846174SC1November 3, 191910173Horry, SC
Daniel Simmons Gore
1791230Brunswick, NC1188014189Columbus, NC
Dorcas Louisa Gore
June 15, 1834186Horry, SC1January 5, 191310878Horry, SC
Edward Conner Gore
about 1802219Columbus, NC2between 1860 and 187016158Columbus, NC
Frances H Gore
1812209Columbus, NC5after 188014168Horry, SC
John Bunyan Gore
January 7, 1834187Columbus, NC1May 21, 191011076Columbus, NC
John D Gore Col
January 23, 1779242Pireway, Columbus, NC5March 2, 187115092Pireway, Columbus, NC
John George Gore Colonel
1794227NC1187015176Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
John Joseph Coval Gore
May 23, 1837183Longwood, Brunswick, NC1December 11, 191710380Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
John Pinkerston Gore
March 1, 1842179Brunswick, NC1November 19, 190111959FL
Jonathan Isaac Gore Sr
December 14, 1795225Shallotte, Brunswick, NC1December 21, 186415669Little River, Horry, SC
Jonathan Owen Gore
Johnithan Gore
January 21, 1802219Columbus, NC
Columbus Co., NC
6May 20, 189512593Horry, SC
Joseph Gore Jr.
1795226Sampson, NC2October 1, 186315768Nakina, Columbus, NC
Joshua Gore
May 23, 1845175Columbus, NC1November 30, 19219976Bug Hill, Columbus, NC
Mary “Molsey” Gore
1810211Mollie, Columbus, NC1December 8, 186615456Horry, SC
Mary Ann Gore
January 13, 1846175Brunswick, NC2June 4, 19259579Horry, SC
Mary Jane Gore
January 12, 1836185SC4November 1, 187914143Horry, SC
Prudence Gore
October 26, 1828192Horry, SC1July 30, 190012071Horry, SC
Prudence Jane Gore
November 7, 1811209Mollie, Columbus, NC5August 9, 188014068Horry, SC
Rebecca Gore
Rebecca Ann Gore
February 26, 1775246Pireway, Columbus, NC1March 26, 187015195Columbus, NC
Sabra Elizabeth “Betty” Gore
September 26, 1848172Columbus, NC1July 8, 191510566Simpson Creek Township, Horry, SC
Sarah Gore
1783238Brunswick, NC1185316870Brunswick, NC
Solon Lorenzo Gore
January 8, 1839182Pireway, Columbus, NC1September 3, 192010081Pireway, Columbus, NC
William Duplin Gore
March 25, 1776245Duplin, NC2March 31, 185117075Columbus, NC
William Edward Gore
May 26, 1826
May 26, 1826
194Horry, SC3August 8, 1893
April 8, 1893
William Henry “Billy” Gore
October 18, 1795225NC1May 30, 188313787Columbus, NC
William Holden Gore Jr
February 7, 1783238Pireway, Columbus, NC2January 29, 185316869Pireway, Columbus, NC
William James Gore
about 1813208NC3January 188513672Levy, FL
Abraham Jordan Graham
March 8, 1801220Georgetown, Horry, SC1188014178Loris, Horry, SC
Jeremiah “Jerry” L. Graham
1835186Horry, SC1May 8, 186415629Battle of Resaca, Resaca, GA
John William Graham
March 17, 1823198Horry, SC1June 10, 189512572Horry, SC
Rhoda Caroline Graham
October 23, 1827193Horry, SC1August 8, 190311775Aynor, Horry, SC
Robert Graham
1793228Horry, SC1March 185117058Horry, SC
Theoffalus Jenkins “Offie” Graham
December 18, 1832188Horry, SC2August 25, 190511572Horry, SC
William I Graham
1782239Horry, SC1December 17, 185616474Horry, SC
Goldsberry Benjamin Grainger
January 15, 1797224Floyd's Township, Horry, SC1about 186515667Floyd's Township, Horry, SC
John “Big John” Grainger
May 24, 1825195Horry, SC4February 7, 188513659Horry, SC
Louisa Grainger
April 7, 1848173Horry, SC2June 30, 19299181Waccamaw, Brunswick, NC
Rebecca Grainger
August 1847173SC1191410766Loris, Horry, SC
Thomas W. Grainger
1824197Horry, SC2186515641Horry, SC
Sarah Elizabeth Grissett Anderson
