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1790 United States Federal Census51000Delete
1800 United States Federal CensusAncestry.com62000Delete
1810 United States Federal Census52000Delete
1820 United States Federal Census71000Delete
1830 United States Federal CensusAncestry.com88000Delete
1840 United States Federal CensusAncestry.com100000Delete
1850 Slave Schedules1000Delete
1850 U.S. Federal Census - Slave SchedulesAncestry.com5000Delete
1850 United States Federal CensusAncestry.com475000Delete
1860 U.S. Federal Census - Slave SchedulesAncestry.com4000Delete
1860 United States Federal CensusAncestry.com453000Delete
1870 United States Federal CensusAncestry.com572000Delete
1880 United States Federal and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints827000Delete
1900 United States Federal CensusAncestry.com1,08027900Delete
1910 United States Federal CensusAncestry.com1,150000Delete
1920 United States Federal CensusAncestry.com1,174000Delete
1930 United States Federal Census1,250000Delete
1940 United States Federal CensusAncestry.com1,102000Delete
Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots10000Delete
Alabama State Census, 1820-1866Ancestry.com1000Delete
Alabama, County Marriages, 1805-1967Ancestry.com6000Delete
American Civil War SoldiersHistorical Data Systems, comp.33000Delete
American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)Godfrey Memorial Library, comp.60000Delete
American Marriages Before 1699Ancestry.com7300Delete
American Revolutionary War Rejected PensionsAncestry.com1000Delete
Ancestry Family Trees3,822000Delete
Appletons' Cyclopedia of American Biography, 1600-1889Ancestry.com1000Delete
Ayrshire, Scotland, Parish and Probate RecordsAncestry.com1100Delete
Baltimore, Passenger Lists, 1820-1964Ancestry.com1000Delete
Biography & Genealogy Master Index (BGMI)Ancestry.com1000Delete
Birmingham, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812Ancestry.com2100Delete
Burke’s Family Records (Indexed)Ancestry.com1000Delete
California Birth Index, 1905-1995Ancestry.com2000Delete
California, Divorce Index, 1966-1984Ancestry.com2100Delete
California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985Ancestry.com2100Delete
California, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1882-1959Ancestry.com2000Delete
Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900Ancestry.com2000Delete
Cheshire, England, Extracted Church of England Parish RecordsAncestry.com1100Delete
Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825Lineages, Inc., comp.1000Delete
Christ Church Parish, Virginia Births, 1653-1812Ancestry.com1000Delete
Christ Church Parish, Virginia Deaths, 1653-1812Ancestry.com2000Delete
Civil War Prisoner of War Records, 1861-1865Ancestry.com3000Delete
Civil War Service Records3000Delete
Colonial Families of the USA, 1607-1775Ancestry.com10100Delete
Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865Ancestry.com1000Delete
Connecticut Revolutionary War Military Lists, 1775-83Ancestry.com1000Delete
Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)Ancestry.com6000Delete
Connecticut Town Death Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)Ancestry.com9000Delete
Connecticut, Church Record Abstracts, 1630-1920Ancestry.com14100Delete
Connecticut, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1790-1890Ancestry.com6000Delete
Connecticut, Deaths and Burials Index, 1650-1934Ancestry.com11000Delete
Connecticut, Hale Cemetery Inscriptions and Newspaper Notices, 1629-1934Ancestry.com9000Delete
Connecticut, Town Marriage Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)Ancestry.com10500Delete
Connecticut, Wills and Probate Records, 1609-1999Ancestry.com1000Delete
Delaware, Land Records, 1677-1947Ancestry.com1000Delete
Delaware, Wills and Probate Records, 1676-1971Ancestry.com1000Delete
Dictionary of National Biography, Volumes 1-20, 22Ancestry.com1000Delete
Dumfries-shire, Scotland, Extracted Parish RecordsAncestry.com2200Delete
Early Connecticut MarriagesAncestry.com2100Delete
Early Immigrants to Virginia from the 1500s and 1600sKinard, June. comp.3000Delete
England & Wales, Christening Index, 1530-1980Ancestry.com4000Delete
