"Both John and Jane were born in 1853 in SC, USA.  The Milligans ran a floating trading post on the Cooper River at the turn of the century, and Lilly often sailed the furs and hides down the Cooper River to Charlesaton to redeem for more flour, salt & sugar to stock the trading post. Other children included Jewel, Lucian, Edward and John Oliver Jr. since nine are quoted in total, two more must have died in infancy. Nancy Jane died from an accidental shot gun blast to the knee in March 1903. There are two newspaper accounts that differ as to whether it was self-inflicted or her ten-year old son shot her. She died from blood loss and shock. John remarried to Caledonia [Callie] Lewis circa 1904 and had another 5 or 6 children. Lilly [was] born on Sept. 21, 1885, married William J. Baker (2/29/1882) [in] Mount Pleasant, SC on April 18, 1901."