about 1828193SC1after 188014152
Anna Jane Hall
January 1834187NC2June 9, 190711373Mizpah Cemetery, Rockingham, Richmond, NC
Isaac Hall
about 1801220NC1
Elizabeth Hammond
about 1815206Columbus, NC1
Andrew J Hardee
April 10, 1850171SC3July 9, 191510565Horry, SC
Andrew Jackson Hardee Jr
April 28, 1840
April 28, 1840
180Horry, SC
Horry, SC
5July 14, 1908
July 14, 1908
11268Bellamy Cem, Longs, Horry, SC
Longs, Horry, SC
Andrew Jackson Hardee Sr
1816205Horry, SC3July 9, 191510599Horry, SC
Arthur Hardee
about 1835186SC3August 28, 187114936Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Calvin Hardee
1790231Pitt, NC3March 30, 187714487Horry, SC
Calvin Pinckney Hardee
1822199Horry, SC2before 188014158Horry, SC
Caroline Hardee
1841180Horry, SC1October 186115920Horry, SC
Celia Ann Hardee
about 1825196Horry, SC5April 28, 1879
November 16, 1906
November 16, 1906
14154Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Celia Jane Hardee
November 20, 1844176Horry, SC1February 16, 191810373Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC
Daniel D. Hardee
about 1828193Horry, SC1June 3, 188014052Horry, SC
Elisabeth “Betsy” Hardee
February 12, 1820201Horry, SC3May 19, 190911189Horry, SC
Elizabeth Hardee
1802219Horry, SC3186016158Horry, SC
Hosea Franklin Hardee
October 24, 1847173Horry, SC3October 14, 19338785Horry, SC
Isaac C. Hardee Jr
August 1, 1829191Horry, SC1August 10, 191410685Horry, SC
Isaac J Hardee
about 1820201Horry, SC2187015150Horry, SC
Isaac Jesse S Hardee Pvt
May 1841179Horry, SC7after 190012158Horry, SC
Jesse James Hardee
1810211Horry, SC2after 188014170Horry, SC
John Wade Hardee
March 29, 1818203Horry, SC10August 30, 189212874Horry, SC
Joseph J Hardee
October 1818202SC1
Joseph Wilson Hardee
1848173Horry, SC1after 192010172FL
Lucretia Hardee
June 1833187Horry, SC1
Malinda Hardee
December 16, 1847173Horry, SC2September 9, 19219973Horry, SC
Marsden D. Hardee
February 25, 1845176Horry, SC2January 6, 191910273Horry, SC
Marsden Wade Hardee
November 12, 1847173Horry, SC6June 11, 19299181Marlboro, SC
Martha Elizabeth Hardee
December 14, 1849171Horry, SC2June 8, 19269476Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Ann Hardee
January 24, 1843178Horry, SC4December 21, 191810275Horry, SC
Mary Elizore Hardee
October 12, 1820200Horry, SC9February 1, 185716436Horry, SC
Mary Lenora “Polly” Hardee
August 20, 1810210Horry, SC4July 2, 187514564Loris, Horry, SC
Robert Mayberry Hardee
February 10, 1850171Horry, SC1April 7, 19368586Horry, SC
Robert N Hardee
about 1832189Horry, SC0about 186515633Confederate War, CSA
Sarah Mariah Hardee
1842179Horry, SC2May 29, 191310771Horry, SC
Sarah Matilda Hardee
1825196Horry, SC1188014155Loris, Horry, SC
William Andrew Hardee
1777244Pitt, NC6March 30, 1877144100Conway, Horry, SC
William Andrew Hardee
1812209Horry, SC2185216940Horry, SC
William Bell Hardee
October 23, 1816
October 23, 1816
204Horry, SC
Horry, SC
1January 1, 1903
January 1, 1903
11886Horry, SC
Horry, SC
William Henry Hardee
1824197Kingston, Horry, SC1January 11, 186515641Beaufort, SC
William James Hardee
April 24, 1848172Horry, SC2September 14, 19279379Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
William Lorenza Hardee
November 18, 1839181Horry, SC5September 25, 188313743Horry, SC
William W Hardee
1832189Horry, SC3June 15, 190012068Horry, SC
Wm Hardee Jr