England & Wales, Quaker Birth, Marriage, and Death Registers, 1578-1837Ancestry.com4100Delete
England, Extracted Parish and Court RecordsAncestry.com2000Delete
England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538-1975Ancestry.com15000Delete
England, Select Deaths and Burials, 1538-1991Ancestry.com9000Delete
England, Select Essex Parish Registers, 1538-1900Ancestry.com5000Delete
England, Select Marriages, 1538–1973Ancestry.com191000Delete
Essex County, Massachusetts Depositions, 1645-1686Sanborn, Melinde Lutz, comp2000Delete
Essex, Massachusetts Probate Records, 1648-1840Ancestry.com5000Delete
Family Data Collection - BirthsEdmund West, comp.99000Delete
Family Data Collection - Deaths62000Delete
Family Data Collection - Individual RecordsEdmund West, comp.945600Delete
Family Data Collection - MarriagesEdmund West, comp.282400Delete
Family record of the Maltby-Morehouse family : a list of pedigrees with genealogical notesAncestry.com1000Delete
Florida Census, 1820-90Jackson, Ronald V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp.1000Delete
Florida Death Index, 1877-1998Ancestry.com40000Delete
Florida Marriage Collection, 1822-1875 and 1927-2001Ancestry.com21500Delete
Florida, Compiled Service Records, Florida Indian Wars, 1835-1858Ancestry.com1000Delete
Florida, County Marriages, 1823-1982Ancestry.com8200Delete
Florida, Divorce Index, 1927-2001Ancestry.com18700Delete
Florida, Homestead and Cash Entry Patents, Pre-1908United States, Bureau of Land Management1000Delete
Florida, Jacksonville Area Obituary Collection, 1851-2009Ancestry.com3000Delete
Florida, State Census, 1867-1945Ancestry.com35000Delete
Florida, State Census, 1885Ancestry.com3000Delete
Florida, Wills and Probate Records, 1810-1974Ancestry.com1000Delete
Genealogical and biographical sketches of the Bartlett family in England and AmericaAncestry.com1000Delete
Georgia Deaths, 1919-98Ancestry.com10000Delete
Georgia, Deaths Index, 1914-1940Ancestry.com1000Delete
Georgia, Marriage Records From Select Counties, 1828-1978Ancesrty.com2100Delete
Georgia, Returns of Qualified Voters and Reconstruction Oath Books, 1867-1869Ancestry.com2000Delete
Gloucestershire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1813Ancestry.com8100Delete
Great Migration Begins Index: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33Robert Charles Anderson1000Delete
Hartford, Connecticut Probate Records, 1639-1700Ancestry.com4000Delete
Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, 1879-1903Ancestry.com1000Delete
Hobart family in America : twelve generationsAncestry.com1000Delete
Honolulu, Hawaii, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1900-1959Ancestry.com2000Delete
Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011Ancestry.com5000Delete
Indiana, Marriage Index, 1800-1941Ancestry.com2100Delete
International, Find A Grave Index for Select Locations, 1300s-CurrentAncestry.com63000Delete
Ireland, Griffith’s Valuation, 1848-1864Heritage World Family History Services1000Delete
JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR)JewishGen, comp2000Delete
Kentucky, Birth Index, 1911-1999Ancestry.com1000Delete
Kentucky, Marriage Index, 1973-1999Ancestry.com1100Delete
London, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812Ancestry.com9200Delete
Maine Pioneers, 1623-60Ancestry.com1000Delete
Maryland Revolutionary War RecordsAncestry.com1000Delete
Maryland, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1777Ancestry.com1000Delete
Massachusetts Applications of Freemen, 1630-91Ancestry.com8000Delete
Massachusetts Census, 1790-1890Jackson, Ron V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp.14000Delete
Massachusetts Death Index, 1970-2003Ancestry.com1000Delete
Massachusetts, Birth Index, 1901-1960 and 1967-1970Ancestry.com1000Delete
Massachusetts, Marriages, 1633-1850Dodd, Jordan, Liahona Research, comp8400Delete
Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988Ancestry.com47400Delete
Massachusetts, Town Death Records, 1620-1850New England Historic Genealogical Society3000Delete
Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991Ancestry.com5000Delete
Mayflower Births and Deaths, Vol. 1 and 2Ancestry.com2000Delete
