1.William Hardee, Senior, came to South Carolina in the early part of 1800, after serving in the Revolution as a private in North Carolina.  He applied for a pension in this new state and was awarded about $60.00 per year.  He is descendant from the Pitt County Hardee family, leaving that ara with his wife and four sons and at least three daughters.  His sons were William Hardee Junior called John Junior because there was another John Hardee his elder and Seth J. Hardee.  No record is known of the threee daughters.

2. 2 son of 1 William Hardee Junior born 1795 died prior to 1880 at the age of 83 and said to be the father of 25 children. He was married to ___Anderson and by this marriage was born the following: John W Hardee, born 1818, Elizabeth Hardee, born 1820, Henry Hardee born 1824, Celia Ann Hardee born 1825, Robert Perry Hardee born 1829.  After the death of his first wife, William Hardee Junior married secondly to Ameila _____born 1806, who was the mother of William W Hardee, born 1832, Amelia Hardee born 1835, Jane Hardee born 1837, Mary Hardee and Angeline Hardee born 1849.  The third wife of William Hardee Junior was Mary Ann King, born 1834. Her children by this marriage were Martha Hardee, born 1857, Helen Hardee born 1859 who married Henry Alford, Lela Caldonia born 1862 and married Westly Bullard. Mary Ann Hardee born 1866 married William Davis Prince. Alva Hardee born 1869 married Callie Elliott Francis Hardee married James Allen and Mabury Hardee who married Francis Strickland. After the death of William Hardee Junior, Mary Ann Hardee his widow married Soloman Prince, who wife Jane and three children died of diptheria in one night. Jane was a sister of Mary Ann


3. John W. Hardee (3 son of 2)

born 1818 in Horry County South Carolina married Francis Elizabeth Boyd, born 1826.  He and his older sons were in the turpentine business, working three crops of trees. A crop of trees consisted of 10,000 trees, which were hacked and boxed.  The pitch was gatherned in 55 gallon home made barrels, these being prepared by coupers in what is called coupers shops.  The pitch was then loaded on ox carts and taken to Red Bluff and sold for $1..50 a barrel. The child of John W. Hardee and Francis elizabeth Boyd wre: Mary Ann Hardee, born 1843 - married Franklin Asbury Prince, Cella Jane Hardee married James Hardee and _____BrinsonMartha l. Hardee born 1846 Married David Futrill, William J. Haree born 1848 married Caroline Harriett Faircloth, Robert M Hardee born 1850 Married Cimidozie C. Thompson, Daniel M Hardee born 1852 married Emma Thompson, John Franklin Hardee born 1854 married Elizabeth Tyler, Francis Hardee born 1856 married Jasper Todd.

83 pages of material ....Hardees of Horry County by J. Otis Prince.