William Hardee
1795226Pitt, NC12March 30, 187714482Conway, Horry, SC
Esther Hardwick
1818203Horry, SC4188513667Horry, SC
John Woodberry Hardwick
January 26, 1844177Horry, SC2September 28, 191510571Simpson Creek Township, Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph “Joe” M. Hardwick
June 10, 1849171Simpson Creek, Horry, SC1April 19, 19279377Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Lewarcha “Louarkie” Hardwick
July 3, 1831189Horry, SC1May 10, 191310781Conway, Horry, SC
Lewis Madison Hardwick
about April 1816205Horry, SC6June 15, 190211886Loris, Horry, SC
Margarett Jane Hardwick
September 1, 1845175Horry, SC8March 3, 19239877Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Nathan Hardwick
1802219Columbus, NC0187614574Appling, GA
Nancy Hardy Harris
July 22, 1821199Horry, SC1July 18, 189013068Horry, SC
William Edward “Ned” Harrelson
1823198Horry, SC1190012177Horry, SC
William Henry Harris
December 7, 1818202Horry, SC1March 1, 190112082Horry, SC
Sarah Ann Harrison
March 2, 1781240Bladen, NC1November 9, 185017069Yorkville, Bladen, NC
Mary Ann Hester
September 25, 1822198NC1August 15, 188413661Bladen, NC
Anna Hickman
September 19, 1819201Horry, SC4September 3, 186315743Horry, SC
Elizabeth Hickman
1785236Brunswick, NC2186515680Brunswick, NC
Mary Molsie Hickman
about 1797224Columbus, NC1after 185017153Horry, SC
William James Hickman
about 1790231Hickmans, Brunswick, NC1185017160Chatham, NC
Joseph Ezekial Hollis
November 7, 1835185Onslow, NC1December 5, 190012065Holly Ridge, Onslow, NC
Jane Harriett Holmes
January 1837184Horry, SC1191011173Horry, SC
Joseph L Horne
January 27, 1847174Onslow, NC1July 1, 192010073Horry, SC
Anson Housand
February 7, 1780241NC1185017169Horry, SC
Elizabeth “Betsy” Housand
about 1812209Horry, SC3186016148
Angeline Hughes
1794227Gallivants Ferry, Horry, SC1
Dorcus Ann Hughes
Dorcas Amanda
January 22, 1842
January 22, 1842
179Horry, SC
2September 5, 1908
September 5, 1908
11266Springfield, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Nancy Hughes
July 18, 1821199Horry, SC6February 15, 189512673Horry, SC
Samuel Hughes
1800221Davidson, NC1
William W. Hughes
March 9, 1821200Horry, SC1January 10, 190211980Horry, SC
Margaret “Peggy” Ingram
1795226NC1187514680Richmond, NC
Edith Eady Inman
March 1, 1805216NC1October 20, 188413679Brunswick, NC
Emily Amelia Ivey
May 2, 1836184Robeson, NC1January 29, 191310876Marion, SC
Solomon C James
1815206Horry, SC1189612581Horry, SC
Mary C. “Polly” Jenrette
August 21, 1839181SC3March 1, 191011170Horry, SC
Margaret Jordan
December 17, 1835185Horry, SC1December 1, 191510579Horry, SC
Daniel Thomas King
September 27, 1847173Horry, SC2July 30, 191810270Loris, Horry, SC
Joseph Marion King
February 13, 1829192Horry, SC1March 12, 188713458Long Key, Horry, SC
Mary Ann King
Mary King
March 25, 1835186Horry, SC2February 19, 189212956Horry, SC
Thomas King
1812209Horry, SC1
Winifred Lee Booth
February 17, 1821200Horry, SC0August 14, 190111980Conway, Horry, SC
Isaac Lacy Lee
February 5, 1848173Horry, SC5February 19, 19309182Horry, SC
John S Lee Jr
1817204Horry, SC4March 29, 188513668NC
Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee Todd
August 24, 1845
August 24, 1845
175Horry, SC
Horry, SC
7February 16, 1930
February 16, 1930
9184Horry, SC
Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Noah Lee