Mayflower Deeds and Probates, 1600-1850Ancestry.com1000Delete
Michigan, Death Index, 1971-1996Michigan Department of Vital and Health Records1000Delete
Middlesex County, Massachusetts Deponents, 1649-1700Sanborn, Melinde Lutz, comp1000Delete
Middlesex County, Massachusetts Probate Index, 1648-1870Flint, James, comp6000Delete
Midlothian (Edinburgh), Scotland, Extracted Parish RecordsAncestry.com3300Delete
Millennium FileHeritage Consulting1172700Delete
Mississippi Marriages, 1776-1935Hunting For Bears, comp.2200Delete
Montana, Birth Index, 1870-1986Ancestry.com1000Delete
Montana, Marriage Records, 1943-1986Ancestry.com4100Delete
Native Soil Manuscripts IndexNative Soil1000Delete
New Castle County, Delaware Wills, 1682-1800Ancestry.com1000Delete
New England, The Great Migration and The Great Migration Begins, 1620-1635Ancestry.com26000Delete
New Jersey, Abstract of Wills, 1670-1817Ancestry.com1000Delete
New Jersey, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1956-1964Ancestry.com6000Delete
New York, Genealogical Records, 1675-1920Ancestry.com2000Delete
New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957Ancestry.com8000Delete
New York, State Census, 1925Ancestry.com1000Delete
New York, Wills and Probate Records, 1659-1999Ancestry.com1000Delete
Norfolk, England, Church of England Baptism, Marriages, and Burials, 1535-1812Ancestry.com3000Delete
North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000Ancestry.com871000Delete
North Carolina and Tennessee, Revolutionary War Land Warrants, 1783-1843Ancestry.com1000Delete
North Carolina Census, 1790-189039000Delete
North Carolina Divorce Index, 1958-2004Ancestry.com14700Delete
North Carolina Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790Ancestry.com1000Delete
North Carolina Volunteers, Spanish American WarGraden, Debra, ed.1000Delete
North Carolina Will Abstracts, 1660-1790Ancestry.com5000Delete
North Carolina, Birth and Death Indexes, 1800-2000Ancestry.com106000Delete
North Carolina, Death Certificates, 1909-1975Ancestry.com409000Delete
North Carolina, Death Collection, 1908-2004Ancestry.com196000Delete
North Carolina, Deaths, 1906-1930Ancestry.com149000Delete
North Carolina, Land Grant Files, 1693-1960Ancestry.com11000Delete
North Carolina, Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868Ancestry.com22200Delete
North Carolina, Marriage Collection, 1741-20041105200Delete
North Carolina, Marriage Records, 1741-2011Ancestry.com1074400Delete
North Carolina, State Census, 1784-1787Ancestry.com1000Delete
North Carolina, Will Abstracts, 1760-1800Ancestry.com3000Delete
North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998Ancestry.com18000Delete
Northamptonshire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1532-1812Ancestry.com1000Delete
Official records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1861-1865Ancestry.com1000Delete
Ohio and Florida, City Directories, 1902-1960Ancestry.com3000Delete
Oxfordshire, England, Church of England Baptism, Marriages, and Burials, 1538-1812Ancestry.com3000Delete
Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s97000Delete
Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Church and Town Records, 1708-1985Ancestry.com1000Delete
Pennsylvania Census, 1772-1890Jackson, Ronald V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp.3000Delete
Pennsylvania, Death Certificates, 1906-1963Ancestry.com1000Delete
Pennsylvania, Revolutionary War Battalions and Militia Index, 1775-1783Ancestry.com1000Delete
Pennsylvania, Society of Mayflower Descendants Applications, 1911-1929Ancestry.com2000Delete
Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Application Files, WWII, 1950-1966Ancestry.com2000Delete
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Death Certificates Index, 1803-1915Ancestry.com1000Delete
Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-19008000Delete
Rhode Island Colonial War Servicemen, 1740-62Flint, James, ed.1000Delete
Rhode Island, Births, 1636-1930Ancestry.com1000Delete
Rhode Island, Deaths, 1630-1930Ancestry.com2000Delete
Rhode Island, State Censuses, 1865-1935Ancestry.com1000Delete
Rhode Island, Vital Extracts, 1636-1899Ancestry.com2000Delete
