Will of Benjamin Cox / Coxe

BENJAMIN COX/COXE to "beloved Son" LEONARD COX/COXE & "beloved daughter "POLLY COXE for the "Natural love and affection". 9 Apr 1844; DoG to son Leonard Cox: 225 A. land at his death & providing lifetime rights to wife Marenda Coxe. DoG to daughter Polly Coxe 395 A. land at his death & providing life time rights to wife Marenda Coxe in two patents incl. the plantation & building where he now lives. If wife "should live the longest the balance of the property is hurn as long as she lives a widder and then Equally divided amongst all the heirs Except Kezziah and Isaac..." Wit: Edward H. Todd* & Hinyard Cox. (H-13)

Source: http://www.hchsonline.org/wills/3621.html