February 20, 1824197Horry, SC2October 11, 186415640Augusta, Columbia, GA
Sarah Jane Lee
September 11, 1816204Horry, SC2September 6, 189712380Horry, SC
Sarah Jane or Jewettte Lee
January 11, 1842179Robeson, NC1June 15, 190811266Aynor, Horry, SC
Tilley Simon Lee Pvt
Tillie Simeon Lee
May 26, 1844
May 26, 1844
176Horry, SC
0November 5, 191510571Thompson, Horry, SC
Willis Isaac Lee
February 8, 1823198Horry, SC3186715443Horry, SC
Winaford “Winnie” Lee
June 9, 1849171Horry, SC6April 25, 19279377Holly Hill, Orangeburg, SC
Francis M “Frank” Leonard
May 19, 1849171Brunswick, NC1November 25, 19239774Shallotte, Brunswick, NC
Isaac Thomas Lewis
December 8, 1828192Galivants Ferry, Horry, SC1November 20, 188213853Conway, Horry, SC
Rebecca Pauline Lewis
about 1823198Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC1
Margaret Long
March 12, 1848173Brunswick, NC1September 30, 19229874Columbus, NC
Micajah Long Sr
1778243Brunswick, NC1185516677Columbus, NC
Prudence C Long
April 6, 1832
April 6, 1832
189Horry, SC
Horry, SC
1August 10, 1910
August 9, 1910
11078Longs, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
William Hickman Long
December 6, 1833187Horry, SC1July 31, 191810284Horry, SC
Appy Priscilla Ludley
December 15, 1827193NC6April 17, 189013062Horry, SC
Catherine Lupo
1792229Marion, SC1January 9, 187414782
William “Billy” McDowell
about 1810211SC1after 186016150Horry, SC
William Joseph “Joe” McDowell
May 1840180SC1after 191011169
Olive C McNabb
January 4, 1840181SC1December 16, 191610476Horry, SC
Elizabeth C Marlowe
April 1, 1821200Columbus, NC3August 3, 189912178Horry, SC
Eliza Miller or Hale
1805216SC4187015165Horry, SC
Rebecca Miller
1787234Marion, SC3185516668Latta, Dillon, SC
Clementine Mishoe
February 11, 1849172Horry, SC2June 22, 191110962Horry, SC
Elijah Mishoe
June 20, 1813207Horry, SC1November 6, 187015057Horry, SC
Mary Ann “Polly” Mishoe
June 10, 1843177SC3February 5, 190411760Horry, SC
Robert Otto Mishoe Pvt
December 10, 1815205Horry, SC1October 17, 189112975Horry, SC
Rebecca Murrow
April 9, 1812209Horry, SC3October 189512583Horry, SC
Adaline Billie Norris
1825196Columbus, NC1187015145
Sarah Ann Norton
1816205Marion, SC3between 1860 and 187016144Marion, SC
William Norton
about 1789232SC1February 10, 187414785
Asa Demalion “Ace” Parker
July 1, 1831189SC2June 15, 191210880Horry, SC
Isaac James Parker
February 15, 1837184SC2November 7, 191710380Simpson Creek Township, Horry, SC
Isaac John Parker
1800221SC5May 187015070Charleston Ward 4, Charleston, SC
Mary Ann Parker
February 1846175SC2August 18, 188813242Horry, SC
Vina Ann Parker
1823198Horry, SC3October 25, 187414651Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC
Wade Hampton Parker
November 1, 1820200Horry, SC4188213961Horry, SC
William Lemuel Parker
August 11, 1848172Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC2June 25, 191510566Horry, SC
Mary Patterson
1801220SC4after 187015169
Mary E Patterson
1820201SC6188014160Kingston, Horry, SC
Molcy Phipps
January 3, 1831190Horry, SC2March 25, 187614545Horry, SC
Amelia “Annie” Porter
216Horry, SC
Horry, SC
August 14, 1850
16848Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Henry H. Price
1793228Marion, SC1September 16, 189212899GA
Lawson Pridgen
December 25, 1816204Sanford, Lee, NC1189412777Horry, SC
Armanjah R Prince
March 10, 1848
March 10, 1848
173Horry, SC