Salt Lake City, Utah, Cemetery Records, 1848-1992Ancestry.com1000Delete
Salt Lake County, Utah, Death Records, 1908-1949Ancestry.com6000Delete
Scotland, Select Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950Ancestry.com5000Delete
Scotland, Select Marriages, 1561-1910Ancestry.com4200Delete
Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, Passenger and Crew Lists of Airplane Departures, 1947-1957Ancestry.com1000Delete
Selected U.S. Federal Census Non-Population Schedules, 1850-1880Ancestry.com72000Delete
Social Security Death IndexAncestry.com805000Delete
South Carolina Census, 1790-189030000Delete
South Carolina Death Index, 1950-1952South Carolina Division of Vital Records18000Delete
South Carolina Marriages, 1641-1965403200Delete
South Carolina, Clemson University (Agricultural College) Directory of Graduates, 1896-1940Ancestry.com1000Delete
South Carolina, County Marriage Records, 1907-2000Ancestry.com2100Delete
South Carolina, Death Records, 1821-1955857000Delete
South Carolina, Delayed Birth Records, 1766-1900 and City of Charleston, South Carolina, Birth Records, 1877-1901Ancestry.com4000Delete
South Carolina, Passenger Lists, 1906-1962Ancestry.com2000Delete
South Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1670-1980Ancestry.com21000Delete
South Dakota, Marriages, 1905-2013Ancestry.com2100Delete
St. Thomas and St. Denis Parishes, South Carolina, Parish Register, 1680-1884Ancestry.com6000Delete
Summit County, Ohio, Marriage Records, 1840-1980Ancestry.com2000Delete
Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002Ancestry.com2100Delete
Tennessee, Death Records, 1908-1958Ancestry.com1000Delete
Tennessee, Deaths and Burials Index, 1874-1955Ancestry.com1000Delete
Texas, Death Certificates, 1903-1982Ancestry.com2000Delete
Texas, Divorce Index, 1968-2011Ancestry.com2000Delete
Texas, Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2011Ancestry.com1000Delete
The Beatys of KingstonAncestry.com1000Delete
The New England Historical & Genealogical Register, 1847-2011Ancestry.com22500Delete
The second Great Awakening in ConnecticutAncestry.com1000Delete
U.K. and U.S. Directories, 1680-1830Ancestry.com4000Delete
U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900Yates Publishing1896800Delete
U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914Ancestry.com4000Delete
U.S. Cemetery and Funeral Home CollectionAncestry.com23000Delete
U.S. Census Reconstructed Records, 1660-1820Ancestry.com18000Delete
U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989 (Beta)Ancestry.com160000Delete
U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and ProfilesHistorical Data Systems, comp.58000Delete
U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865National Park Service83000Delete
U.S. Compiled Service Records, Post-Revolutionary War Volunteer Soldiers, 1784-1811Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index3000Delete
U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-188512000Delete
U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S. National Cemetery Interment Control Forms, 1928-1962Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S. National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938Ancestry.com2000Delete
U.S. Naturalization Records Indexes, 1794-1995Ancestry.com2000Delete
U.S. Navy Cruise Books, 1918-2009Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-1925Ancestry.com2000Delete
U.S. Pensioners, 1818-18721000Delete
U.S. Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2002Ancestry.com100000Delete
U.S. Public Records IndexAncestry.com2000Delete
U.S. Public Records Index3000Delete
U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1Ancestry.com485000Delete
U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2337000Delete
U.S. Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783Ancestry.com11000Delete
U.S. Rosters of World War II Dead, 1939-1945Ancestry.com2000Delete
U.S. School YearbooksAncestry.com70000Delete
U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-200635000Delete
U.S. War Bounty Land Warrants, 1789-1858Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-194650000Delete
U.S. World War II Navy Muster Rolls, 1938-1949Ancestry.com8000Delete