2August 18, 1903
August 18, 1903
11755Springfield, Horry, SC
Eliza Jane Prince
February 16, 1850171Murrells Inlet, Horry, SC0September 28, 19368486Murrells Inlet, Horry, SC
Franklin Asbury Prince
July 31, 1845175Horry, SC4September 12, 189812253Loris, Horry, SC
James Prince
1832189Horry, SC1
John Edward Prince
March 29, 1850171Horry, SC9September 27, 191610466Princeville, Horry, SC
John L Prince
1818203Horry, SC1187015152Horry, SC
Joseph John Prince
Joseph James Prince
about 1814
207Horry, SC
Horry, SC
about 1880
14166Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Lott P Prince Sgt
1828193Craven, Horry, SC5November 4, 186215834Courthouse Hospital, Knoxville, TN
Nicholas R Prince Jr
March 16, 1784237Horry, SC3after 185017165Conway, Horry, SC
Thomas A Prince
1826195Horry, SC2
William Pinckney or Randal Prince
1821200Horry, SC1188014159
Piercy Purefoy
August 23, 1804216GA1September 6, 186016056Brunswick, NC
David Scarborough Rabon Sgt
1840181Cool Spring, Horry, SC1November 28, 191210872Conway, Horry, SC
Mary Ready
July 22, 1776244Conway, Horry, SC5March 14, 185316876Conway, Horry, SC
Anna Jane Reaves
October 13, 1841179SC3January 17, 191510673Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
Helen Eliza Reaves
Helen Eliza Reeves
November 1, 1829
November 1, 1829
191Columbus, NC
3October 5, 1913
October 5, 1913
10783Longs, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
John James Reaves
February 6, 1817204Horry, SC1January 4, 189212974Astatula, Lake, FL
Mary Irene “Reenie” Reaves
May 1832188Horry, SC5October 30, 190911177Horry, SC
Mercy Ann Reaves
1812209Horry, SC2188014168Horry, SC
Sarah Melinda Reaves
January 12, 1829192Horry, SC2December 11, 191510586Simpson Creek, Loris, Horry, SC
Martha Jane Redmond
about 1826195Horry, SC2about 186915243Kingston, Horry, SC
Sarah P Regan
October 6, 1808212Robeson, NC1January 20, 188313874Robeson, NC
Marilda West Barnhill Rogers Rheuark
February 25, 1849172Horry, SC0September 14, 19299180Horry, SC
Mary Rogers
1775246Bladen, NC1Bladen, NC
Anna Roland
1789232SC1September 30, 188513596
Bignous “Biggars” Royals
1797224Sampson, NC3December 187114974Horry, SC
Daniel A. Royals
about 1838183SC1before 187015132Horry, SC
Daniel Edward Royals
February 20, 1844177Horry, SC2June 26, 191110967Decatur, GA
Harriett Royals
1845176Horry, SC1January 24, 191910274Horry, SC
John W. Royals
about 1840181SC1May 2, 190211862Royals Cemetery, Conway, Horry, SC
Leita Ann “Liddie” Royals
September 1, 1843177Horry, SC2June 17, 19239779Bayboro Township, Horry, SC
Mazarene Ann “Irene” Royals
August 31, 1837183Horry, SC2January 9, 19299291Horry, SC
Prudence “Prudie” Royals
1842179Horry, SC4before 188014138Horry, SC
William Rollins Royals
March 28, 1838183SC3May 10, 190811270Horry, SC
Frances Fannie Russ
about 1848173Bladenboro, Bladen, NC2June 6, 188513537Bladenboro, Bladen, NC
Hugh Russ Pvt

1815206NC1186515650Bladen, NC
Jonathan Russ
1774247Bladen, NC1185216978Bladen, NC
Margaret S
1811210Horry, SC7after 188014169Horry, SC
Susanna Sarvis
1826195Horry, SC1about 188014154Bayboro, Horry, SC
William Jenkins Sarvis
January 21, 1826195Horry, SC2May 1, 189212866Horry, SC
Sarah A Tillman Sessions
1810211Horry, SC1188014170
Reuben Rufus Shannon
about 1834187Horry, SC2about 186515631Horry, SC
John P Sikes
1805216Bladen, NC1185516650Bladen, NC
Jonathan Singletary Jr.
March 19, 1817204Bladen, NC1December 24, 189112974Bladen, NC
Jonathan Singletary Sr.
July 9, 1769251Bladen, NC1January 23, 186515695Yorkville, Bladen, NC
Lucy Ann Singletary
September 6, 1849171Bladen, NC1February 8, 189212942Bladen, NC
Margaret E. Skipper
November 28, 1815205Horry, SC1March 19, 190211986Horry, SC
Abraham Smith
1796225SC3before 187015174Horry, SC
Alvin Beaufort Smith
September 9, 1848172Horry, SC1August 4, 191610467Horry, SC
Collin Woodberry Smith
1827194NC1188913262Jamestown, Berkeley, SC
Piercy L. Smith
1839182SC3after June 24, 188014041Horry, SC
Sarah Martha Smith
September 26, 1837183Horry, SC1October 2, 190012063Horry, SC
Susan Thursea Smith
1832189Horry, SC4May 14, 191011078Horry, SC
William James Smith
September 1, 1806214Robeson, NC1July 15, 188913182Robeson, NC
Neal Soles
1840181Columbus, NC1March 16, 189612556Columbus, NC
Owen Spivey Pvt
February 18, 1819202Columbus, NC1March 15, 191410795Columbus, NC
Christianna Stanaland
June 12, 1801219Horry, SC4after 187015168Horry, SC
Martha D Stanley Butler
December 25, 1803217Columbus, NC1May 6, 188813284Horry, SC
Mary Molsey Stanley
October 30, 1825195Columbus, NC3June 10, 187114945Columbus, NC
Ann Elizabeth Stephens
March 18, 1775246Horry, SC7September 7, 185916184Horry, SC
Benjamin Franklin “Ben” Stevens
October 1, 1797223Horry, SC5August 11, 187414676Loris, Horry, SC
James Washington Stevens
October 1, 1845175Horry, SC7May 6, 19219975Loris, Horry, SC
John Henry Stevens
1833188Cane Branch, Horry, SC1186315830Cane Branch, Horry, SC
Louisa Stevens
February 22, 1848173Horry, SC3January 20, 19358686Bayboro Township, Horry, SC
Martha B Stevens
about 1838183Horry, SC3189812360Horry, SC
Samuel Mack Stevens Sr Pvt
1830191SC6190012170Horry, SC
Lewis Henry Stogner
May 1830190Wolf Pit, Richmond, NC2June 27, 190611476Rockingham, Richmond, NC
Sparks Stogner
William J. Suggs Sgt
February 26, 1835186Horry, SC3August 25, 188613451Horry, SC
William H. “Bill” Sykes Pvt
February 1835186Bladen, NC6after 190012164Bladen, NC
Serena Adeline Thomas
September 12, 1848172Little River, Horry, SC2May 8, 19289279Horry, SC
Elizabeth Rebecca Thompson
November 25, 1800220Horry, SC4September 11, 187314772Horry, SC
George Robert Thompson Pvt
March 18, 1834187Abbottsburg, Bladen, NC2January 22, 189412759Bladenboro, Bladen, NC
Helen Thompson
1837184SC4about 187714440Horry, SC
John Thompson
1785236Bladen, NC1186915284Bladen, NC
Thomas C Thompson
August 18, 1822198Bladen, NC1December 13, 187314751Bladen, NC
Alexander “Alex” Todd
April 23, 1849171Horry, SC0July 12, 190311754
Anna Jane “Annie Jane” Todd
January 8, 1840181Horry, SC4October 9, 19249684Simpson Creek Township, Horry, SC
Anna Jane Todd
about 1828193Columbus, NC1April 8, 187614548Green Sea, Horry, SC
Benjamin Onzymous Todd
July 5, 1848172Horry, SC1April 28, 188713338Horry, SC
Charlotte R. Todd
Daniel Washington Todd Sr
October 17, 1824196Horry, SC6July 10, 186215837Columbus, Lowndes, MS