U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-194770000Delete
U.S., American Civil War Regiments, 1861-1866Historical Data Systems, comp2000Delete
U.S., Applications for Seaman's Protection Certificates, 1916-1940Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., Appointments of U. S. Postmasters, 1832-1971Ancestry.com4000Delete
U.S., Army Personnel and Dependent Casualties, 1961-1981Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., Army Transport Service, Passenger Lists, 1910-1939Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., Atlantic Ports Passenger Lists, 1820-1873 and 1893-1959Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., Burial Registers, Military Posts and National Cemeteries, 1862-1960Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., Cemetery Index from Selected States, 1847-2010Ancestry.com2000Delete
U.S., Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934National Archives and Records Administration3000Delete
U.S., College Student Lists, 1763-1924Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861-1865Ancestry.com32000Delete
U.S., Departing Passenger and Crew Lists, 1914-1965Ancestry.com5000Delete
U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010Ancestry.com98000Delete
U.S., Find A Grave Index, 1700s-CurrentAncestry.com1,081000Delete
U.S., Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963Ancestry.com20000Delete
U.S., Korean War Prisoners of War, 1950-1954Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., Lists of Men Ordered to Report to Local Board for Military Duty, 1917–1918, Select StatesAncestry.com11000Delete
U.S., Navy Casualties Books, 1776-1941Ancestry.com3000Delete
U.S., New England Marriages Prior to 1700Ancestry.com622600Delete
U.S., Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast, 1704-1930Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1994Ancestry.com8200Delete
U.S., Registers of Deaths of Volunteers, 1861-1865Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., Returns from Military Posts, 1806-1916Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., Select Military Registers, 1862-1985Ancestry.com3000Delete
U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007Ancestry.com655000Delete
U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970Ancestry.com58000Delete
U.S., The Pension Roll of 1835Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., Vietnam War Military Casualties, 1956-1998Ancestry.com2000Delete
U.S., War of 1812 Service Records, 1812-1815Direct Data Capture, comp11000Delete
U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918Ancestry.com231000Delete
U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918Ancestry.com3000Delete
U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942Ancestry.com1000Delete
U.S., WWI Civilian Draft Registrations, 1917-1918Ancestry.com4000Delete
U.S., WWI Jewish Servicemen Questionnaires, 1918-1921Ancestry.com1000Delete
UK and Ireland, Find A Grave Index, 1300s-CurrentAncestry.com12000Delete
UK, Extracted Probate Records, 1269-1975Ancestry.com6200Delete
United States Obituary CollectionAncestry.com111100Delete
United States, Officer Down Memorials, 1791-2014Ancestry.com2000Delete
US, Register of Civil, Military, and Naval Service, 1863-1959Ancestry.com4000Delete
Utah Cemetery InventoryUtah State Historical Society, comp.2000Delete
Utah Death Registers, 1847-1966Ancestry.com1000Delete
Utah, Birth Certificates, 1903-1911Ancestry.com1000Delete
Utah, Death and Military Death Certificates, 1904-1961Ancestry.com3000Delete
Utah, Select County Marriages, 1887-1937Ancestry.com3000Delete
Utah, Select Marriage Index, 1887-1985Ancestry.com2000Delete
Utah, Select Marriages, 1887-1966Ancestry.com2000Delete
Virginia Census, 1607-1890Jackson, Ron V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp.7000Delete
Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666Ancestry.com4000Delete
Virginia Land, Marriage, and Probate Records, 1639-185024000Delete
Virginia, Biographical EncyclopediaAncestry.com1000Delete
Virginia, Birth Records, 1864-2014Ancestry.com20000Delete
Virginia, Death Records, 1912-2014Ancestry.com30000Delete
Virginia, Divorce Records, 1918-2014Ancestry.com11300Delete