Dennis Todd Pvt
1838183Horry, SC0186515627Conway, Horry, SC
Elizabeth “Betsy” Todd
1838183Horry, SC1189712459
Elizabeth “Betsy” Todd
about 1815206Conway, Horry, SC1about 191011195Conway, Horry, SC
Elizabeth Ann Todd
February 9, 1810211Horry, SC0March 7, 185916249Horry, SC
Elizabeth Jane Todd
1829192Horry, SC0191410785SC
Ellen Adeline Todd
December 31, 1837183Horry, SC1May 10, 187514537Horry, SC
Emeline Todd
1839182Horry, SC1Horry, SC
Frances C. Elizabeth Todd
1824197Horry, SC2188014156Horry, SC
Frances Louvinia Todd
December 1, 1852168Columbus, NC1March 5, 192010167Williams, Columbus, NC
Henry Todd II
1797224Horry, SC0186915272Horry, SC
Henry James Todd
August 31, 1829191Horry, SC6May 27, 191810288Horry, SC
Hilliard C Todd
Hilliard C Todd Pvt
177Shell, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
7January 27, 1902
January 27, 1902
11958Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Isaac Harrison Todd
June 14, 1842178Horry, SC0July 7, 186215820WBTS, Richmond, VA
Isaac McDaniel Todd
September 28, 1844176Columbus, NC2December 21, 19219977Columbus, NC
James Melvin Todd Pvt
1846175Horry, SC0May 21, 186315717Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN
James R. Todd
1829192Horry, SC1about 187814349SC
James T Todd Rev
November 6, 1836184SC1August 19, 191310776Horry, SC
John D Todd
1801220Windsor, Bertie, NC1after 185117050Bertie, NC
John H Todd Pvt
1830191Shell, Horry, SC3April 24, 186315733Shelbyville, Bedford, TN
John Walter Todd Sr
August 17, 1822198Horry, SC6September 5, 189212870Horry, SC
Joseph Chestnut Todd
January 10, 1807214Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC5February 3, 186515658Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC
Joseph Jackson Todd
October 4, 1816204Conway, Horry, SC13February 25, 190112084Conway, Horry, SC
Joseph Jackson Todd Jr
September 14, 1845175Horry, SC0February 25, 190112055Horry, SC
Julius Jasper Todd
February 12, 1844177Horry, SC0June 27, 186215818Civil War, Richmond, VA
Lemuel M Todd Pvt
1836185Horry, SC1June 10, 186315727Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN
Levi Franklin Todd Pvt
1832189Horry, SC3before 188014148Horry, SC
Lois Adeline Todd
May 1, 1848172Dogwood Neck, Horry, SC2July 17, 19259577Conway, Horry, SC
Martha Jane Todd
May 28, 1800220Horry, SC1August 29, 185316753Horry, SC
Mary Ann Todd
December 1, 1812208Horry, SC1after 188014167Kingston, Horry, SC
Mary Jane Todd
March 1833188Horry, SC0August 31, 19219988Dog Bluff, Horry, SC
Matthias Vaught Todd
1810211SC1187015160Horry, SC
Memory or Memency Todd
1805216Horry, SC3186016155Horry, SC
Nancy Lucretia Todd
June 3, 1847173Horry, SC3May 3, 19289280Horry, SC
Richard T Todd
October 25, 1802218Horry, SC7February 26, 190112098Horry, SC
Samuel J Todd
March 8, 1846175SC0January 5, 19338886New Ross, Montgomery, IN
Samuel Porter Todd
1823198Horry, SC3March 16, 189612573Columbus, NC
Sarah Todd
1785236Horry, SC1about 184717462SC
Sarah J. M. Todd