Virginia, Extracted Vital Records, 1660-1923Ancestry.com2000Delete
Virginia, Marriage Records, 1936-2014Ancestry.com48400Delete
Virginia, Select Marriages, 1785-1940Ancestry.com9000Delete
War of 1812 Pension Application Files Index, 1812-1815Ancestry.com3100Delete
Warwickshire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1535-1812Ancestry.com3000Delete
Warwickshire, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1910Ancestry.com2100Delete
Washington, Death Index, 1940-2014Ancestry.com1000Delete
Washington, Select Death Certificates, 1907-1960Ancestry.com2000Delete
Web: Alachua County, Florida, Cemetery Index, 1820-2013Ancestry.com1000Delete
Web: Burial IndexAncestry.com7000Delete
Web: Columbia, South Carolina, Obituary Index, 1892-19945000Delete
Web: Columbia, South Carolina, Obituary Index, 1892-1994Ancestry.com13000Delete
Web: Connecticut, Find A Grave Index, 1636-2012Ancestry.com12000Delete
Web: Connecticut, Find A Grave Index, 1636-2013Ancestry.com1000Delete
Web: Delaware, Find A Grave Index, 1707-2012Ancestry.com2000Delete
Web: Florida, Find A Grave Index, 1800-2012Ancestry.com7000Delete
Web: Florida, Find A Grave Index, 1819-20118000Delete
Web: Georgia, Find A Grave Index, 1728-2012Ancestry.com12000Delete
Web: Greenville County, South Carolina, Marriage License Index, 1910-2010Ancestry.com3100Delete
Web: Greenville County, South Carolina, Obituary Index, 1914-1992Ancestry.com1000Delete
Web: Indiana, Find A Grave Index, 1800-2012Ancestry.com1000Delete
Web: International, Find A Grave IndexAncestry.com3000Delete
Web: Kansas, Find A Grave Index, 1854-2012Ancestry.com1000Delete
Web: Lee County, Florida, Obituary Index, 1930-1997Ancestry.com1000Delete
Web: Leiden, Netherlands, Birth Index, 1670-1913Ancestry.com2000Delete
Web: Massachusetts, Find A Grave Index, 1620-2013Ancestry.com13000Delete
Web: Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Birth Index, 1865-2012Ancestry.com1000Delete
Web: Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Death Index, 1992-2012Ancestry.com3000Delete
Web: Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Marriage Index, 1829-2015Ancestry.com1000Delete
Web: Netherlands, GenealogieOnline Trees Index, 1000-CurrentAncestry.com34000Delete
Web: New Hampshire, Find A Grave Index, 1665-2012Ancestry.com2000Delete
Web: New York, Find A Grave Index, 1660-2012Ancestry.com1000Delete
Web: Newport News, Virginia, Daily Press Obituary Index, 1898-1988Ancestry.com7000Delete
Web: North Carolina, Find A Grave Index, 1716-2012Ancestry.com45000Delete
Web: North Carolina, Find A Grave Index, 1729-2011Ancestry.com19000Delete
Web: Obituary Daily Times Index, 1995-201254000Delete
Web: Obituary Daily Times Index, 1995-2012Ancestry.com32000Delete
Web: Rhode Island, Find A Grave Index, 1663-2013Ancestry.com3000Delete
Web: Richland County, South Carolina, Marriage Index, 1911-2010Ancestry.com4100Delete
Web: Richland County, South Carolina, Obituary Index, 1892-200086000Delete
Web: Richland County, South Carolina, Obituary Index, 1892-2000Ancestry.com141000Delete
Web: RootsWeb Marriage Records Index2200Delete
Web: South Carolina, Find A Grave Index, 1729-2011Ancestry.com480000Delete
Web: South Carolina, Find A Grave Index, 1729-2012Ancestry.com178000Delete
Web: South Carolina, Wofford College Library Obituary Index, 1837-2008Ancestry.com12000Delete
Web: Tennessee, Find A Grave Index, 1796-20114000Delete
Web: Texas, Find A Grave Index, 1761-2012Ancestry.com2000Delete
Web: Virginia, Find A Grave Index, 1607-2011Ancestry.com4000Delete
Web: Virginia, Find A Grave Index, 1607-2012Ancestry.com3000Delete
Worcester County, Massachusetts, Probate Index, Vol. 1 & 2 A - Z, July 1731-1881Flint, James, comp.1000Delete
World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans Interred OverseasNational Archives and Records Administration1000Delete
World War II Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Casualties, 1941-1945Ancestry.com1000Delete
World War II Young American Patriots, 1941-19459000Delete
WWI, WWII, and Korean War Casualty ListingsAncestry.com1000Delete
York County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1749-1819Lineages, Inc., comp.1000Delete