about 1845176SC1
Sarah M Todd
September 1848172Horry, SC019269577Horry, SC
Silas Todd
Solomon L. Todd
1806215SC4187015164Antioch United Methodist Church Cemetery, Conway, Horry, SC
Solomon R Todd
1846175Horry, SC1188613540Horry, SC
Susan Todd
October 12, 1840180Horry, SC4July 8, 190411663Conway, Horry, SC
Thadieus Sabiskie Todd
February 5, 1840181Horry, SC0July 11, 186215822Richmond, VA
Thomas David “Tommy” Todd
May 4, 1818202Horry, SC6November 14, 188413666Horry, SC
Thomas Durant Todd
1786235Horry, SC4184018154
Thomas Livingston Todd
October 25, 1802218Providence, Horry, SC0September 1, 1887
February 26, 1901
13384Horry, SC
Horry, SC
Thomas Mcdaniel Todd
February 7, 1827194NC0July 14, 190411677Clarendon, Columbus, NC
William John Todd III
John Todd
August 17, 1804
about 1804
216Horry, SC
6September 22, 184617442Horry, SC
William “Billy” Lafayette Todd
February 15, 1849172Horry, SC5October 22, 19219972Conway, Horry, SC
William S. Todd
1811210Horry, SC1after 188014169Horry, SC
William Thomas “Billy” Todd
April 27, 1846174Horry, SC5January 31, 19269579Horry, SC
William Washington Todd
February 1834187SC1after 190012165Horry, SC
Anna Nancy Tucker
March 9, 1780241Duplin, NC2187514694Columbus, NC
Delilah Turbeville
1773248Marion, SC1186016187Richland, SC
Samuel Joseph Tyler
1848173Columbus, NC1June 9, 188014032NC
Caroline M Vaught
September 24, 1835185Horry, SC3June 20, 188014044Horry, SC
Elizabeth Maria Vaught
February 18, 1848173Daisy, Horry, SC3February 4, 19309181Simpson Creek, Horry, SC
John Samuel Vaught
February 10, 1814207Simpson Creek, Horry, SC3October 18, 189712383Conway, Horry, SC
Matthias Vaught
June 22, 1833187Horry, SC1July 7, 189013057Horry, SC
Matthias Vaught
December 7, 1790230All Saints Parish, Horry, SC1August 26, 187015079Horry, SC
Sarah Vaught
1785236Horry, SC4184018155
Shadrack William Vaught
May 31, 1841179Horry, SC5March 2, 191810376Horry, SC
Solomon Vaught
1782239Little River, Horry, SC1April 19, 186016078Horry, SC
Joseph “Joe” DeWitt Vereen
1845176SC2June 28, 19299184Horry, SC
Ann Rebecca “Annie” Waller
November 12, 1846174SC2January 3, 191710470Horry, SC
John Blount Ward Sr
about 1808213NC1February 187015162Martin, NC
Needham Garfield Ward
1828193Horry, SC1186315835Horry, SC
Scarce Book Watson
January 2, 1830191Robeson, NC1November 7, 187414644Horry, SC
Elizabeth A “Lizzie” West
February 25, 1846175Horry, SC0April 3, 19358689Horry, SC
Mary West
1786235Prince George Parish, Georgetown, SC8September 29, 186315777Horry, SC
Amos Mckindall Williams
about 1839182NC1January 3, 187414735Horry, SC
Mary Ann Williams
1830191Horry, SC2September 187114941
Mary Trisvan “Trisy” Williams
January 16, 1848173Horry, SC219229973Conway, Horry, SC
Amanda “Manda” Rosanna Woodward
April 10, 1850171SC1September 27, 19358585Horry, SC
Merinda Wright
1795226Columbus, NC3May 8, 185716362Columbus, NC
Sarah Selena Wright
Sarah C Wright
May 7, 1849171Columbus, NC2September 4, 188213833Horry, SC